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"Designed for PC gamers who have a passion for exceptional performance"


Company's Words - Designed for PC gamers who have a passion for exceptional performance, the 3D Blaster Voodoo2 delivers more than three times the speed found in current graphics cards that use the current Voodoo Graphics™ chipset. With this level of performance, 3D Blaster Voodoo2 is the most powerful 3D gaming solution to date in Creative's extensive line of high performance graphics cards.

My Words - Yes, me the big hardware guy does not have Voodoo2 YET, this card makes me want to buy Voodoo2 NOW! The people at Creative have put all they have into this card,  its loaded to the max. Im not telling you to go out and get it! But this is something to sleep on! So if you want your Voodoo2 now and dont want to wait to see what Pure 3D 2 or the others yet to come then this is the card you will want. But if you want more ram than this card has, stick with 2 MD2 cards thats for the gamer thats gone over the edge (ME hehe)  I got some pics for you, form Quake2, Do you want to see them??? I think you do. Here you go.

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Total of 8MB or 12MB high-performance single-cycle DRAM.
12MB model arranged in a 4MB frame buffer and two 4MB texture stores
8MB model arranged in a 4MB frame buffer and two 2MB texture stores
1 Pixelfx² and 2 Texelfx² processors
192-bit, multi-way interleaved memory interface providing more than 2.2G/second total bandwidth
Compatible with any graphics card, including AGP cards, using video pass-through
Single slot PCI card capable of 33MHz and 66MHz operation
Can be connected to a second card for 2x performance (SLI mode)

3D Rendering

16-bit integer and floating point Z-buffering with biasing
Full hardware setup of triangle parameters
Automatic hardware-based back-face culling
Support for multi-triangle strips and fans
Transparency and chroma-key support with dedicated color mask
Alpha blending on source and destination pixels
Sub-pixel and sub-texel correction to 0.4x0.4 resolution
24-bit color scaling to native 16-bit RGB buffer using 4x4 or 2x2 ordered dither matrix
Per-pixel and per-vertex atmospheric fog and haze effects simultaneous with alpha blending
Polygon edge anti-aliasing

3D Texture Mapping

First PC-based 3D game accelerator with single-pass trilinear filtering
True, divide-per-pixel perspective correction
True, per-pixel level-of-detail MIP mapping, with biasing and clamping
RGB modulation, addition and blending to combine textures and shaded pixels
Texture compositing for multi-texture special effects
Support for 14 texture map formats
8-bit paletted textures with full-speed bilinear filtering
Texture compression through narrow-channel YAB format

3D Modes Supported

Resolution Colors Maximum Refresh Rate
640x480 65K 120Hz
800x600 65K 120Hz
1024x768 65K 85Hz

The 640x480 and 800x600 modes use a 16-bit Z-Buffer. When using one 3D Blaster Voodoo2, the 1024x768 mode does not use a Z-buffer. Using two 3D Blaster Voodoo2 cards in SLI mode adds a Z-buffer to the 1024x768 resolution.

Minimum System Requirements

IBM PC or 100% compatible
Genuine Intel Pentium, Pentium Pro, or Pentium II processor running at 90MHz or higher
Existing graphics card
One available PCI 2.1 bus slot
MS-DOS 5.0 or later, Windows 95, or Windows NT 4.0
A standard VGA or multi-frequency monitor