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Newer News

July 27, 1997
3Dx final move
5:51 PM EDT
3Dx, my old buddy Nite's page, has made its final location move, to 3dx.org. Check it out. 3Dx, for those who don't know, is a page that covers news on multiple games, with a very slick layout and way of managing it, handled by a crack team of news guys. Slipgate

Quake 2 mailing list is FUNCTIONAL!
5:32 PM EDT
After lots of promises and quite a bit of work, the mailing list is actually functional. If you've already subscribed, you are subscribed still. If you haven't, it's time to! Either way, go to the Mailing list page to read important info on the list as well as how to subscribe or unsubscribe. It is all written up on the mailing list page, so I'll save time and just point you there. Slipgate

Exclusive Quake 2 preview?
5:22 PM EDT
Apparently there is an "exclusive" Quake 2 preview linked here. I don't understand the term "exclusive" in this respect, but it's actually rather lengthy, and a good read. This is actually the best and most completely written Quake 2 preview on the Net I've read. It's rather interesting that Quake2.com is mentioned in the conclusion. Check it out! Thanks to Snoopy for mentioning it to me. Slipgate

Quake 2 preview blurb
1:02 PM EDT
Prophet sent me word of this page where the author gives a Quake 2 preview as well as previews of other products. Slipgate

Mailing list
12:59 PM EDT
Blitz and I are spending a lot of today on the mailing list... it should be finally up and running soon. Anyone and *everyone* who has ever sent in a subscription request is subscribed, so don't worry about resending your request. On the matter of the mailing list page, I know it is currently incorrect/obsolete. We haven't had time to update it but we will once the mailing list is functional. Slipgate

Essential Files
12:52 PM EDT
The latest Quake 2 screensaver is from The ScreenSaver Archive, but I didn't indicate it as such. Thanks to Jason Springer for letting me know. I have updated the Essential Files page regarding that and some other material, including a new Quake 2 background made by Hexadecimal. Slipgate

July 26, 1997
I am fingerable!
1:57 PM EDT
I am now fingerable.... just finger slipgate@quake2.com (this link is usable too) to read my own .plan! I should advise you that I use my .plan not to do the news like I do with this page, but to tell jokes or write my own take on things sometimes... basically, my .plan. I will put up a permanent link here once I decide how I want it. Slipgate

News archived and counter fixed
1:48 PM EDT
Turns out yesterday at noonish the counter broke (visually). The logs were still recorded and so the counter is back with all the hits we got in the downtime accounted for. Also, I archived everything from July 14 to July 21 to get them out of the way... I'll be archiving again soon. I decided to do it in smaller intervals than 7 days from now on. Slipgate

July 25, 1997
Server load notice
11:49 PM EDT
I'd like to apologize for how slow Quake2.com was today... mostly it is due to the fact that like other sites we were lagged down my multiple people downloading DirectX 5 from us. Slipgate

Disruptor and the messageboard
11:44 PM EDT
Disruptor recently answered a Quake 2 question on our messageboard.. we are hoping/trying to organize this into something he regularly does with our messageboard, somewhat like the Raven guys do for hexen2.com. We'll let you know, meanwhile, make use of our messageboard! Slipgate

Quake 2 screensaver
11:43 PM EDT
I realized that the version of the screensaver up on the Essential Files page is the "non-functional" version. I did a bit of looking and found the functional new version..... it's now the one available for consumption there..... thanks to Dreams for sending me the right one on IRC. Go there and grab it.. it's neato and its the screensaver I use in fact. Here is a direct link for your use, if you desire. The original version of the screensaver (which I prefer) is still available also. Slipgate

Stuff missing from DirectX 5
11:35 PM EDT
Turns out that the Direct X 5 distribution zip was missing the file in this zip.... I'll have a fixed DirectX 5 archive up sometime tomorrow. Slipgate

QuakeCon feedback
11:13 PM EDT
This is of importance...... the QuakeCon organizers need your feedback on what was good about this year's Con and what needs to be improved for next year's Con. E-mail Monolith with your feedback. Slipgate

The war draws to a close
10:48 PM EDT
Well, the war drew to a close at last. Todd Hollenshead said in his .plan: Irony in this industry knows no bounds. Scott Miller made the following great plan update about the situation:

Hey, Epic and id are both stealing their character ideas from Rise of the Triad damn it! We had male and female characters way back in 1994. ;) :)

The fact is that *all* developers copy good ideas from other games, both intentionally and unintentionally. If you're a developer that talks about your game's key ideas on the net, then you'd better expect that other developers will see these ideas and consider using the good ones--we certainly do (see good ideas and use them, if appropriate).

