Since the beginning, Man has strived to be dominant.  Up through 
the ages, Man has proved his dominance over nature, time and time again.
          Running into roadblocks, but never failing to overcome them... Until now.
October 29th 1999,
"This is John Richards, live at Fort Benton, Montana, where earlier this evening, a resident has mysteriously been found dead.  He was found by a local farmer, collapsed in his countryside home.  He was pronounced dead on arrival at Simcoe County Hospital.  The man, in his mid-thirties, has had no previous blemishes on his health record, and just yesterday was hard at work at a local tabacco plant. What he died of  has yet to be determined.  Officials from the Department of Health Sciences have yet to comment on the incident."
John Richards, Channel 14 News
October 30th,
                     "This is Mike Labiso reporting live from a chaotic and panic striken community.  Earlier this morning, two long-time residents of Lewistown, Montana were found dead behind their trailer, just south of the town.  The cause of death as of yet is unknown, but after hearing of the mysterious deaths in nearby communities, some residents have decided to pack up and leave, fearing an epidemic."
Mike Labiso, HGF T.V. 12 NEWS
September 1st,
                    "Reporting live at Hammond, Montana, this is Trevor Flynn for C.N.N. The Department of Health Sciences has issued a state of emergency for the state of Montana, and surrounding areas.  A recent outbreak of an unknown virus seems to be the reason for a major quarantining operation which swept through the state earlier this morning.  Reports of mysterious deaths had been gradually adding up at the D.H.S.' Montana office, but a recent mass outbreak in the community of Stanford, has led to the current state of emergency.  Details on the quarantine and any information on this deadly virus are at this time
              being witheld from the public.  As of tonight, the press, as well as the public, will no longer be permitted to travel within one hundred miles of the Montana border.  Our neighbors to the north in Canada, are evacuating citizens from Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, if they are within two hundred kilometres of the American border."
                                                                   Trevor Flynn, C.N.N.
September 3rd,
"In a shocking turn of events today, the U.S. Department of Health Sciences has issued a state of emergency for the entire state of North Dakota. The order came when a call was recieved from the town of Belfield, North Dakota, of a mysterious death, with the victim having some of the same symtoms as the victims of the outbreak in Montana.  People all over the United States are beggining to panic, fearing a country-wide outbreak.  The American President said in a press conference earlier today, "We have recieved calls from the Prime Minister of Canada, as well as the leaders of the European Union, offering anything and everything they can, to prevent this virus from spreading any further in the United States, or, God forbidding, the World. 
"As of yet, our top researchers have not been able to find a major breakthrough in the way of a cure or vaccine.  Thankyou for your time, this conference is now over."
"So their you have it folks, no cure, spreading rapidly, bleak future."
                                                                     Trevor Flynn, C.N.N.
Man has leaped over many hurdles.  From the stone age, through the ice age, to the great wars up through the ages... even Man himself.  Since the beginning however, Man has been blinded by greed, hate and pride, among other things.  We, as a race, have failed to see the real enemy.  The enemy that threatens us every day of our lives, and has the ability to dispose of us whenever, where ever, and however it wishes.  This enemy, our only true enemy, is about to strike one, final knockout blow to Mankind. 
There is no cure, there is no vaccine... there is no known defence... 
this invisable killer is known only by one name... the PLAGUE.
You are a NATO scientist, sent to investige the mysterious epidemic that is sweeping the north-west United States, you are to go in, and find out whats going on.
September 4th 5:45 am
       You arrive at the Montana border, armed troops stand preventing anyone from getting past, you show them your card and you are admitted, then taken on an drive
The remainder of the story up until the first mission is still in the works
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