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Friday, November 7, 1997
John Cash Work Log
John Cash has begun posting his work log in his .plan file, so here it is:
Work Log
*fixed trains that were started off and toggleable. They could be started but had to be used twice to stop them. After that they worked fine.
*fixed FS_NextPath, it was not properly enumerating the search paths
*replaced remaining sprite epxlosions with poly explosions
*fixed fish jumping out of the water and suffocating
*fixed monsters getting their bounding box screwed up when taking damage while ducked
*fixed monsters and clients taking the wrong code path for pain in some cases
*fixed name of airstrike marker
*gave swimming monsters vertical deceleration so if they get shot out of the water and fall back in they don't sink like rocks
*fixed "give []" so it actually works
*stopped walking monsters from entering water
*fixed weapon respawn time for DM from 20 secs to 30 secs
*stopped looping weapon sounds when player dies
*stopped flying monsters from entering water
*stopped simming monsters from leaving water
*fixed range of flyers melee attack
*made flipper's melee attack do damage

*combined all fx clearing into a single function
*clear FL_MONSTER when converting monster entities to gibbed heads
*replaced hard coded assumptions about frametime
*reworked flies from POC to final form
*bfg projectile was passing through monsters
*reworked "give" cheat since it had been broken earlier
give health sets health to current max
give weapons gives one of every weapon (except blaster & grenades)
give ammo sets all ammos to current max
give armor sets armor to 200 body armor
give all all of the above plus one of each of the pwerups, keys, etc
give [] gives you the named item
if it's ammo you get either a standard load or the amount specified
for all other items you get one
*fixed a bug that caused door/plat/button/train movements to be miscalculated in some cases
*fixed error in round to 1/8ths code
Quake 2 DM Impressions
On the news page of Worldcraft.com are some impressions of Quake 2 DeathMatch action. The BFG is "big, green, and nasty."


Thursday, November 6, 1997
Cash Survey
This email from Chris Harper:
We have set up a voting booth with John Cash's question: Question: Did you find the ID software daily work logs in .plan files useful/interesting/amusing/etc? And would you like to see them again?

The address is: http://powercore.simplenet.com/quake2/vote.hts
Happy Birthday Mr. Steed!
This is from Paul Steed's latest .plan update:
Happy birthday to me. Today marks the 33 anniversary of my birth and boy let me tell you. It will be hard to forget this one. Seems the boys here at the office decided to hook me up with a little birthday cheer. Thanks guys. I think by now you know how much I appreciated it and look forward to reciprocating. Har, har, har :b

I pushed through the night a while back and finished the environment maps for the game. Basically for you TC'ers out there the EMs work like this. I created a landscape for the flyby which comprises the last part of the intro. Using the same geometry seen in the intro I take a six-view snapshot of the environment at key points on the landscape dictated by Tim. Occasionally I had to tweak the position of the 'camera' in order to achieve a more dramatic pic. Using the RENDER/SETUP/CREATE .CUB command in 3DS4 I render out an up, down, left, right, front and back view of the world at the eight key points Tim and I determined.

These six images are 32-bit .tgas which John converts into 8-bit .pcxs so they're viewable in software (yet another reason to by that accelerator card!). Oh and speaking of GL Q2, Hook showed me the game under GL at 640 x 480 with the 'nearest' pixel turned off. This gets rid of the texture muddiness by canceling the bitmap interpolation. A fan turned me onto this command awhile back and to me as an artist it is the best I've seen the game look to date. Big pixels don't bother me at all, though.

The six images created using the 'make reflection map' function work because using a 90 degree field of view they seamlessly tile together to create the illusion of a complete environment. Taking scanned images and trying to fit them together by hand seems like an impossibility to me due to the fov warping you'd have to do. I look at any of the images I generate in 3DS4 for the EMs and I shake my head at their weird distortions. The only way a scan would work is if you pasted a series of pics together to create this cyclorama (or longstrip of images that fit together in a tube and tile at the ends), build a dome for the sky above and then create the reflection maps using the 3d package you use. When I did the environment maps I created a sky texture in this cyclorama method and mapped the resultant rectangle of texture to a hemisphere which I had sliced the top off and reversed the normals. I sat this dome over the landscape and rendered. Then I just had to go into photoshop and fill in the hole which would appear in the 'up' image.

Some basic rules of thumb for the environment maps:
- use the reflection mapping function to create them
- avoid horizontal lines in your sky whenever possible because in most cases the map texture is originally mapped to a dome and the curve will be noticeable
- keep your camera or .cub object barely off the ground and make the ground as flat as possible without too much details because with the fov, high detailed uneven terrain will make it appear you're a mile off the ground (nonclip and check out the ground EM in the Q2test)
- again because of the fov you have to bunch things WAY up to give the feeling of being in a crowded cityscape or forest or something.
- make them interesting and cool :]

Sorry to have rambled so long but I really think you'll dig the environment maps. John's genius shines once again. Hail Carmack! Hail Carmack! Hail Carmack!

