Character studio hates me..

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Posted by Fragamite on January 28, 1998 at 09:44:38:

just a sec.


Problem nr1:
Let me explain.
I made this low poly guy some time ago.
I made a biped.
I adjusted it veeery carefully.
I assigned a physique modifier and attached the mesh to the biped.
Some vertices flied around.
I used sub object/vertex/select
I selected all vertices
They were all red (even the nasty ones)
I assigned the "nasty ones" to their nearest links
They jumped in place and turned green
Everything worked
Yesterday i wanted to animate my 2000 poly spacemarine
I did the same stuff as above
But the fucked up vertices DID NOT jump in place
I made em red,green and even blue(which schouldn't work) but they remained at their places and did not animate
PLEASE help!

Problem nr.2:
I can't enter freeform mode
I click animaten, then modify the biped, the mesh deforms corectly
But when I release the mouse button CS says: "can't create keys when no footsteps exist"

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