"High Performance Realtime 3D Graphics Accelerator Family for Professional Applications"

Company's Words - Dedicated realtime 3D accelerator family based on advanced configurations of 3Dfx Interactive Voodoo Graphics technology, optimized for game enthusiast, visual simulation and training, coin-op/LBE and digital content visualization applications.

QS's Words - The Obsidian 100SB is a very big accelorator handling the Voodoo chipset that's really two Voodoo cards in one. This is truly one of the best Voodoo accelorators on the market today. The performance on this card is that of a Voodoo2 chipset - in other words: very powerful. Also, very expensive. The two cards are linked together by a PCI bridge, combining the card into one. The Obsidian 100SB contains two pixelfx processors, two texelfx processors, and 12MB of Ram(8MB Texture memory). What's the source of this power? A process called scan line interleaving(SLI). In a nutshell, the two texelfx chips and the 8MB of memory work as one, the result is that each board only renders every other scan line, and the two sets of chips split up the work. On another note, Voodoo2 will use SLI as well.

Quake2 Performance: P2 300Mhz - 70+FPS

Scan Line Interleaving for 2 times faster fill rate performance.
Works with most 2D/3D Windows Accelorators.
Simultaneous 2D/3D RGB and 3D NTSC/PAL output with S-VIDEO and composite connectors.
Supports 3 API's - D3D, OpenGL, 3DFX Glide.

Board Level Features
Advanced Voodoo chipset configurations for maximum speed.
Perspective Correct Texture Mapping.
Sub-pixel and sub-texel positioning.
Bilinear and trilinear texture filtering with Level of Detail (LOD) MIP mapping.
Texture compositing including detail and projected texture mapping.
Per-pixel fog, smoke, haze effects.
Texture morphing and animation.
Video Texture mapping
Single, double and triple texture mapping.
Gouraud modulated textures.
OpenGL compliant alpha blending.
Edge based polygonal anti-aliasing.

Quantum3D's homepage - Makers of the Obsidian 100SB.
GameSpot's review of the Obsidian.

Other Information
Price: $1295
Manufactured by Quantum 3D.
Sales: CompUSA