Acting Director of City of Mesquite Sewage and Waste Disposal Facility
OpenQuake Help
This email from _Quinn:
Thanks for posting our press release on your news page. The response has been tremendous, but will still need a verification project leader and more coders.

Daily Work Log?
John Cash updated his .plan with the following:
Poll Suggestion
Would people like to start seeing daily work logs in .plan files again?

Way back when Carmack started publishing his daily work log in his .plan file. Seemed liked a cool idea so I did also. During most of QuakeII's development we had a self-imposed news blackout, so we stopped putting that info out.

The logs are raw and uncut. They're just a way we track what we do (and still need to do) on the project. If people really do find them useful/ interesting/amusing/whatever I could start publishing mine again (dunno about Carmack). I had always thought that it was a rather small group that enjoyed those updates; maybe I was wrong. I'd wouldn't mind seeing one of the polls check this subject out. If they do and people want it, I'll start it up again.

Please, please, please don't send me a ton o' email about this!!!
I, for one, think this would be a stupendous idea. It would give the regular Joe an inside look at what game makers actually do. Saw that over at Blue's News.

Quake 2 Giveaway
Saw over on Quake Place that Adrenaline Vault his having a Quake 2 Giveaway.

.plan Day
Paul Steed updated, proclaiming that he will once again use his .plan file, but will police what he says. Bear Alexander updated about free speech. And finally Brian Hook updated with this:
First, Quake stuff: I downloaded HiProf, and it's been REAL hard to get up and running. I can't get a dump to save my life. Trey Harrison, who is apparently spending more time working on Quake2 than I am :-), sent me a quick guide to VTune, so now VTune works, but it's still pretty damn oblique once it gets you the data. I'm done messing with profilers for now (at least until I can get HiProf working), and getting back to...menu code.

He went on to talk about his adventures with home theater setup. Finger him above if you want to read it. Yesterday he updated about this article on Gamecenter. Thanks Redwood and Slipgate for that.


Wednesday, November 5, 1997
Collection Plate
Nigel is a man on a mission -- a mission to buy a Microsoft Intellipoint Mouse, but he needs your help. That's right, email him at Nigel@quake2.com if you'd like to help the poor soul out. ;)

Voodoo 2 Motion Sickness
GameSpot posted their own article about the Voodoo 2 chipset here. It touts GLQuake performace of 96.2 FPS in 640x480 and 78.6 FPS in 800x600. Of course, this is all done on a Pentium II 266, but you get the general idea. Thanks to Christopher DiNardo for sending that in.

Unofficial Quake 2 FAQ v0.4 Released
Version v0.4 of the Unofficial Quake 2 FAQ has been released. The FAQ is currently being maintained by both Satanic and tin.

Contest Winners Posted
The list of winners Activision's Quake 2 - 3Dfx contest has been posted. Thanks to WU-GFKiller for sending that in.

Quake 2 Nutshell Redesign
tin's Quake 2 Nutshell has had a major redesign, and looks spiffier than ever. Go ahead and check out one of my favorite Quake 2 pages. You won't be sorry.


Tuesday, November 4, 1997
Hook .plan Update
Brian Hook updated his .plan with the following info:

November 4, 1997 (part 2)

Someone asked if you would be able to create your own models and upload them, and the answer (for now) is "this is what we'd like to do". There are caveats out the ying-yang, e.g. you must match frames with the existing models exactly, but I still think it's the right direction.

So that's going to be way cool.

I'm spending today messing around with optimization stuff (MSVC Profile and Vtune), and it's no fun.

Programming Hint: do NOT use fabs()! It is the most inefficient piece of code that I have ever seen in my life. Use your own fabs that does the logical equivalent of:

if ( f < 0 ) return -f;
else return f;

Unfortunately, MSVC doesn't aggressively optimize the above, and ends up doing a (I kid you not) fld/fcmp/fnstsw/test/jne/fchs/fld sequence from hell, when all you need to do is this mask off the sign bit in the floating point value, which is theoretically a single AND instruction. To do this in C you can do the following:

float My_Fabs( float value )
( * ( int * ) &value ) &= 0x7FFFFFFF;
return value;

I'm going to use __declspec( naked ) and inline asm with MSVC so that it doesn't even push and pop registers.

I suppose a macro could be faster, but I haven't bothered giving it a shot -- I think the overall increase in speed for going to a macro may not be that much compared to increase from ditching all that FP code.
Avault Q2 Preview
The Adrenaline Vault posted another Quake 2 preview. Thanks Hanif.

John Carmack Interview
Thanks to Slipgate for sending this in: There is an interview with John Carmack over at Electric Playground. The interview covers his beginnings as a programmer all the way up through Quake 2 and beyond. Remember, it all started with an Apple II in sixth grade...

