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Monday, August 4, 1997
Paul Steed interview
3:40 PM EDT
PlanetQuake has an interview with Paul Steed conducted by FragMaster. Lots of different topics, some curious, some Quake 2. Slipgate

CGW screenshots
2:08 PM EDT
The two new screenshots from Computer Gaming World are now up! :) I'd like to thank Paul Ryder for sending them to me, and Rotwang for sending me color corrected versions, which are the versions I have in the end used. There are thumbnails of the shots below, which can be clicked on for the larger images. Enjoy.

Note that one of the screenshots is still a little color-freaked. Slipgate

Our message board
2:01 PM EDT
A number of people have expressed dismay as to the format of our message board. There are two possible solutions I have to offer. 1)Find another board that has comparable features and notify slipgate or myself. 2) Give us a hand and Alter the source code to HyperNews to better suit us. I would appreciate it if one of the preceding actions were taken and people would stop posting/saying "this message board sucks". In all honestly it is one of the best unix boards made.theblitz

Have an X2 modem? Got a problem?
1:03 PM EDT
Thanks to Prophet for pointing out this page to me. If you have a USR Robotics X2 modem and have problems playing Quake with it, check that page out. It has lots of useful help and workarounds for problems. Slipgate

Thanks to Disruptor
12:52 PM EDT
Disruptor was a BIG help lately. I found out that people thought I was bloated because the graphics on the page weren't optimized for mimimum size. Disruptor took the time to go through and make a smaller version of the netmegs button (6 K now, was 31 K before), the logo (about half the size now), and he also sent me an optimized version of the button, but at the same time the guy who made our button sent us a new one that is unanimated and matches the current logo better, thanks for that SuperStar. Anyways, I'd like to thank Disruptor for the time he took, and his work is NOT in vain! :) Slipgate

Quake 2 soundtrack
11:53 AM EDT
Sonic Mayhem, the folks doing most/all of the Quake 2 soundtrack, have updated their Quake 2 Soundtrack page. Saw that on Blue's. Slipgate

Pretzel updates
11:48 AM EDT
Pretzel told me to check out his Quake 2 monsters and Quake 2 Weapons pages, which have been updated. Slipgate

Inside 3D
11:47 AM EDT
I received the following information from DryWall and Prophet about a new site opening called Inside 3D:

Hello to all you news people out there. I, Drywall, am mailing you on behalf of my fellow webmasters Mr? and ShadowStalker, to announce the opening of our new website, Inside 3D. Formerly known as Inside.QC, we have expanded, and now we'll be covering Quake, Hexen 2, Half-Life, Quake 2, Unreal, Duke4Ever. For the most part, the staff will remain the same, however by mid september, we expect to merge with Fatty McGee and his site WM_Quake2, so he will cover Quake2 editing for us. We currently have an interview with Howard Roy of the KQP up, and many more are to follow. We will continue to maintain and add to our vast list of tutorials, and expand them for all the other new games. Ok, I guess that's enough :) Hope everyone likes it...the url is http://www.planetquake.com/iqc/index.html. You HAVE to put the index.html for now, tho I'm not sure why.

Thanks to both for the info. Slipgate

Brian Hook .plan update
11:46 AM EDT
Brian Hook had some information about graphic coding he's been doing lately in his .plan.

After long discussions with Chris Hecker I've decided to try and use more industry standard extensions instead of trying to do stuff specific for Quake2. Right now we're interested in the following types of extensions:

- multitexture
- paletted texture
- particle systems

For the multitexture stuff the SGI stuff looks like it may not suck, but until I mess with it some I may not know for sure.

I'd like to use the glColorTableEXT that is part of the OpenGL for Win32. I'm going to talk to 3DLabs and 3Dfx as to why they each did not support this extension to make sure there aren't some technical foibles behind it.

I think that we may be able to use the SGI glPointParameterfSGI extension for particle systems. It's not _ideal_ for what we'd like to do, but I think it's good enough. It allows us to specify a min and max size for scaled particles, and it allows us to change the size of particles via the standard glPointSize API. It also scales over distance, etc.