It's unfortunate for Epic and the Unreal team that their game has taken so long to come out. This has dwindled it's technology advantage, and is obviously causing some misplaced ill-feelings toward competing developers.

It also seems like a unfortunate coincidence that Quake 2 has *very* similar characters to those in Unreal. I know that here we try to make sure we don't copy a competitor's game so closely in key areas like this because in the end it hurts both games due to lack of differentiation. I'm sure id didn't do this on purpose and probably had no idea that Unreal had the very same characters (bald male and female with ponytail).

In any case, to whoever gets their game out first will go the spoils.

Paul Steed then followed with the following two plan updates:

Just to let you all know, I received an apology from a representative of Epic games addressed to id Software and an apology from Myscha as well. In turn I apologized as well for blowing up and unloading both barrels on poor Myscha and Unreal. I really do want us all to get along (sniff). Please don't stop liking me 'cause I ain't professional in my blasting (choke) I couldn't bear it (sniff).

Blue is cool. Blues News is fucking cool. Blue is a valuable part of the Quake community. Please get off my back about my jibe on Blue. I've written him and explained why I said what I did and if you are interested I can forward that e-mail to you. All of my comments were aimed at one person, I apologize for the friendly fire.

And finally, in the cream of the crop, Myscha updated his .plan with a personal and professional apology. Thanks to Sain for letting me know about it. Here it is quoted:

Looks like I stirred up a BUNCH of angry Bees!! Of course as moronic as the entire thing sounds there certainly isn't any serious anger here.

It is, however my initial reaction to the entire situation.

We're all professionals here and although my opinions stated in my .plan file are more along the lines of "What I was thinking at the moment" I would hope that American and Disruptor and whoever else felt annoyed by these grain of salt statements understands that they are my personal thoughts, and not those of EPIC or GT Interactive or your next door neighboor's dog.

We all have incredible titles that we are all putting our every waking hour into completing. So sometimes when somone makes an observation we tend to take it a little to close to heart.

Don't. That's not the intent or the result. You're responding in such a serious fashion as if I am attacking you and your company personally.

Of course not-just making observations.

So American and Tim Willits I apologize for the misunderstanding- a simple :) (smiley) would have help to convey the actual tone better.

Previous bee stirring opinions.

And below it he had the original .plan update so people could see what the hubbub was about. Personally, however its ended, I'm glad this war is over. Slipgate

Paul Steed plan update
6:37 PM EDT
Paul Steed updated his plan in response to Myscha's .plan update, but because of his comment regarding Blue I e-mailed him for permission to quote it before writing this update... he gave me permission... so here goes. This is Paul Steed's take on the whole situation (parents, be advised that your kids will read some bad language):

First off I'd like to ask Blue why he posted that fucking garbage "War of Words" spiel by Mooschie (which BTW means "Pussy" or "Snatch" or "Vagina" in German). I know you're a Storm Trooper and all, but that bullshit should never have seen electronic "print"

As far as the list goes let me explain a few things:
1. I have never seen Unreal except for the unbelievably BAD ads that continue to pop up in the magazines. I have no clue what their game is about. I have no interest in their product because it is complete CRAP from level design down to every pixel of every texture on every face of every model connected by every vertex stored in memory on any of their amateur, weak-ass, ill-informed creative "staff"'s machines.
2. We have intended since November of last year to include a female player character in Q2 (Uh, does the Crackwhore ring any bells, Mooschie?)
3. The ponytail was my idea and is strictly a visual cue to help identify the character as a woman. Plus it will look cool from behind as it swishes around, or would you prefer that I make the male character's penis swing elephantine from his torso? Bet you'd like that Mooschie.
4. The character is only bald right now and could change in the future. I got the idea for baldness based on a HUGE bald guy down the street from my house who was doing his lawn the other day and I felt it made the guy look REALLY mean. Where'd you get your idea for a bald guy? Looking at that pencil stub you milk every time you go to the John?
5. There are no starships in the game. There are no ships that crash into the planet other than an occasional fighter if it's shot down. Get your facts straight, Moron. My ships stay in space where they belong.

You've just been bumped to the top of the list, Dude. I am so thoroughly going to enjoy giving you a harsh, final and brutal REALITY check this Christmas. UNREALIZED will be so completely and totally crushed by Q2 your lamentations will be music to my ears.

I have been fearing a back and forth war between Epic and id starting up, in .plan files if nothing else, and it makes me wonder if I'm not "fanning" the flames of this war by quoting these .plan updates for the public. I then realized that a) Its my responsibility being a Quake 2 page to print the news of these attacks, and the news of these attacks = these .plan updates, b) The Quake community follows the finger scene anyways... even if I didn't quote it people would easily read the plans by clicking my above finger links... I'm just making it so they don't have to press that extra button, which is again my responsibility as a news page.