No More Steed .plan Updates
Over at Redwood's is the news that Paul Steed will no longer be using his .plan file. Here's the quote:

After much consideration and rumination I've decided to discontinue using my plan file and have deleted it. This is simply because I feel it would be in the best interest of id Software if I did so. I regret nothing I've said in the past to anyone or any corporate entity except for the things that have turned people off not only on me but on id as well. I've come to the conclusion that losing even one fan because of something I've said is unacceptable. To me.

It should be apparent by now that I really dig my job and id as a company and the Avalon/Valhalla/Mt. Olympus that it is. Restraint and temerity aren't really in my nature so rather than risk any further dishonor or bad press to this company due to yet another outburst from me, I want to go ahead and call it quits with the plannage. Some of you will probably applaud this action and some of you will probably bitch me out for being weak. I'm not doing this because I'm a baby or for the attention. It just seems the appropriate thing to do (especially in the wake of an entire company having to make a formal statement in regards to a problem they perceive with yours truly.)

Regardless what you think of me and my personality, my work on Quake2 and the rest of the games I work on while here at id will speak volumes. I'm firmly part of this company now. Go ahead and feel free to write me if you'd like. We can shoot the shit or bust on some lame-ass or just discuss the meaning of life. But please respect my decision.

I guess I'm not ready for the internet just yet and it probably isn't quite ready for me either.

Take care and to all you makes and models of humans from age 1 thru 17 please allow me to indulge those socially superior individuals who feel I'm a role model in some way. Please read. Working out and eating better would be nice too, but I want you to read. Everything and anything you can get a hold of: books, magazines, comics, backs of food boxes, doesn't matter. And one day when all that fiction and nutritional facts gets boring and predictable, read non-fiction. Animals, and oceans and outer space are pretty damn cool as is. And lastly if you ever feel that no one cares about you and life is in the toilet, drop me a line. Because as corny as it sounds I really do care about children a great deal. Learn and persevere. Knowledge is the only weapon that will ensure your happiness and success.

To quote a song from Aerosmith: Life is a journey, not a destination.

Go for it and have a kickass trip. I'll be somewhere up ahead waiting for you.


paul steed
Thanks Slipgate for the heads-up.

Brian Hook .plan Update
Thanks to Matt Rogers for informing me about Brian Hook's .plan update:

November 4, 1997 (early AM)

I got Net Player Config menus working tonight (sort of). When configuring your network persona you get a spinning model on the screen (that you specify -- we'll have the male and female models shipping, but newer ones will probably be made available either by third parties or maybe by id as time goes on), and the model will be skinned with whatever skin you specify. You also configure your name, team name, and handedness in that menu.

Oh, I re-integrated some old Abrash code for the Alias models the other day, and that improved Alias model performance by around 10% on small triangles, and it probably improved it a LOT more with large triangles.

Heh heh, I thought this was pretty funny (an e-mail sent to me by someone who shall remain anonymous):

>I don't know how to start this. Right now I'm campaigning to at >the very least to get your .plan file moderated if not removed. >Yes I believe in free speech, and yes I believe in the oppurtunity >to voice your opinion. But .plan files are simply not the place for it. >....be proud of. I just got done sending out emails to the guys at >3drealms/ION storm/Ritual petitioning for their support. But before >I send the petition to your superiors, I thought it should be only fair >to inform you. As well as give you an oppurtunity to reverse your >current decisions to let the public know about how much of a moron >Mike Wardell is.
The demo was just a taste, my friends. Buckle up.

Quake Name Maker
This email from Tony Browneller:

Not to be confused with the other fine website, Online Quake Name Maker, Quake Name Maker version 0.90 has just been released.

Feature List of Version 0.90

Mouse and Keyboard support.
Works like an editor. Del-Ins-BackSpace......
You can format the names by: Position, Color, Case, Reverse letters, name order.
Displays entire Quake character set on one screen.
Optionally export everything as bitmaps.
File association. Start QNM by clicking the file.
Choose from over 100 Quake mods.
Choose from 25 different character sets. ( Quake 2 )
Go to their website with a single click.
Animator can automatically animate over 2 million ways.
Namer can save to CFG files.
Very easy to use.

Monday, November 3, 1997
PMS Quake 2 Preview
Aurora of Clan PMS paid a visit to id Software and got to check out Quake 2 in action. She raved about how the female marine is a real heroine, not just some bimbo in a metal bikini. Go read it. Saw that over at the Daily Planet.

New C Tutorial
JohnC and Hendo have released their seventh C lesson over at their fine site, Quake 2 DLLs. They also have a competition of sorts. Check it out.

Quake 2 Icon
Thanks to Millennium for sending in a Quake 2 icon. Right click on this link and save as.

Voodoo 2 Press Releases
Found at Redwood's the official 3Dfx Interactive Voodoo 2 press release. Also there is Diamond's press release promising a new Monster 3D board based on the Voodoo 2 chipset.