Next week I'll mess with this stuff some more, since the software renderer is pretty much up to speed. I'll also be spending the end of next week getting SciTech Software's MGL code reintegrated into Quake2.

Jack "Morbid" Mathews updated his .plan with info on multitexture extensions as well. Slipgate

Sunday, August 3, 1997
Disruptor .plan update
4:08 PM EDT
Disruptor updated his plan with a little bit of info:

If you haven't read it yet, be sure to check out;

The Computer Gaming World Quake II Preview which appears in their September issue.

They rated Quake II the "Best of Show" at E3.

I mentioned this article earlier, it's a GREAT read with good info we didn't know before. Slipgate

11:01 AM EDT
I was on 3DNet #quake when someone commented that Quake2.com is "bloated". At first I didn't know what he meant, but apparently he means that I have animated gifs on my page. I *will* have the id released gifs of course, but otherwise if you have a complaint about the button or something, then send me a button you think would be better that isn't animated! :) I don't like people sitting there saying "this could be better" etc. Just go make the suggestions to me so that I can make the page better! Slipgate

Mario TC mention :)
10:58 AM EDT
I promised these folks for a month I'd mention their great TC, so here it is, check it out. Slipgate

Playing Quake 2 by modem
10:50 AM EDT
My buddy Nite pointed out this letter he got. Basically, since Quake 2's native modem support is gone in favor of using Dial Up Networking, a lot of people have wondered, "so how do I do it?". ^KulgaN^ sent Nite a letter pointing out one way to do this correctly. The end result is a lot less lag than a modem to modem connect in Quake gives you, which is part of the reason they aren't wasting their time making native support, since native support would be a joke to play.

The e-mail follows:

I already use the Win95 Plus pack Dial up Networking server to play quake as it is much faster than playing through the quake dialup setup :)
This is mainly due to windows 95 having specific drivers for your modem which quake does not. I played against a friend at 33.6 with compression enabled the other night with 3 reaper bots each and it was smooth (Ping = 80 - 100). You can also use it to send and receive files, but as usual Microsoft does not include much help for that (Or any of it, I spent hours on Microsoft's site but found JACK SHIT!)..

To set it up, first it needs to be installed from the plus pack obviusly. In Control panel/network/identification set up your name and a workgroup name (use a easy name). This allows both players to use WinPopup.exe that comes with Windows 95 to talk to each other before they start quake etc to decide what patches they want to play etc... winpopup.exe must be loaded to receive messages. The person acting as the server needs to go to open up the Dial Up Networking folder, then Click Connections/Dial-Up server on the menu. Then click Allow Caller Access. Add a comment if nessicary. Then set the server type as "PPP : Windows 95, Windows NT 3.5, Internet" this will connect as Windows 95 protocol (IPX).
The other person then dials in, logs on as a name (It does not matter). You then run quake or whatever (QUAKE/QUAKE 2) one person starts a IPX server and the other person joins.

Thanks go to both Nite and ^Kulgan^ for the info. Slipgate

Excellent CGW Feature
10:44 AM EDT
SwanSong let me know about this online CGW feature. This may or may not be a version of the magazine feature in this month's CGW I've mentioned before. It is long and a good read, with lots of cool info we didn't know. Many thanks to Swansong for pointing it out to me. Slipgate

Which 3D is your 3D?
10:42 AM EDT
Chris Bell sent myself and Blue a link to this GameCenter feature, where John Carmack of id and Mark Dochtermann of Ritual comment on the 3dfx/PowerVR battle. Slipgate

Saturday, August 2, 1997
Rotating info
2:56 PM EDT
I spoke to Plucky of Quake Editing News, and it turns out that at some point after he put up the Q&A with American McGee, he received a letter from someone quoting an e-mail exchange between that person and John Cash regarding the rotating brushes. He went ahead and sent it along to me to print since he doesn't feel it is truly appropriate for his Quake 1 editing site. Here it is quoted:

Welp, you put up the stuff from American, so I figured I'd send along something I asked Cash about a while ago regarding rotation in Q2:

I asked:

For brushes that rotate, is there a specific class just for rotating things like func_rotate or something or is rotation just another way that brushes that can move (like func_doors and func_trains) can move? I can understand it'd be easier to make a seperate class like func_rotate for brushes that only rotate and nothing else, but it would be cool to have anything that moves be able to rotate... particularly I'm thinking about making func_trains that first move from one point to another, then rotate, then move etc. Just curious about how rotating is implemented. Thanks.