I've already given my opinion of all this below, so I'll avoid further comment on this. Slipgate

Tokay and Onethumb plan updates
5:56 PM EDT
American McGee updated his plan in response to Myscha's plan update recently. Here's his .plan quoted:

>1. A female player--Like UNREAL
>2. A ponytail on the female player-LIKE UNREAL
>3. A male Player-Like UNREAL
>4. (of course their male player is bald too)

Uh, ok. These are the MOST moronic things I have ever seen anyone accuse us of stealing from their game design. I guess that in order to keep from stepping on this guys toes we should portray the character as a male cross-dresser, or a eunuch? Are those original enough for you?

We stole the ponytail? And baldness? Haha.
Damn you Captain Picard! You bald bastard. You're stealing ideas from Epic... how dare you! I think the guys at Epic should start suing everyone that puts a bald character into their work from now on... I mean, jeeze... they came up with this great idea... bald guys. They should trademark it and make all bald people stamp EpicBald(tm) on their heads.

btw: we came up with this great idea for the chick... she's going to have tits. Don't steal that from us guys. We thought of it first.

>5. Game takes place after crashing your starship.

Oh My God. You guys thought of this too?! I mean, I thought that we were stealing this from the countless other people who have done it before you were even BORN. Is it just me or have people been crashing starships and encountering problems on alien worlds since before Captain James T. Kirk was in diapers or what?

Next thing you know Epic will accuse us of stealing the idea of putting arms and legs on our players. Everyone will have to start using a very hairy, quadrapalegic, wheelchair driving, crossdressing, non-starship crashing, eunuch as the main character in their game. Damn.

Onethumb also updated his plan in defense of id:

Whew, been awhile, sorry, I'm still recovering from QuakeCon, but I just *HAD* to update when I saw the plan update from one of the Unreal team guys...

*DISCLAIMER: I don't know the Epic guys well, and I was impressed with Unreal at E3... until I saw Q2, after which Unreal paled in comparison... But this post from myscha kinda sparked me off, so it's a bit harsh... I don't like attacks on id. :)*

> "Back in the days of Doom 1 and Doom2 I always imagine the creators
> these incredible games as creative ground-breaking game designers."

I must admit, this co-incides with my feelings exactly... only, now, I know them very well on a personal level... and I can say they are far more than just ground-breaking... they are earth-shattering, genre-creating game designers.

> "Over the past few months, I have noticed a lack of individual and company
> based creativity"

It's amazing to me that someone working on a Quake-killer which still hasn't shipped, and paled in comparison to Quake II at E3 can actually say this...

> "I base this worrysome conjecture on the recent announcements that:
> QUAKE 2 will have
> 1. A female player--Like UNREAL
> 2. A ponytail on the female player-LIKE UNREAL
> 3. A male Player-Like UNREAL
> 4. (of course their male player is bald too)
> 5. Game takes place after crashing your starship."

1. Does this mean Tomb Raider also copied Unreal? Oh heavens, say it isn't so!! Shame on you, Eidos.
2. Do you mean to say that female humans don't wear their hair in pony-tails occasionally? Is this something special and unique to Unreal?
3. So, let me get this right... you're surprised that Q2 has a female player as well as being surprised that it has a male player? Which sort of player would you suggest as a replacement, then? Interesting, but I seem to recall that a few of id's other games also sport a male character as a player... I could be wrong, please correct me if so.
4. Again, balding men don't exist? An Unreal exclusive?
5. Well, since I seriously doubt Unreal was begun years ago when such games as Space Quest (and hundreds of others, this one was just handy and happens to be a favorite of mine) were born, I'm not quite sure argument #5 is all that original either....

As a good friend of mine said: I think the only thing that Quake II will have in similarity to Unreal...is that people will be saying "Man...this is *unreal*" I have to concur.

> "It's a good thing they are using hollow metal headed enemies, that way
> our Artificially Intelligent Organic monsters and enemies will at least
> not appear as blatantly RIPPED_OFF..."

I just have to laugh. It's been what, 2 years? since Epic and the Unreal team have been insisting their AI is incredibly realistic? Products speak louder than words....

As another friend of mine said, "Unreal is a perfect name for the game... Un-real, Un-released, Un-finished, and Un-fast."

> "Please ID software do something we didn't do or model 12 months ago. :)"

Please Epic, release a game so we can see what you've been doing for the last 12 months. Oh, and incidentally, it's "id Software."