Quake 2 at 110 FPS
OGR NewsNet's cover story announces 3Dfx Interactive's official word about Voodoo 2, their followup to the popular Voodoo chipset (in such 3D accelerators as the Pure 3D and Monster 3D). 3Dfx Interactive boasts that the Voodoo 2 chipset can deliver 3 million triangles per second and 90 million dual-textured, bilinear-filtered, per-pixel MIP-mapped, alpha-blended, Z-buffered pixels per second. This amounts to a 3X speed increase compared to the vanilla Voodoo chipset.

3Dfx also brags that Voodoo 2 can run Quake 2 upwards of 110 frames per second. I can't imagine the motion sickness and headaches. ;) Check out the cover story for full details. Thanks to Christopher Gerg for sending in that little golden nugget.


Quake2 Modeling Studio
All of us at Quake2.com would like to welcome aboard the newest member of our "site family". The Quake2 Modeling Studio has moved in to provide you with all your modeling needs. Check it out!.


Brian Hook .plan Update
Brian Hook updated his .plan with some fairly interesting information. I skipped the portion about the CyberAthletes. If you want to read about that, check out his finger above. On with the show:
November 2, 1997 (part 2)

PMS, Skins, Weapon Balance, and Player Models:

Had some visitors from Clan PMS tonight come by and visit. We had them look at the female player models and skins, and to quote PMS-Aurora: "They rock!". PSteed/Adrian/Kevin are an amazing team of artists. We got to watch the

Redwood, PMS-Aurora, and a couple other folks got to play some deathmatch with Quake2 (we're tweaking deathmatch play), and overall I think they're reaction is positive. There is definitely going to be an adjustment to Quake2 deathmatch play, since many of play balance issues that plagued Quake are now gone. Rockets are slower, but they have a higher rate of fire a la DOOM. Most people think that this is a very positive step. We're still tweaking many of the weapons (right now the BFG is so powerful that most deathmatch games degenerate into "race for the BFG"), and I think that the overall weapon balance is going to be MUCH better than in Quake. There are many axes with which you can tweak playability, including:

- direct damage
- splash damage
- damage spread
- rate of fire
- ammo use
- spin-up/spin-down time
- noise
- range
- rate of travel


Watched the cinematic AGAIN...christ, I can NOT get enough of that intro movie. I STILL get wood watching that thing!

Weapon Handedness:

There is now the option to have a right-handed weapon, a left-handed weapon, or a "center-handed" weapon. There is no model or animation for the center-handed mode, but that mode will probably be for deathmatch anyway.

I'm unmasking "invalid operation" and "divide by zero" exceptions now in an effort to hunt some of those DEC Alpha bugs down. I promise you DEC Alpha using folks -- we're gonna hook you up!
A centered weapons option is a good think, for people that either just don't like the angled weapons or have a hard time aiming with the weapons to the side (but you could always turn on the crosshair). Even though the centered weapons have no animations, I hope this settles the weapon orientation debate once and for all.

As for weapon balance, it sounds like it's going to be killer. No more race for the rocket launcher.

.plan War Ends
I've refrained from posting news about the .plan war between id Software and QuestGate, but we seem to have come to a resolution. The following comes from Christian Antkow's recent .plan update:
--- Nov.2.97 ---

After exchanging e-mails with a few QuestGate employees today, a compromise was reached with this ugly censorship issue.

When QuestFinger v4.0 is done (which allows you the user to choose whether or not you wish to view profanity in .plan files) the filter will be removed which prevents dns1.questgate.net from fingering satan.idsoftware.com.

I find it humourous that they have taken a posture of "Don't send us mail on this issue. It will be ignored" and "Cya id" to one of openly attacking practically everyone here including John Carmack, making false accusations and assumptions, engaging in childish "turnabout is fair play" tactics, and out-and-out telling us how we should act as human beings.

Contrary to whatever slanderous material exists on QuestGate's page about id Software, I did not ever do an outright ban on all of QuestGate connecting to id. That is just wrong. It's amazing what bullshit people manufacture when they try to slag someone, and ultimately I think it makes QuestGate look a lot worse than they try to paint us to be.

This is the last anyone hears of QuestGate from me. I wash my hands of it.

/me goes back to work


Sunday, November 2, 1997
Site Mention
There sure seem to be a lot of these lately. Check out Game Hut's Quake 2 Page.

Sonic Mayhem Sample
Sonic Mayhem posted a sample of their music which may make it onto their first album (not the Quake 2 soundtrack). Download it and have yourself a listen. MP3 player required. Thanks Prophet.

Blaze sent this email, asking John Carmack what the best 3D accelerator is for AGP (Advanced Graphics Port). Blaze is in grey, and John is in green:
>I figured you would know the answer to my question so I am asking you. I am
>buying a Pentium 300 with the Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP), and I would
>also have to buy a new 3D card that supports AGP, and I was wondering what
>would be the best card to buy. If you could be so kind, please answer this.