He replied:

Right now it's seperate classes, but I'm looking to see if we should change it to be part of the more general classes.

Moebius of Dark Requiem

Many thanks again to Plucky for letting me use that, and to Moebius for sending the info along to Plucky in the first place. Be advised, this was a letter that Moebius sent some time ago so the rotating nature may have already been changed as Cash was describing. Slipgate

Quake 2 wins survey
2:24 PM EDT
Quake 2 has won the "Quake successor" contest run by Gamespot, read about it here, that's according to at least 38 percent who participated in the survey. Thanks go to Prophet for that news. Slipgate

tin's Quake 2 Nutshell back up
3:02 AM EDT
Tin has decided not to shut down his site, the Quake 2 nutshell, after all. He's sorry for any confusion etc. this caused before, the site is back... he's away for the weekend and will get to finish a redesign by Monday or Tuesday. He's putting his site back in the webring too. I for one am glad to see him back. By the way, he also is the one who made Quake2.com's current logo. Slipgate

Crash finishes moving
2:52 AM EDT
One of my best buddies, Crash, has finished moving his Single Player Quake site to its new address, so go check it out. When your done there, go and spooge at the new screenshots again. Sigh. The wait is drawing to a close, people. It is, believe me. Slipgate

Disruptor on messageboard
2:29 AM EDT
Not sure if you knew or not, but Christian "Disruptor" Antkow stops by our messageboard now and then, so you can post a Quake 2 question and he might answer it. :) Also, check out the post I made recently about not being so quick to speak foul words about Epic, and I point out some stuff in it. Feedback is welcome. Slipgate

Texture color depth
2:23 AM EDT
The newest Quakeworld is going to use 8 bit textures as opposed to 16 bit for less texture thrashing. The question is, what about Quake 2? }{ardball sent that question to John Carmack and got a reply. His letter and John's reply is quoted:

> Will the GL complement of Quake 2 be using 8-bit textures like Jack
> Matthews is implementing in glQuake and glQuakeworld ? He claims
> the texture thrashing is much less now that he's using 8-bit.

Yes, as an option. It also supports true 16 bit images, which would make art creation for a GL-only TC much easier.

John Carmack

I found that news on Redwood's, so the thanks go to him. Yup, he's up as late as me this night too. Slipgate

Friday, August 1, 1997
Disruptor .plan update
8:01 PM EDT
Thankfully I was on 3DNet #quake when Disruptor announced he had updated his .plan about the screenshots released earlier today, and other information. Here it is quoted:

Friday: Got five monsters into the game this week, and hope to have another one programmed in later on tonight. They are really looking great.

We'll be doing a code merge tommorow night, so hopefully, we'll be able to start placing this batch of monsters into the game then. Really looking forward to seeing what kind of evil AI John Cash has cooked up in the past few days.

Things are moving right along and everyone's really busting their asses.

With respect to the batch of screenshots that I released today, I just wanted to answer some questions I saw people had on 3DNet #quake.

frame1: The monster you see is monster_infantry (aka: Paul Steed). The weapon is the rocket launcher. This is one of Tim Willit's base levels which appear near the start of the game.

frame3: The monster is monster_soldier (There are three different variations of this monster, with varying degrees of toughness and each of them has a different attack. The weapon that the player is holding is the grenade launcher. This is one of American's levels, The Factory, where the aliens chop up captured humans and turn them into cyborgs =)

frame5: a monster_soldier with his back turned to you. This is one of Tim Willit's base levels which appear near the start of the game. Notice the gorgeous sky with the mountain range in the background.

Hope this answers your questions. Back to work for me...