> "No offense-but these coincidences ruined my nap. "

Perhaps less napping and more game designing will actually get a product on the shelves? Hmmm, I had wondered why Unreal slowed down to somewhere near 5 fps at E3 when you pulled the trigger... Was it due to the ENF? (Excessive Napping Factor)

I'm sorry, but you stepped up to the plate with the wrong company, about the wrong game, and with aboslutely no ammo. Without a game out, or even a comparable public display, how can you fire such salvos?

Didn't Epic publicly call Unreal a Quake-killer? Quake's been out for more than a year, and I've seen nothing yet that compares. Perhaps Unreal is a Quake II killer? It sure didn't look that way.

Oh, wait, I seem to remember some posts more than a year ago about how the Unreal team wanted to wait until Quake shipped to release, so id couldn't steal or implement some of your cool ideas? Perhaps you're doing the same thing with Quake II?

Go back to sleep.

I've already given my take on this situation, and it seems for the most part that now id will stop talking about this Epic thing unless majorly provoked further. I'd rather not see a war start, although it may already be starting to brew. Slipgate

Disruptor plan updates
4:53 PM EDT
Disruptor updated his plan with two tidbits, the first regarding Myscha's plan update from before, and the second with further 3DNet news. He had this to say:

In response to Myscha's .planfile update (go check www.quake2.com)...

Is it just me, or did he stick a big peice of paper on his ass saying "kick me" ? I don't think he's in any position to speak of ripping other people off.

I'll leave it at that.


Big thanks to Tarok for helping to get monolith.3DNet.net connected to the network. It's also been added to the round-robbin lookup as part of irc.3Dnet.net. We hope to have another two servers connected by the end of next week.

I'm a little suprised (and naturally happy) at the mention of this site, I just hope that this thing started by Myscha's plan doesn't turn into a back and forth war between Epic and id using plan files. Slipgate

New hosted page
4:17 PM EDT
Check out The Quake2 DLLs Archives, a page we are proud to call a member of Quake2.com. Their move to Quake2.com happened recently but only just became official now. Slipgate

DirectX 5 released
4:11 PM EDT
DirectX 5 has finally been released to the general community.... there are two packages, the 250 mb developer kit (not for most people) and the actual user's package of 5.87 mb. I've got the user package available for download local here at Quake2.com. Also, Blue's News, sCary's Shuga Shack, and also from Microsoft, and Adrenaline Vault has it on their FTP site, use this link. If you go to the essential files page, you'll see the download link from Quake2.com there also. I think *one* of these sites will work for you :). Slipgate

Controversial plan update by Myscha
12:46 PM EDT
Myscha on the Unreal team made a
.plan update regarding Quake 2 that is sure to spark some arguing between companies, quoted below:

Back in the days of Doom 1 and Doom2 I always imagine the creators these incredible games as creative ground-breaking game designers.

Over the past few months, I have noticed a lack of individual and company based creativity
I base this worrysome conjecture on the recent announcements that:

QUAKE 2 will have

1. A female player--Like UNREAL
2. A ponytail on the female player-LIKE UNREAL
3. A male Player-Like UNREAL
4. (of course their male player is bald too)
5. Game takes place after crashing your starship.

It's a good thing they are using hollow metal headed enemies, that way our Artificially Intelligent Organic monsters and enemies will at least appear not as blatantly RIPPED_OFF...

Please ID software do something we didn't do or model 12 months ago. :)

No offense-but these coincidences ruined my nap.

Although its sure to spark letters and possibly even flames to me, I thought I'd give my take on this. This is an e-mail I sent Myscha regarding his plan update and although I'm not into quoting my personal e-mail, this is basically word for word my take on this, so writing up my take would be the same as quoting this e-mail:

Truthfully... in the world of 3d games, there are going to be ideas copied all over.

for example, no matter how original a weapon is these days in a 3dgame, it'll be relatable to some weapon done before... i mean, even unreal, it has a rocket launcher (done so many times albeit with diff. names sometimes), it has an automag (pistol you mean?) etc. etc.

Likewise, unreal may have decided on a female player... but future 3d games are bound to have female and male players available anyways, just because unreal has a female and a male doesn't mean that no other 3d game is allowed to do that... that's bound to become standard in 3d games anyways.

I could care less about hair.

As far as the story goes.. I don't know what to tell you but not many 3dgames are *heavily* affected actionwise by what the story really is..... some, like hexen, are.

Also... you must remember that both Quake 2 and Unreal are promising things but even so... until Unreal is out and has said features in it in the final..... its "subject to change"

even quake 2 is "subject to change" as of now.

I'm not trying to bitch you out... just give you my perspective on your plan update..... I followed team tnt (in fact had friends in it) and have observed your work for some time now.