The RIVA-128 is very good right now. If you can wait a few months, the
intel auburn part will have a more comprehensive 3D feature set.

The rage pro and Permedia II do not have nearly as good performance.

John Carmack
Verite Q2Test
I believe I posted this yesterday, but it will be good to repeat it: The Verite drivers for Q2Test are now available here. The following is taken from the readme included with the ZIP:

This is the beta 1 release of ref_v1k.dll (Verite V1000 renderer) for Id Software's Q2TEST. It requires a Rendition Verite-based graphics card (such as the Diamond Stealth II, Canopus Total 3D, Sierra Screamin' 3D, Intergraph Intense 3D 100, or Creative Labs 3D Blaster PCI).

To install the renderer, just copy the ref_v1k.dll into the directory where you installed Q2Test. Then at the Q2 console, type

vid_ref v1k

Thanks to the ever informative Prophet.

Quake 2 Demo Download Numbers
KingPing sent in this interesting little tidbit from Download.com. Quite remarkable, as KingPing had to say:

1. This week's in-crowd: our most popular downloads
1. Quake II 279,569 downloads
2. WinZip (32-bit) 87,218 downloads
3. Microsoft Internet Explorer (32-bit) 50,850 downloads
4. LView Pro 46,960 downloads
5. Netscape Communicator (32-bit complete install) 34,202 downloads
6. Applet Button Factory 26,194 downloads
7. Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II 25,395 downloads
8. McAfee VirusScan (Windows 95) 24,882 downloads
9. Applet Widget Kit 23,459 downloads
10. DirectX Drivers 22,005 downloads
Quake 2 Press
Prophet reports that the Quake 2 Press has posted their new poll and mailbag of the week. Surf on over and check them out.

All American Hero
This is an official posting from The FRAG and Adrenaline Vault. American McGee has joined the Cyberathlete Board of Directors:
Saturday, November 1, 1997 - 18:19 CST
American McGee Joins Cyberathlete Board
The Cyberathlete Organization, the first professional computer gamers organization in the world, announced today that American McGee from id Software, Inc. has joined the Cyberathlete Board of Directors. Most gamers know McGee from his work on Quake and the upcoming Quake 2, which is one the most anticipated 3D computer games of all time.
Thanks Prophet.

Unreal.COM Goes Live (not Quake2TM)
Thanks Morn for word that Epic MegaGames' official Unreal site, Unreal.COM, has gone live. Even if you aren't an Unreal fan, check this site out. It rocks.

Site Mentions
I've received several requests for site mentions. Check them out:
Quake Kill
Paubo's Quake II Page

Mailbag Day
Just uploaded this week's mailbag, right in the nick of time. Go over and check it out, and as always, feel free to send us feedback.

Brian Hook .plan Update
Brian Hook updated his .plan file with an addendum to Disruptor's recent .plan posting:
November 1, 1997 (part 2)

Clarification on gl_monolightmap. This variable will work correctly on 3Dfx chipsets AFTER their latest 3DFXGL.DLL is made available. It does not work with the version of the driver that ships with Q2TEST -- we just assumed that most people would want colored lighting, so we didn't push to have RGBA texture maps supported with glTexSubImage. That has since been fixed, but won't be available until that new DLL is shipped.

GL_MONOLIGHTMAP is intended to be used with Permedia2 and PowerVR. With Permedia2 it will default to "gl_monolightmap a", and with PowerVR it currently defaults to "gl_monolightmap a" but in the shipping version of Quake2 it will default to "gl_monolightmap i".

For you techies, the 'a' means "use the alpha component of an RGBA texture for the lightmap monochrome intensity", and the 'i' means "use an intensity texture map using the R component for the lightmap monochrome intensity". The whole "gl_monolightmap" needed to be implemented because neither Permedia2 nor PowerVR PCX2 implement src*dst blending.
Thanks Slipgate.


Saturday, November 1, 1997
Distuptor .plan Update
Disruptor updated his .plan with the following Quake 2 info:
--- Nov.1.97 ---

DaK asked me if there was a way to turn off coloured lighting in Quake II. Brian Hook provided me the following information.

gl_lightmonolightmap af
Thanks Slipgate. (Email address withheld by request.)


New Message Board
I have decided to eliminate email from our message board. Since there will be no email notification I thought might as well switch to one Matt's boards instead of the HyperNews.

Exit Slipgate
I would like take the time to wish farewell to Slipgate and good luck in whatever he endeavors. His teaming up of the Faultline with Quake2.com helped make this site what it is today and he will be sorely missed.


HyperActive thing on Quake 2
Thanks to Prophet for informing us of this article on HyperActive about the Quake 2 demo.

A farewell
I'd like to announce my "retirement", if you will, from Quake2.com. I know this is a big surprise to folks, especially considering how many people consider me the main guy here.

