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"Its Voodoo2!"

Companies "Words"  - Massive 3D Power!
Monster 3D II is a 3D add-on upgrade card that works together with your existing 3D graphics card or 2D/3D combo card. It delivers 3D more shockingly real than anything you've ever seen! Outrageous speed and deadly detail will transform your gaming into a mind-blowing 3D experience. Using the next-generation 3Dfx Voodoo2 chipset, Diamond Monster 3D II simply blows away every previous standard of performance - with up to three times the power and realism of our award-winning original Monster 3D.

My "Word" - I guess this card is the Voodoo Killer! Onw of the best features about the M3D II is that you can have 2 cards in your system!! DAMN THATS AWSOME POWER! Not need to worry about ram Its Packing 8MB of it , that should be enough! And not to forget, it Voodoo2 BABY! YEAH! So reserve yours today of must have Voodoo2! And get IN YOUR FACE "MONSTER" 3D!  


Advanced 3D Features -
Monster 3D II includes the most advanced 3D feature set available such as: Hardware Triangle Set-up, Anti-Aliasing, Alpha-Blending, Gourad Shading, Texture Mapping and more.

New 3D features include:

New MEGAMonster Feature:
Buy two - and get even more insane 3D! Don't push the envelope… obliterate it! Pair one Monster 3D II with a second Monster 3D II card and multiply your performance. Monster 3D II and its twin use Scan Line Interleaving (SLI) to draw alternate even and odd scan lines on your screen - doubling performance and delivering unprecedented color and texture to PC images. Also, receive 1024x768 resolution and game play at over 100 frames per second!


  • 3Dfx Voodoo2 Controller
    • 1 Pixelfx2 PCI Interface & Pixel
    • 2 Texelfx2 Texture Mapping

Bus Type:

  • PCI 2.1 Compliant


  • 8 MB EDO DRAM, fixed
    • 4MB Frame Buffer
    • 4MB Texture Memory
  • 25ns EDO DRAM (90MHz bus)

Powerful RAMDAC

  • 130 MHz

Horizontal Sync Signals:

  • 12 KHz - 57.6 KHz

Vertical Refresh:

  • 60Hz -120Hz

Maximum Dot (Pixel) Rate:

  • 40.8 MHz
  • 2x x DB-15 analog monitor connector (VESA DDC2B)

Complete 3D Feature Set

  • Alpha-Blending
  • Anti-Aliasing
  • Bump Mapping
  • Bi-linear Filtering
  • Fogging
  • Gouraud Shading
  • Hardware Triangle Setup
  • Mip Mapping
  • Perspective Correction
  • Single Pass Trilinear Filtering
  • Texture Mapping
  • Transparency
  • Z-Buffering (16 bpz)


  • Pentium 90MHz or compatible CPU
  • Minimum system memory 8MB
  • PCI 2.1 compliant motherboard
  • MS-DOS 5.0 or later


  • Pentium II 233MHz or compatible CPU
  • Minimum system memory 8MB
  • PCI 2.1 compliant motherboard
  • MS-DOS 5.0 or later


  • Windows 95 (DirectX 5.0), Windows NT 4.0
  • MiniGL for Windows NT 4.0 & Windows 95 DOS 5.0