I have a HUGE, and I mean HUGE problem

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Posted by Ese Casco on September 02, 1998 at 02:46:43:

alright, this is fairly confusing to me and I want to know if its been encountered before, and if there is any way to fix it.

Okay, as my modeling program I use q2modeler, and man does this program kick ass. heres the dilema though, and man does it suck. I'm working for the PDM mod on telefragged, the url is: http://www.telefragged.com/predatordm/. anyhow, I have been making some good ass visual models for this mod, and now I have encountered one major problem, sorry I haven't gotten to the point. but this thing sucks.

Alright, I made a model which was basically divided into three components, its two predator hands, and one long beutiful spear(who ever thought weapons could have beuty?)anyhow, if I export the hands to md2, it looks good, if I export the spear to md2, it looks good as well, the problem is that if I export the whole model, being the hands and spear, then the fingers come out completely mangled, the spear being in perfect shape, my question is, what the hell is causing this, I know it has nothing to do with q2modeler, because I used qdata as well, and that did the same thing, also, its strange because alone the hands will come out perfectly, but along with the spear, they look horrible, why is that?
if it will help, the model is over 1200 polygons, but, don't say thats the problem, because gooseman used more polygons than that for the models in action quake2, the one I recall having the most polygons being the sniper rifle I think, and that one was like 1500.

please help me, I don't want to make an ugly ass model just because of something I missed.

email me if you have the answer, or post the reply, cause I'll be checking for an answer.
Ese Casco

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