strong story told through intermissions in game
a new palette to get away from the 'addon' feel
realistic combat enhancements
real world weapons
real life architexture (office buildings, sewers etc)
smart enemies that strafe and act intelligently
NPC's with varying behaviours
solid weapon balance
the re-introduction of the 'usekey' which can toggle on or off of course
full replacement of everything that is quake2 cept the engine
more top secret stuff that wont be revealed until the tc is released
processor with Pentium 120 preformance or higher, OpenGL capable video card strongly recommended
16MB of ram*
50mb harddrive room**
* - in windows 95, 24mb in NT
** - subject to change, rough estimate
Methods to Kill
Colt .45, your main fall back weapon, maybe equiped with a silencer for optimal use, find another and use two at the same time, in its basic form not to effective, but two of 'em both silenced are pretty damn deadly M16 - Standard military issue, in automatic mode it peaks at a rate of 800 shots a minute, of course for the more ammo conservative its also got a semi-auto mode.  you got 'em the armies got 'em and you can be that you'll both be usin' them. The MP5, lethal sub machine gun, carried by many of the navy seals in Plague, you defeat a seal thats has one of these, then walk up take the gun, and its time to unleash some pain.
 Every one in a while we will add a new weapon that will be in the game, so check back on this page every so often
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