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Posted by Rev on January 23, 1998 at 11:28:13:

I am having diffiulties with Bones Pro. Specifically, I am having problems getting it to save
files correctly. Currently, the size of the .MAX file for my 400 poly player model is around 140
megabytes. This is absurd, and it only happens when I am using Bones Pro. I was wondering
if anyone knew a way to fix this. I also address this problem on my page, You can visit there if you'd like.

Meanwhile, here's a short Bones Pro tutorial for MAX 2.

Matt, to answer your question about animating without CS in MAX 2, yes you can use Bones
Pro. All it requires is that you set up the skeletal system for your model, and do all the
hierarchial linking yourself. All this means is that you change the pivot points of the boxes
so that they rotate nicely, and that you link the objects to one another. Remember that the
bone at the hips will usually be the highest linked parent object, because in a humanoid character,
this is where the center of gravity lies.
After you have the skeletal structure set up, you then make the Bones Pro space warp. You
assign all the bones to the space warp, and then link all the geometry (not necessarily the bones)
to the space warp. After that, make sure you have Animate clicked, and are at a frame other
than 1, and you should be able to move your objects around nicely. Keep in mind that you
should tweak all the individual bone settings with the Influence Editor (inside Bones Pro).

I hope that helps you out.


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