So that's my take on it. Before Unreal lovers or anyone else flames me, I should tell you that Myscha sent me a kind reply where he totally understood and appreciated me dropping him a note (again, I dislike quoting personal e-mail, but here goes):

Don't worry!!
Everyone's opinion is worth hearing.

I was bummed about the similarities between Quake choosing such identical conceptual models as the ones we developed a year ago.. Even so, bith games will be incredible and unique--despite minor similarities..

The whole thing just ruined my nap I was taking... When you only sleep 4 hours every 36 it makes a siberian very grumpy :)

Thanks for your note..

I would like to thank Myshca for his quick and kind reply. I hope this doesn't explode. Oh, and I'd like to apologize to him for quoting our e-mail chat. Slipgate

News cleanup
12:43 PM EDT
I cleaned up the news page of words stuck together towards the bottom and other messy stuff that somehow happened..... this update is mainly geared towards Prince Mystery of the QANS since it was hell to parse it before... Someone has asked me when I'll archive old news again. I'll tell you exactly when: Sunday. And each Sunday following. Weekly. Slipgate

Brian Hook updates plan
12:41 PM EDT
Brian Hook made a plan update late yesterday about the software transparency in Quake 2... it is quoted below.

July 24, 1997

Woo-hoo! Software transparency works! There's nothing magical to implementing transparency (that worked weeks ago), it was trying to rework someone else's code to do what we wanted. In hindsight it would have made more sense for me just to rewrite the code from scratch, but the existing code was close enough to what we wanted that I was reluctant to give up on it without giving it a try.

What happened was that the existing sprite rasterizer was basically a degenerate case of a polygon rasterizer, at least in theory. Since it hadn't been used as a polygon rasterizer yet there was "minor" cleanup work that needed to be done. That "minor" cleanup consumed about two weeks of my time, most of which was spent being frustrated and pissed and demoralized beyond belief (and a large reason I had nothing to say in my .plans).

However, I still think that it was good for me to do, since I'm pretty damn familiar with how the sprite and polygon code works now. Not only that but I managed to rip out a lot of code in the process and really clean up some of the preexisting code.

So we now have translucent particles, sprites, alias models, and BSP surfaces (windows). Oh, and transparent water works too (although I don't have the turbulence stuff implemented yet).

I'm feeling pretty happy these days. Unfortunately, I'm also feeling pretty guilty that it took so long, so I'm probably not going to the drag strip with everyone else tomorrow. I want to get turbulence working soon, and I still have a laundry list of things to fix.

John got the sky box working on his own, since it would have taken me 10x the time it took for him to do it, and the knowledge I would have gained would have been minimal.

But basically at this point the GL and software renderers are basically at parity. The software renderer is quite slow right now, but I'll be optimizing the code pretty soon.

I thought I'd explain my new policy on quoting plan updates (why I didn't quote the plan update Brian Hook made prior to this): I will now only quote plan updates if they are of relevance to Quake 2.... the only exceptions I make is some important cases where id needs to get information about something out. Slipgate

July 24, 1997
QuakeCon report stuff
9:23 PM EDT
Phoebus (of the Cult) went through my QuakeCon pictures and reduced the size of the files, because for some people they weren't seeing all the pictures because their connects were timing out..... I've put up the new versions and split the pictures into a 3 page deal. Also, I found out the guy with Lithium was Wendigo, so I corrected that, and Ace_Dave told me that the picture of me with Carmack that he is in the background of has Darin McNeil of Quake will Rule The Cosmos fame. Go see the pics again if you couldn't see them all before. The link is above :). Don't forget to read the report too. Slipgate

Quake 2 webring stuff
8:40 PM EDT
Quake2.com is now the house of the Quake 2 webring and the Quake 2 clanring. It may be noted that in many ways the webring and clanring pages need updating majorly... for example, if you are a Quake 2 webring member right now, the actual webring code you should use is printed for you below:

<MAP NAME="q2ring">
<AREA SHAPE="RECT" COORDS="83,71,157,96" HREF="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=quake2ring&id=your_site_id_here&prev">
<AREA SHAPE="RECT" COORDS="169,73,228,94" HREF="http://webring.quake2.com"> <AREA SHAPE="RECT" COORDS="237,70,316,96" HREF="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=quake2ring&id=your_site_id_here&next">

<IMG SRC="q2ring.jpg" WIDTH=320 HEIGHT=100 USEMAP="#q2ring">

Hope that helps. Slipgate

Finger catching up
8:34 PM EDT
Disruptor's plannage I missed before is as follows, lately dealing with 3DNet and a bit back about KillMe's hire.

3DNet seems to be up and running quite well technically. Stomped has expressed an interest in attaching to the network, and I'm in the final stages of getting Monolith's server connected (in what little spare time I have...)

