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    Wednesday, January 20, 1999 - Submit News!
    The State of the Address
    Alright, as some of you may have noticed, I made reference to a Q3Arena site a couple days back that we've been working on for a while. Some of you have pieced 2 and 2 together (or just heard me talking about it on IRC) and figured out that it will be over at We've basically got everything done except for some killer Netscape bug that's kept us from launching (we were hoping to last week). Once we get that bug squashed we'll be set to move over to the new site. "But NetGuy, what will become of" you ask? as a news site will cease to exist, and going to in your web browser will actually take you to However, we don't believe in kicking people out on to the street, so all of our currently hosted sites are welcome to remain for as long as they wish, and they will be accessable by using like always (but not Because of this, we ask that you don't bother approaching us about purchasing the domain after we move to the new site, because it still won't be for sale.

    Our target date for the new site's launch is now tomorrow or Friday, provided we find a fix for this frustrating Netscape bug (the site works perfectly in Internet Explorer). In the interim before the new opening, I'd like to thank y'all for your patience and we hope that you'll enjoy the new site as much as you have (maybe even more :).

    BMD TC Demo Released
    BMD has released the first demo of their TC "Insurrection". This is deathmatch demo, and contains all of the weapons that will be in the full game.

    New Server-Side DP Release
    Digital Paint has released a server-side only upgrade, bringing it to version 5.1 beta. This release is mainly a bugfix from the version 5 dll, including: server now informs you if you are rejected for a bad password, server admins can now use CVAR_SET on "elim" to vary the elimination length without rcon, and more.

    Player Database for Quake2
    A Player Database mod for Quake2 has been released. The mod basically allows a player to have a permenant record on the server. At the moment it stores the total kills and total time, but the list will be expanding with future versions.

    Special Fragfest Planned
    A special fragfest has been planned by some of the female Quakers to honor the memory of one of their friends who passed away recently, here's the press release:
    The female gaming community will be holding a fragfest in memory of Brandy{BWA}. All are invited; male friends and fellow female Quakers to pay respect and do what she so loved the most, frag to her hearts content. We will be gathering on January 21 1999 at 9pm EST on the Qgirlz server, - Thanks to SheLivith, Zippy, and Tusker for putting this together.
    Devil's Domain Mod Announced
    LoToH Software has announced the upcoming release of a demo of their "Devil's Domain" Quake2 TC. The mod it's self is almost completed, and they will be releaseing teaser screenshots as well soon on their site.

    New Professional Gamers League
    The Professional Gamer's Society is a new effort to bring a new professional sport for gamers into the public. The league will start with Quake2 as their primary game, and will pick up more as the season progresses. Scores will be kept and prizes will be paid weekly during the season.

    New BooM Released
    Version 0.5 of BooM, the Linux-only Quake2 mod, has been released. New features include an improved grappling hook, a static target-practise drone and chase-cam bug fixes.

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • will be officially re-opening this Saturday after a bit of an extended hiatus. They'll be sponsoring a tournament to celebrate their re-opening, complete with cash and prizes!
    • Paintball Player News is a new site devoted to the Digital Paint mod, Paintball Quake.
    Sorry to all of you who use Netscape, I had no idea that the news was broken. Seems Netscape is causing us more headaches than we need right now (see the first news item) ;) It's all fixed now, thanks to Blitz.


    Saturday, January 16, 1999 - Submit News!
    The entire staff would like to say Congratulations to one of our old staff members, LadyICE, who just recently married Jon Maclellan of Epic Megagames UK fame. The two actually met on the Gameslink IRC network -- proof positive that you never really know who you'll meet next on Gameslink ;)

    New OSP Tourney Update
    Version 1.06f of Orange Smoothie Productions' Tourney DM is now available for Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD systems. OSP Tourney DM is the 4 in 1 flexible server side mod designed to facilitate tournaments for Regular DeathMatch, Qualifier DeathMatch, Team DM Play, 1v1 DM Play. The new version contains new functionality in addition to some bug fixes.

    Winbspc 0.9 Released
    From the folks that make the Gladiator Bot comes Winbspc, a map converting tool. Winbspc now converts maps from Quake1/Quake2, Sin, and Half-Life into .AAS files that are needed to play with the Gladiator bot. It also converts .bsp files into .map files, and is .pak-file friendly.

    Operation Urban Assault Stuff
    The Operation Urban Assault team has been busy with their website, which now has several new things on it. They've posted new eye candy screenshots featuring a couple of the new weapons in the mod. They've also posted a single-player level for Half-Life called "Jailbreak" which is available now.

    QuakeStation IRC Channel
    One of our very own hosted sites, QuakeStation now has an IRC channel here on the GamesLink IRC Network. Fire up your favorite IRC client and drop by #Quakestation on (or for a random server).

    New Paintball 2 Beta
    Beta 5 of Digital Paint's popular Paintball 2 mod has been released. There is a *ton* of new features and fixes in beta 5, so be sure to check the DP site for the full list.

    Redwood Interview
    Pels Interactive has done an interview with Redwood from Redwood's 3D News. Check the Pels site for the interview.

    Help Wanted
    The UrbanCTF team has lost many members and is desperately looking for skinners, mappers, and texture artists. If they don't get help soon they'll have to abandon 8 months of development, so if you're willing to help, be sure to let them know!

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • The TerrorQuake2 mod now has a homepage. Be sure to check it out for info on the mod.
    • S.A.S's Guide to CTF has been updated to include info on the new CTF v1.50 version.
    • is a new Quake3:Arena resource page, among other things.
    • Quake2-Ware has been updated and is looking for help as well. Riding the Rocket, a Quake2 challenge website, has opened a messageboard where people can discuss Quake2 tips and tricks. You can visit the messageboard here.

    Wednesday, January 13, 1999 - Submit News!
    New Fantasy Quake Released
    I saw over on Blue's that version 0.91 of Fantasy Quake has been released. This new release fixes some bugs, adds two new monsters, and sports some AI improvements to boot.

    Spine Design Stuff
    Spine Design has updated their site with several new items. The first is a brand new Third-Person Quake2 FAQ, which covers all the important things about their third-person view mod. They also have news of a few new Powerball Quake2 servers up around the 'net, so be sure to stop by and check it out!

    From the Makers of Jawmd2...
    ...comes MP3 Voyeur. Here's what they had to say about it:
    MP3 Voyeur is a local area network MP3 search tool that crawls local networks for shared MP3 files. Are you in a college dorm, or university campus network, or large office network? This is the tool for you. MP3 Voyeur usually gets about 20,000 - 30,000 files listed on a large network. Give it a try today.

    The files that MP3 Voyeur lists for you are guaranteed to be accessible, unlike many MP3 web search tools that claim to do this, but usually end up giving the user outdated links or overloaded connections.
    Even though it's not Quake2 related, it comes from someone who makes a Quake2 product, and sounds pretty cool anyway ;)

    New Qoole Released
    A public beta of Qoole 99 was released yesterday. Games supported in this beta now include Quake, Quake II, Hexen II, and Half-Life. New major features that you will see over v2.50 include an object tree view, prefab manager, compile output window, and a leak detector. New object editing features include plane clip, mirror and flip, intersection, a new easier scaling mode, and alignment settings. They've also redone the interface, in "Windows 98 style."

    UrbanCTF Update
    The UrbanCTF team has released a sample map which displays the different vehicles that they have planned for the upcoming UrbanCTF 1.0 release.

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers


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