Real LifeTM has made me too busy to be able to continue in my former role, so I'm stepping back. Also, as awesome a game as Quake 2 is and everything, I wouldn't be able to manage doing web stuff for the game, actually playing the game, and getting Real LifeTM a fair dose at the same time.

This is not a closing of Quake2.com, and this is not meant to be huge plaster it everywhere news... I'd ideally like to keep this a low key thing but I doubt I will be able to.

It's going to be next to impossible to really explain my reasons to anyone who asks, but I'll eliminate some conclusions people might jump to right now:

  • It is not because I think Quake 2 is a bad game.
  • It is not because of the recent censorship and/or .plan controversy.
  • It is not because of unfair treatment from any individual or individuals.
  • It is not because of some major argument the staff here at Quake2.com had and I decided to book. As a matter of fact, the staff are aware of this update being written and are being supportive.

    Literally, without invading my own privacy I can just say its about Real Life.

    Duties? Dyno is taking over as primary news editor (now with GAGames re-opening he has time again) and Satanic is taking over the FAQ... I have transferred copyright to him.

    Now that I have said that, I'd like to have some parting words for various people (this is all opinion, not news):

    About .plan censorship
    First off, I don't approve of censorship, but I do approve of having something in two flavors to keep things usable by the kiddies. Editing for television, as much as we all hate it, is important.

    QuestGate had a small audience of its own (much like the Fault Line in its first days when I began it) and it wasn't a widely viewed site. Like happened with Fault Line/Quake2.com, eventually the audience started widening and they now, like us, have to appeal to a much wider audience. Such a site isn't going to be able to make every community goer happy, they need to cater to their particular audience. The QuestGate audience wanted to be able to read the progress of the .plans without waiting for some news guy to do "relevant quotes" and still not worry about the language found within. It is enormously easy to just have gone to another finger service or directly finger if you wanted to see the uncensored .plan. All QuestGate did was add an "adult on/off" switch to it. I look forward to when they come back with the "option" of profanity filtered or not filtered. Regardless of a company goer's take on censorship, banning a domain from fingering you seems a bit too impulsive and quick. I'm not trying to impose my views, values, or ideals on Disruptor. He can do whatever he wants, just like I can. These are parting words so that's just something I had to say.

    Needless attacks
    Defending yourself or striking back when attacked is natural, and is usually the right thing to do. However, and I have seen this both with friends and in .plans, sometimes you just both have to stop your attacks even if you haven't gotten back at that person for the last thing they said etc. and just go on with things. Nobody is going to make everybody happy. If you try to please everybody you are likely to please nobody.

    On the topic of Quake 2
    Regardless of what their employees act or don't act like, Quake 2 is a great game.

    People who expressed dislikes with it are completely valid to their opinions. But, people who took as a shock the differences that for months now have been reported that they were going to be implemented I have to wonder about. Like the angled weapon view... why so shell shocked when you've heard for months it will be like that? And the sci-fi story.... if you don't like sci-fi is valid, but then you should have been expecting sci-fi for a long time now. I can understand people who weren't keeping informed and didn't know what to expect, but some of the people who contacted me about this have been in contact with me and visiting this site for a while, makes me wonder if they read anything that was written when they were here.

    To the messageboard users!
    Yes, we delete posts. Why? Because they don't automatically expire and we need to clear out stuff from time to time. Sometimes we delete excessively insulting useless posts as well. Before you try invoking the Green Ribbon as the Blue Ribbon, go read up on the Green Ribbon... we are following its rules.

    However, since you seem to want free speech, they'll only remove messages when they get old, no other reasons. Now its up to you guys to keep the messageboard as something you want to go to.

    I'm sorry for putting it so harshly but I'm getting tired of dealing with certain people on the messageboard and that's the only way to make them happy.

    Thanks and acknowledgements
    I'd like to thank Rotwang, Satanic, Blitz, Dyno, and NetGuy as great staff who will be continuing to take Quake2.com to the next dimension. Dyno is taking over as primary news editor and Satanic's taking over the FAQ as I said above.

    Also some other people I have to thank:

  • Redwood - You've been very supportive man. Thanks for dealing with me when I'm in a good mood (and when I'm in a bad mood).
  • Patrick Cupka - I can't thank you enough for your willingness to be the first major news site to mention my old Geocities site. And the CGI work you've done for us since..... thanks.
  • Dave Weiden, Darren McClung, Chris Spencer, AKUMA, Hanif, Prophet, Rotwang, the #quake2 guys, and a ton of other names I probably can't remember off the top of my head.... thanks for being both informants, friends, and design critique type people... it was much appreciated ;).
  • Crash - Dude, you know and I know, but none of they know... heh. Thanks for all the stuff you've done for me. Maybe some day I can actually return the favors.
  • John Carmack for his willingness to listen to both my intelligent and my idiotic questions.
  • Blue, Ronsolo, and other news guys for advice and counsel.
  • Bunches of folks at id software... you know your names, I don't think I need to make a 13 person list...
  • Everyone else who's ever visited this site, it's appreciated.