In the next week or so, we'll begin accepting channel registrations. It should only take me a little under an hour to hack "bot" (3DNet's serverbot) to allow registered users to use him for their particular channel.

One thing that cannot be registered are major game channels (at this time anyway). Channels like #hexen2, #quake, #sin etc... should be left opless. We've found that opless channels really cut out alot of bullshit and that channel participants can just relax and chat.

There are usually oppers online at any given time of the day (check #quake, #qspy, or #underworld) should anyone do something truly lame.

3DNet is a bot friendly network and registration of a channel will require you to run your own bot. Registration simply means, that up to three people per channel will have access to "bot" should they need to get ops.

Again, if you are interested in linking with the network, and are in the computer games industry, drop us a line;

IRC : irc.3dnet.net #underworld
Mail: 3DNet@underworld.idsoftware.com


Ok, now that my sister, Spazz, has left here to go back to Toronto, maybe Brian can get some work done...

/me runs

In all seriousness, things have sort of been unproductive over the last few days with QuakeCon, my sister visiting from Toronto, and magazine people coming in to do articles on Quake II.

QuakeCon was, uhh, big. I didn't hang out much due to work and prior engagements, but I did hang out with Avatar, H2H, Polish, Indub, and a few more people from EFNet #quake (that I didn't recognize) in a hotel room Saturday night, sucked back a Corona, and watched Avatar smack the shit out of people in DOOM II.

Oh well, life is now back to normal, and back into "crunch mode" I go trying to get my part for Quake II done.

PS: As you've probably heard by now, Brandon "KillMe" James has officially been hired on as a designer. He really kicks ass and I'm sure you'll like his work.

However, American McGee seems to dispel the notion that not much Quake 2 work has gone on lately in his plan update:

My 3rd level *this month* is coming along nicely. Right now I am working on a factory level that contains tons of complex machinery, not to mention some pretty cool architecture. This map has close to 2500 brushes in it already... and I've only been working on it for about 4 days. I guess these long arms help create maps quickly!

That's about all for now in the finger world of relevance. Slipgate

The Fray
8:31 PM EDT
I'm mentioning this for Prophet and thanks to Prophet... time to register for the Fray! Slipgate

Bad rumor
8:18 PM EDT
Thought I'd clear up a wierd rumor I found out about. Apparently there is a rumor going around that a hexen 2 beta is hidden somewhere on quake2.com. This is *not* true. There isn't even a hexen 2 screenshot sitting anywhere on this domain. Slipgate

Two 50,000's?
8:15 PM EDT
Well.... I don't get what's wrong with my counter, but two people have hit 50,000 for me. Huh? Jon Ruff's screenshot is 1.4 mb :), and the other one is Dan Chao's picture. Slipgate

The Quake 2 Realm
8:12 PM EDT
Minister and Jest, who both had Quake 2 pages before, have joined together to make The Quake 2 Realm. Slipgate

Game Hut's Quake 2 site
8:11 PM EDT
Yup, another new Quake 2 page :). Check it out already. Slipgate

Q2Test guesser contest
8:09 PM EDT
Cain's Quake 2 Palace has a contest going where you guess the release date of Quake 2's 3 level test release. Slipgate

DirectX5 stuff
8:05 PM EDT
This is a Next Generation story about Carmack, Direct3D, OpenGL, and that whole controversial GLQuake running on D3D thing recently mentioned. Thanks Prophet. Slipgate

Site move
8:03 PM EDT
Steve Silvas moved his Quake 2 and Duke Nukem Forever page to http://www.warzone.com/steve..... however the move isn't noticed yet since warzone is down for now. Slipgate

Quake 2 Infosite
7:58 PM EDT
The Quake 2 Infosite is now up on fragzone.se..... check it out. Thanks Seth Severinsson. Slipgate

#quake2 page
7:56 PM EDT
I updated the #quake2 homepage a bit..... I think it needs a redesign, so I've been working on one... should be ready soon. Slipgate

QuakeCon pics and report
6:09 PM EDT
I want to apologize, I've been so busy that's why I haven't reported some things yet..... I'm getting to them now after making this update. Anyways, I finally finished writing my QuakeCon report (yes it was actually unfinished before) and I put up my QuakeCon pics. Devour em! :) Main new attraction is that Paul Steed said what the Quake 2 weapons finished so far are:
  • blaster
  • machine gun
  • assault shotgun
  • double-barreled shotgun
  • hyper blaster
  • disintigrator
  • rail gun
  • chain gun
  • bfg (Paul calls it the PS3000... guess what PS stands for :) )
  • grenade launcher
  • rocket launcher
  • hand grenade
  • flare gun

    Sound cool? Slipgate

    July 23, 1997
    The Inferno
    3:56 PM EDT
    I was asked to mention The Inferno, which has Quake 2 news occassionally. Slipgate

    Pat's Quake 2 page
    3:46 PM EDT
    Pat sent me word of his page which includes a Quake 2 page: http://www.bouldercolo.com/Personal_Pages/Pat_A/quake.htm.

