Company's Review

Creative Labs latest breakthrough design, the Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold, offers the best audio performance ever designed in a sound card. Using the latest music synthesis technology you can now play up to 64 notes simultaneously, creating a new
dimension to musical scores and multimedia applications.

Your audio experience will never be the same once you hear the realistic orchestral reproduction using new WaveGuide technology. Imagine instrument sounds that perform and react just like their real world counterparts. This is in addition to the true sounding, hardware wave-table synthesis provided by the E-mu 8000, the same high quality processor found in professional quality keyboards!

Of course you might want to make some noise of your own. Using the 4Mb of onboard memory you can load new sounds onto the card using SoundFonts or record new samples and create new instruments on your own. 3D Stereo enhancement
technology, E-mu's 3D Positional audio and digital effects capabilities are also included, adding a new level of depth and realism to your favorite games.

And with the digital output capability of the AWE64 Gold you will  experience exceptionally low noise performance previously
available only to professional music studios.

We didn't forget about recording either. Using the 16-bit, CD quality stereo audio capability with full duplex support in hardware you can record and playback samples just like the pros. Vienna SoundFont studio lets you take your samples and turn them into real MIDI instruments. MIDI Orchestrator Plus lets you put all of these features
to use for superb control on your most demanding compositions.

Included software also lets you get connected to the Internet, surf the Web, make
long distance phone calls over the net or even listen to live audio broadcasts.
Everything is included to add full multimedia streaming capabilities to your PC.

When it's time to get serious, get the sound card that doesn't compromise. Ask for the
Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold.

For users with a more modest budget: the Sound Blaster AWE64 has nearly all the
same features as the Gold but with 512K RAM, an IDE CD-ROM interface and a 4
Watt stereo amplifier.

Realistic Audio with WaveGuide Technology and Advanced
Wave-Table Synthesis

64-Voices wave-table synthesis with 16-bit, CD-quality stereo recording &
Expressive & realistic instrument sounds with Creative
Features Creative's Advanced WavEffects synthesis for real-time control of
wave-table sounds and digital effects.
Custom Software for creating & editing sound effects.
512 K Onboard memory for SoundFonts & E-mu 3D Positional Audio support.
Creative 3D Stereo Enhancement Technology reduces speaker crosstalk and
provides a wider, more realistic stereo image
Surf & Communicate on the Net with Real-Time Audio

Great for Music
E-mu System's SoundFont technology allows new instrument samples and
sounds to be added to the card
EMU8000 wave-table synthesizer with programmable effects engine for
reverb & chorus
64-notes polyphony allows up to 64 voices to be played simultaneously
128 GM-compatible instruments, 10 drum kits, and hundreds of sounds