    To other Quake 2 pages/sites
    I HAD to say this while I could... to all you other folks with Quake 2 pages or sites, it can be hard work, but let me tell you guys right now, I started on Geocities so I definitely am in the position to tell you guys a quote from a song that plays on the radio here a lot: "Dreams can come true." Don't give up and you'll be amazed what can happen to you (remember, I started on Geocities!).

    Final comment
    Thanks guys for the chance to serve you. Thanks to the staffers for the chance to work with them. Please remember folks that this is by no means a shutdown of the site, Quake2.com will be as great as its been and will in fact become greater still. Stick along for the ride. Small note: slipgate@quake2.com will no longer be checked for new mail and will soon cease to function as an account.
  • I don't know what else to say, but Good Bye...


    Friday, October 31, 1997
    id Software contest
    Awesome contest over at http://www.idsoftware.com/quake2/contest/. Dig out that old DOOM knowledge and you might get 20 bucks off Quake 2 or a Diamond Monster 3D or a baseball cap! I believe the Prophet let us in on this one...


    Paul Steed .plan Update
    Game related stuff:
    - explosion sprites are replaced by bad-assed polygonal ones that Kevin proved me wrong about (I said it couldn't be done)
    - I redid all the grunts death animations and added over 200 more frames to his death
    - Redid the infantry guy in some spots to make his anims tighter
    - Gonna do a melee attack for the gunner and the tank
    - Sped up the hand grenade anim and all the 'drawing weapon' anims and made the rocket launcher's and shotgun's reload time much faster.
    - Currently working on getting the fpc and final boss wrapped up
    Brian Hook .plan Update
    October 31, 1997

    Before I rant, I want to let folks know that the REF for V1000 is now available at:

    If you have problems, contact Stefan Podell (stefan@rendition.com).

    Also, Matrox has their PowerVR drivers up:


    Valeyard Paul Steed interview
    The Valeyard has posted a Paul Steed interview where they talk about the intro and endgame cinematics (which I'm waiting to see...).

    Brian Hook on Quake 2 progress
    Brian Hook updated his .plan with info on the progress of Quake 2 developments right now. Really big on this is the fact that people who have used VQuake instead of GLQuake (who purchased the current V1000 series of Rendition boards) will now also be able to get hardware acceleration in Quake 2. Here's a large excerpt from his .plan of what he had to say (some small notes of mine are below the .plan update):

    Just thought I'd do some quick updates about what I've been up to recently and other happenings and going-ons. I got multitexture working with in-line B-models, which was a gap that had to be addressed, and I got dynamic lights working with multitexture. I've added a "Strogg Gallery" where you can view a lot of the monsters (safely) from the menu system. We plan on letting you view your player model and selected skin in real-time when you configure your player in the Net Player Config.

    The Video Menu is a lot less confusing -- now it only shows options that make sense for the particular driver (e.g. stipple alpha is only an option under SOFTWARE, and 8-bit textures is only present under OpenGL).

    We have a Rendition REF to complement ref_soft.dll and ref_gl.dll (this one is called ref_v1k.dll). We're probably not going to support it in the menu system, since that would be too confusing (since we're also going to support the Verite through OpenGL and a minidriver), but those of you that have V1000 boards will be able to run Quake2 with hardware acceleration (with some minor caveats) without sucking the performance pipe.

    When REF_V1K.DLL is stable and cooked I'll put up a link to it so those of you with V1000 boards can download it. Oh, it works with the V2200 also, and it's damn good. Stefan Podell is doing some damn good work over at Rendition.

    I'm sure there is some other stuff I've forgotten, but basically everything is coming along smoothly.
    OK, just for those who don't know: The V1000 series of Rendition boards are the ones players of VQuake/VHexenII have. The V2200 series which is coming out soon will be able to use GLQuake/GLHexenII so it doesn't become a problem to them any more that they can't play GL. However the V2200 series will still be able to play VQuake/VHexenII. The DLL Brian's going to release will allow you essentially to play "VQuake2" if you have Quake 2, can't/don't want to play GL, and don't want to play in software mode. Anyways... basically VQuake users rejoice.

    Happy Halloween folks
    BOO! Aaaah! Well, happy Halloween folks.


    Not Quake2
    I haven't updated in quite a while, as you all may have noticed. I've been busy day in and day out preparing Gamer's Alliance for the Grand Re-opening which is actually happening today. You can stop by www.gagames.com any time today to check out the new site, or win some free games and posters in our drawing. We finally posted the mascot we have been gabbing about, the new PC Ezine is ready, and we have a new batch of killer hosted sites.


    Recruitment Day
    Received this from Brandon Reinhart of the OpenQuake Organization:
    OpenQuake Organization
    Oct 30, 1997


    The OpenQuake Organization, a group dedicated to promoting Quake 2 as the ultimate in user extensible gaming platforms, has the need for three highly motivated Quake lovers. The three positions needing to be filled are:

    - Recruiter
    Requires a person with good people skills and a love of Quake to go out and find more programmers, mod authors, modelers, and Quake warriors to join the OpenQuake Organization.