    Thanks for the tip Pat :). Slipgate

    OGR has a story about Sandy
    3:40 PM EDT
    OGR has a story about Sandy Petersen officially leaving id :). Thanks Prophet. Slipgate

    Cain's Quake 2 Palace
    3:33 PM EDT
    Check out Cain's Quake 2 palace, a new Quake 2 page :). Slipgate

    Barrett Alexander
    1:58 AM EDT
    I nearly missed this Barrett Alexander plan update about QuakeCon and stuff:

    QuakeCon has had one major turn-out, with roughly 300 people there so far.

    Supposedly there will be approximately 200 more coming by Saturday!

    Wanted to take a second to thank John Weech of Micron Electronics. Micron threw in 10 rocket ship, loaner machines which the QuakeCon guys are using for servers. On top of that, one EXTREMELY lucky (well, skillful) sole will be taking home a Micron Millennia XRU Fusion 3D system. This thing rocks! It's a P2-266, 32MB Ram, 4Gb HD, Zip Drive, DVD Drive, MONSTER 3D OpenGL card, 19" Monitor (?? yup, it said 19", haven't seen too many of those), and more more more! It's valued at about $4200, pretty kick ass prize.

    Also, Activision has to be the best distributor in the world. They've helped sponser this thing too, but aside from that, the efforts of Henk Hartong, and the rest of the gang can't be measured, these people are simply awesome!

    Alright..... I'm up to date (for the second). Slipgate

    Quake 2 Music
    1:22 AM EDT
    Another victim of my backlog was a letter from Obsidian where he let me know that the people from Cyber Age Studios will be doing the Quake 2 music, but under a different company/name: Sonic Mayhem. He says to expect news about it on the site soon. Thanks to Obsidian. Slipgate

    UK Quake 2 page
    1:16 AM EDT
    Due to my mail backlog, it's taken me time to get to this, but, check this out if you are in the UK..... it's a UK Quake 2 page :). It'll have a Quake 2 launch party when the time comes out. The name of the site is "Force 10". Thanks to Paul for letting me know. Slipgate

    Direct3D and id
    1:07 AM EDT
    Thought I'd post this to clear up id's position on Direct3D for a while (a couple of other notable pages have). Here is something Microsoft sent out:

    In a stunning demonstration Microsoft showed GLQuake running faster using Direct3D than OpenGL. A Microsoft summer intern, with no prior experience in Direct3D, had written a wrapper in three weeks which intercepts the calls from Quake for OpenGL andconverted them to Direct3D calls. It was claimed that GLQuake ran 1 f/s slower withDirectX 5.0 version of Direct3D than the original GLQuake on a 3Dfx card. However, using the nvidia RIVA 128 chip it runs 1 f/s faster. It was stated that GLQuake uses 50 of the 360 calls in OpenGL. To a hushed crowd the intern was introduced, stood up and received an applause. Microsoft claims that developers have the opportunity to run their titles " on lots of installed base [compared to the narrow sales of titles targeted to specific API's]." Microsoft also stated that developers can now create titles that will run "on a par or faster than OpenGL."

    Carmack's no nonsense reply was as follows:

    They wrote an OpenGL emulation layer that translated the calls to D3D. It was a perfectly reasonable bit of technology, but microsoft put an ugly spin on the presentation.

    The "Runs faster on D3D" headline is real bullshit. In the body of the text, it admits that it ran slightly slower on identical hardware, but slightly faster on different hardware (the unreleased nvidia RIVA chipset is indeed faster than 3dfx in many cases). That was misleading journalism.

    In any case, the D3D / OpenGL argument hasn't been about speed, but about usability, robustness, and portability. Unquestionably D3D has gotten a lot better with DX5 and DrawPrimitive, but it still isn't the best solution.

    Nvidia is going to have OpenGL support, so D3D still doesn't offer us any other viable platforms. All the fast cards will have OpenGL support, and the other cards couldn't run Quake anyway. They could have run their D3D emulator on an S3 Virge for a crowd-pleasing 5 fps demo. The apples to oranges headlines could have then read "OpenGL five times as fast as D3D!".

