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Company's Words -Premium 2D/3D Performance for Professional Graphics
Create dynamic 3D multimedia presentations, advanced 3D models, sophisticated web graphics or texture rich worlds with maximized power. Diamond Multimedia's Fire GL 1000 Pro is the premier graphics accelerator that delivers professional quality 2D/3D performance for power-hungry applications. Based on the next-generation 3Dlabs Permedia 2 graphics chip and rendering engine, Fire GL 1000 Pro introduces dramatic new graphics performance and productivity for Windows NT® and Windows 95®.

My Word - If  a good 2D/3D board is want you want then keep the Fire GL 1000 Pro in mind. It has the best 2D preformance I seen and the 3D is good but not the best there is.. So why I review the card you say because the best way to play the game is with GL! So if you want a 2D/3D board with GL Drivers this may be the one but, as for me Pure3D does the trick real well. Oh yea Direct 3D ran very nicly and CGW gave it 3 and a half stars.

Price - $249.95