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March 14, 1998

This has nothing to do with anything, but here's a really important picture that I feel speaks for itself.

There. In case you're wondering, this is what happens to webmasters at around 1am. (The hand and bird belong to Trixter of Warzone.com)


March 8, 1998

Okay, I just read Joost Shuur's .plan file, and to be quite honest, that pisses me off. You know, as someone who runs a news site, I think I have the right to say that his criticism is totally unfair. Some of us DON'T get paid to work on our websites; we do it in our spare time, and I'd like to know when the whole website thing turned into a competition. Who the hell says that all the news sites can't work together to provide news to the community? Joost, I understand the point you're trying to make, but I don't think your judgement is very fair. For you to make a public announcement saying "Your high time is over, take the consequences and please remove yourself from the news race." is total bullshit. Who the hell do you think you are? I'll tell you what, this whole 'news scene' means jack shit to the people who aren't involved in it. Get off your high horse and stop making a big deal out of nothing. If someone wants to make occasional updates on their website about their personal life, that's their choice. Some of us have chosen to not make our websites a career and prefer to treat them as we would a hobby. You act as though an out of date website is going to drag the whole community down. It's not, so quit trying to ruin a nice past-time for someone. And, to be brutally honest, I normally visit those "people who've been in the biz for 2 years" for my news more often than I do anywhere else. Some of us like visiting places that don't make gaming news a life or death ordeal. Anyway, feel free to mail me about this if you'd like.


February 21, 1998

Lots of people are submitting more solutions, so I think I'll just post some of them here:

From bastian (bastian@ph-cip.Uni-Koeln.DE):
Hi! Oh! One addition: I had also installed the Patch TWICE because my partition was(after the first installation 0Kb Left!)full. I don't know if the Patch Installer tests if there's enought HD Space left.
From TripleX (mrbrain@cs.tu-berlin.de):
The Problem is that some Files unpacked from the old PackFile overwrite the new Pak1.pak... so just delete all the Files normaly in PakFiles and after that install the new v3.12! More doesn't need to be done!
From Nuk (IRC, Undernet #Quake2):
(Nuk) i have another suggestion to fix the error during initialization 'bug'
(Nuk) i fixed the problem by renaming my quake2/release directory (created by MS VC++) to something else
(Nigel) Oh yeah?
(Nuk) looks like the point release was trying to load the dll from the release directory, or i dont know
(Nuk) it worked fine for me
Hope these help all you guys :)


February 20, 1998

Welp, if you're getting that "Error during Initialization" thing, here's my solution:
1.) Uninstall Quake2.
2.) Go into the Quake2 directory (should still be there) and backup any skins, CFG files, and all that stuff that you want to keep.
3.) Delete the Quake2 directory.
4.) Reinstall Quake2.
5.) Apply patches.

That's what I did, and everything works for me, now. Anyway, if THAT doesn't work, mail id.

Additional Suggestions (submitted by mail (not tested by me))
  • Get someone else's gamex86.dll and replace yours with it.
  • Delete your CFG file.
  • Install patch twice in a row.
  • Re-download.


    February 12, 1998

    Hey, guys. I'll be using this pseudo-plan type thing to show you guys some of the stuff we're working on for the redesign, so, check up on this every now and then for updates. Now, I know a lot of people hate frames on websites, but, with the way our website is setup, at LEAST two frames are necessary, and to make the new design look extra cool, we'll be using three. Before you all start moaning, let me just say that you will LOVE (hopefully) this redesign, and in the end, the amount of frames won't matter. We're moving away from the traditional news page setup to make the site a little more deep. We're going to be taking the hosted sites menu off of the main news.html and placing it in a frame on the left side of the site. The left frame will have two buttons on it: Main and Hosted. The frame will load by default to the main menu, but at the click of a button, it will load the hosted sites list in its place. We might even set it up so that you have the option of loading a hosted site WITH our menu frame still on the screen, that way, you can look through a bunch of sites until you find what you're looking for. Not sure about that, though, because I don't want to mess with the layouts of the hosted sites by forcing another frame onto the screen. Anyway, these are just ideas we're toying with right now, so don't get upset if you don't like one of our ideas :) If we get negative feedback about it, we won't use it. That's pretty much all I have now.. expect some pictures the next time I update this.