    Carmack's a guy who knows what he's talking about (I know even better since I talked to him in person at QuakeCon). Slipgate

    Illuminati Quake 2 TC
    1:03 AM EDT
    Check out Illuminati, a Quake 2 TC that needs some talent so it'll be ready in time...... if you don't know what Illuminati is (like me)that page can tell you. Thanks to SkaBoOm for telling me about it. Slipgate

    July 22, 1997
    Baron's away
    9:25 PM EDT
    Due to Baron's vacation, Meccaworld Quake 2 will not get updated again for a while. Slipgate

    Paul Steed plan update
    9:15 PM EDT
    Paul Steed updated his plan with an apology regarding QuakeCon:

    Greetings! Let me begin by apologizing for the lack of any INTRO action at QuakeCon. We couldn't get the code implemented in time to run the intro with Q2 itself, so it didn't make it to the show. We could have just shown it with an animation player, but since we didn't have a soundtrack, I felt the impact of the animation would have been much less. So the blame is mine. I promise you that when you do see it for the first time that you will dig it. It might not be the coolest flic you'll have seen but it will be the coolest flic from id you've EVER seen!

    The show was very impressive. I enjoyed talking to all of you who made it to my seminar and endured my rambling. Of course it would have been more of a real seminar had I a computer to demonstrate with. All in all I got a few laughs, imparted a little knowledge and more importantly got to interact with the coolest fans on the planet. I'll say again what I said there: ask me any time for advice and tips. It may take a while to respond, but respond I will. As I've mentioned in previous posts, "attitude dictates altitude" which basically means go for what makes you happy. Life's too fucking short to be unhappy.

    One last thing I'd like to cover is the player character models. Over the weekend I built the male and female models and Adrian and Kevin gave them the thumb's up. They're not textured yet so I can't post any pics of them that would do them justice, but let me say that I'm pleased with how they turned out. The male character is very super-heroic looking. He is bare-headed and bald with body armor and bare arms. Adrian did the design and I followed it pretty closely. The female character turned out cool and I gave her a chest-plated armor body with a nice curvaceous butt and pony tail. She's got shoulder pads and flared, nearly Jap-anime boots. She weighs in at around 540 faces and he weighs in at nearly 580.

    For all you Crackwhore fans out there, please don't be disappointed with the toned-down, Vasquez-inspired model. I had to make sure the space-marine/babe, first-time ever FEMALE character in an id game was sexy yet tough. I did, however, confirm with Carmack today that after I match up the CW's animation set with that of the original Quake player character, she will be implemented with Quakeworld and available for your consumption and (I'm sure) interesting original skin replacement.

    That's it for now so please forgive my rather droll chatter today. I laid my bike down pretty hard last Tuesday and drugs and pain keep my brain somewhat fuzzy as I heal. Play hard and work hard, people.

    Thanks go to Rotwang. Slipgate

    Todd Hollenshead interviewed
    9:12 PM EDT
    Todd Hollenshead was interviewed.... it's a bit old, but here it is..... I met this guy (at QuakeCon) and he is very nice in person. Slipgate

    Killme hired
    9:08 PM EDT
    Thanks to Blue for this...... Tim Willits has said id has hired a new designer (KillMe)..... here's Tim's official word:

    I would like to announce that Brandon James (KillMe) was just hired on here at id to become a permanent member of our level design team. Brandon is the author of the exciting Manson Deathmatch series on the net. id Software was very lucky finding someone so talented.

    Congrats to him! In a related story, here is an interview with him. Slipgate

    Verite Quake 2 support
    9:03 PM EDT
    Barret Alexander had this to say about getting Verite support in Quake 2 (thanks Blue):

    I was reading your Verite support news, and had a bit to add. First, I spoke to the guys at Rendition just last week, and apparently they have hired a new programmer from Compaq (yes,that one sort of confuses me too, actually I think this guy is more of a programmer manger or something). Anyway, he was supposed to arrive at Rendition this last Friday, and I am to contact him about proceeding with getting V support taken care by them.

    According to their Vice President of Business Development, they do NOT want to miss theopportunity to have native Verite support in Hexen II and Quake II. Now, this DOES NOT MEAN FOR CERTAIN THEY WILL GET IT DONE, but I do have the confirmation from them that they want to attempt to get both games done. It is my opinion that they will probably get the Quake II support done, but not Hexen II simply because of time constraints.

    That clears that stance up a little. Slipgate

    Quake 2 previews
    8:58 PM EDT
    Prophet sent me word about these two Quake 2 previews.....he's not sure how old they are though.

    Futurenet preview
    Gaming Enthusiast preview

    Thanks again to Prophet for those. Slipgate

    New Quake 2 page
    8:57 PM EDT
    Go to The Quake 2 Mortuary, a new Quake 2 site. Slipgate

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