3DSMAXR2: Animating with verts around a pivot that should be able to move between frames.

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Posted by sATaN on July 19, 1998 at 04:32:52:

I'm fairly new to 3DSMAX and I'm looking for a way to animate using basic vertices around a pivot point. When I select vertices of an object, and rotate them, the pivot (depending on the dropdown button at the top of the screen) is in the center of the selected verts or whereever the dropbutton specifies. With Q2M, when you go to rotate or scale selected verts/polys, the rotation or scaling is done from where the mouse is clicked when the drag is begun. I need to be able to place a pivot point at a certain location, that the TransForm Type-In tool will pivot around. I need to be able to change this pivot between frames for different sets of verts, to create keyframes. I've been told that there is a way to use IK or FK to join the bits of the model, but I have no idea how to use either of them. If anyone bothers to answer this and help me, they'll need to make a detailed description of how I can do it.

I'm NOT animating a PPM. I'm making a weapon model that has two hands and I need to be able to rotate the hands and manipulate them and stuff for idle frames, reloading, and melee.

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