That's a bunch of cool information. What I don't understand is the similarity to Paul Steed... I have seen and met this guy, talked to him, and that enemy DOESN'T look like it is him to me. Slipgate

True player capacity defined
7:56 PM EDT
Prophet has informed me of a letter to John Carmack and the reply printed up on The Sentinel. This letter exchange was between StaticX and John, and I've been permitted to print this stuff, so here you go:

> Hello! You mention incredible player limits in your .plan file but
> these figures are for Ethernet. How many Players On A 28.8 Could
> Log into the Server? This is very important becouse of the
> modification I and a group of other people am considering which is
> . Also, will Quake 2 Feature Server Hopping?

The scalability is not limited by total numbers. If they don't all come into the same room, you are fine.

John Carmack

As StaticX explained on the Sentinel's messageboard:

I mailed JC... 200 is Just A Sample #. As long as you dont have more than 16 players affecting you(on the screen, making noises within audible range, hurting you) then you wont be notified of the existance of the other players unless you ask so theoretically...With A Big Map You can have 2000 players on a modem game....(Yes thats right if there not in the same places)...we did some premlim calcs. 200 Players Requires A Server Capable of 10 MPS.

I don't really think we need 2000 players, but it sounds good. Slipgate

GameCenter story
7:11 PM EDT
A GameCenter story about Quake 2 can be found here. It includes a mention of Blue's News, but not a mention of Quake2.com. Oh well :). Its a medium-length read without really new information but its a nice read all the same. Thanks to Rotwang for noticing it. Slipgate

Screenshot area up to date
6:36 PM EDT
I've made the screenshot area up to date now, 2 additional pages of screenshots are now there. The newest screenshots, including the one from the Quake Workshop, are there. Oh, speaking of the Quake Workshop screenshot, I got the permission to post it, which is why now it is on the latest batch of screenshots (go see) as well as below, many thanks to them for letting me use it, considering it was their exclusive. Also thanks Prestige of the Sentinel for helping me dig out some old graphics.

Very cool stuff when you review my screenshot area :). It goes from most recent on page 1 to oldest on last page (currently page 9 is the last page). Slipgate

Yet another Quake 2 screenshot
5:34 PM EDT
The Quake Workshop has an exclusive screenshot of Quake 2 from Paul Jaquays. Since it is an exclusive of theirs, I have e-mailed them regarding permission to show it here, but no reply yet, so go check it out there for now. Thanks to the man Prophet for telling me about it. Slipgate

3 new Quake 2 screenshots
5:16 PM EDT
The id Software Quake 2 page has these 3 new screenshots, which were also shown in the animated gif below. You can click them for larger versions. By the way, due to Disruptor's request I have downloaded the graphic of the thumbnail locally now, so it is a local link. I'm working on a much needed update to the screenshots area right now, and also a much needed update to the links area. Screenshot area first, though :).

Those look GREAT! Slipgate

New animated graphic
4:24 PM EDT
I just noticed this neat new animated graphic in Disruptor's .plan, so I'll show it here. This isn't being locally stored, I'm using the same link Disruptor is, so if this link is broken one day, it's not my fault :).

These shots look brighter (and cooler) than previously released ones. Slipgate

Why am I slow?
3:31 PM EDT
I've realized that lately I don't get my updates in till night or late afternoon, which I realize isn't how quick I used to be about them. I've just been dealing with lots of other site work besides this front page lately. In the end, if you can bear with me, the site will be all the better for it, and it'll be a quick-updated site again like it was. I should go ahead and warn you though that there is a 99% chance I won't be updating the news at all next Wednesday, since I have plans with a friend that day. Slipgate

Hit #66,666
3:29 PM EDT
Steve Silva was my 66,666 hit, and he thought it sufficiently humurous to send to me, so check it out, if you dare. Click here to see it. Thanks to Steve, whose name I have spelled right this time :). Slipgate

Quake 2 bugs page
3:18 PM EDT
The Quake 2 Bugs page, (available as a link off the linked site by request), has now been created. It has yet to be filled with content, but I'm sure it will be a good site once the game is released. Thanks Aaron Stackpole for letting me know about it. Slipgate

Quake 2 200 player story
3:14 PM EDT
Gamespot has a story on the 200 player Quake 2 thing mentioned in John Carmack's .plan. Thanks to Prophet for letting me know about that. Interestly, Michael Mullen, the guy who let me know about CGW publishing the Quake 2 feature online next Tuesday, wrote this article. Slipgate

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