    - Publicist
    Requires a person with excellent writing and communication skills to write press releases for the Quake community regarding OpenQuake operations. The publicist will also have the job of alerting the community to the organization's presence, and getting more groups involved in OpenQuake projects.

    - Verification Project Leader
    Requires a person with good C and C++ programming skills as well as good management skills to take the lead in one of the organization's primary projects (as explained below). Motivation and Quake obsession a must.

    All positions at the OpenQuake organization are unpaid. The Organization operates on a nonprofit principle. Currently, the OpenQuake organization has the following projects underway:

    - OpenQuake Documentation Project
    Programmers at the OpenQuake organization will dissect the Quake 2 DLLs and document everything. The goal is to reduce the learning curve for programmers new to Quake 2 DLLs and create a centralized, master information site for all Quake 2 mod authors.

    - OpenQuake Verification Project
    Realizing that binary mods are going to be the norm for Quake 2, and realizing the inherent dangers in binary applications, the Verification Project has sprung to life. Programmers at the OpenQuake organization will take the mod author's finished products and put them through a battery of tests. Mods that are determined to be non-malicious will be given an OpenQuake "Seal of Approval" and will be promoted through OpenQuake affiliated web sites. The goals of the verification project are to cut down on malicious activity through binary mods, as well as to help otherwise unknown mod authors promote their products.

    - OpenQuake Experimentation Project (Currently under development) OpenQuake programmers will take the results of the documentation project and develop a series of reusable micromods that authors can use to enhance their own mods. Full source code will be available as well as walkthroughs and detailed explanations of technique.

    In addition to these current projects, the OpenQuake Organization's website http://openquake.geek.net/ will offer links to generic walkthroughs and information on everything from the structure and use of DLLs to the various programming languages.

    For more information regarding OpenQuake, please visit the website above, or send email to the Organization Director, _Quinn, at tmiller@haverford.edu. For information regarding the Documentation Project, send email to the Project Leader, Jason Moore, at jfmoor@maila.wm.edu, or the Programming Leader, Brandon Reinhart, at arkiva@eagle.cc.ukans.edu. The OpenQuake website is maintained by Steve Curry, scurry@pldi.net, and documents are edited by Paul Coyne, paul11@banshee11.demon.co.uk. For general discussion, feel free to join the QuakeCode mailing list. Just send a message with the body "subscribe quake-c *your email address*" to majordomo@geek.net. The mailing list is maintained by Robert Hayden, rhayden@orion.means.net, to whom you should direct any list related questions.
    Site Mentions
    Received a couple requests for site mentions. Here they are:
    The Quake II Matrix
    Shaken Not Stirred


    Thursday, October 30, 1997
    Go see QuakeCast!
    Geesh, 7 minutes from QuakeCast starting and I see this news... Zoid is on tonight! Go see QuakeCast now!

    Quake 2 challenge
    Info from the Quake 2 Challenge that goes best quoted:

    For all of those fraggers out there who have claimed to be the best of the best, now is the time to show their stuff. With the Quake 2 demo finally being released last week, we here at the Quake2 challenge finally decided to go public with our site. We are currently accepting screen shots for our best scores section and will start adding to our all-time fraggers section as soon as ID develops a networkable demo (or final) version for the public. The site will be dedicated to ranking players in the upcoming Quake2 online community. Screenshots and statistics will be posted for the top 10 fraggers and names with optional links to home pages will be posted for the top 100. Each level in Single player, Multi player and Clan modes will each have a top 10/100. Those interested in participating in the top 10/100 of the Demo are encouraged to post their screenshots in an Inet accessable location and send the URL to aoaks@clynx.com. These stats will initially be posted on November first when the site officially opens. All rules and regulations are currently posted on the site, located at http://www.clynx.com/qchallenge/.

    Tony Stone,
    Founder, The Quake2 Challenge
    It seems a little odd to announce this before a multiplayer-capable demo or full game is available, but whatever floats your boat :).


    Banjo Recruitment
    Saw this over at Brutality: Banjo Software is seeking level designers for their new project, HACX2 (using the Quake 2 engine). If you have what it takes, email Rich Johnston with the following information:

  • Quake and/or 3D game designing experience

  • A credit list for previous work

  • Web site URL...if it applies

  • "Links" to samples of your work (If you're not able to do this, then go ahead and send a file attachment but I would prefer links)
  • Hardware Review Contest
    Quake2-Ware is holding a contest for best hardware review. If you like swapping hardware in and out of your system and have a knack for all things English, check out the site for details.


    Redwood's full Quake 2 preview
    Redwood e-mailed me saying he's put up a full preview on his site. I am updating from a computer on campus so I haven't gone to see it myself yet. Check it out though.



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