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Posted by jjcoolio on June 13, 19102 at 17:56:02:

Hi, I'm looking for some stock footages, sample cds,
3d data cds, photo cds.
let me know if u have some to trade.

My list
□ msg me at icq 117556398


Trading category - 1 ■Stock Footage (Motion Source)
2 ■3D Model Data (Dosch,Viewpoint,DE ESPONA,ZYGOTE,REM,etc)
3 ■3D Materials (Marlin,Dosch,Archvision,etc)
4 ■Sound Effects (Akai,Reason,Acid,etc)
5 ■Photo cds (Photodisc,Artville,Digital Vision.etc)
6 ■Clip arts (COREL,ART EXPLOSION,etc)
7 ■Fonts (Mac,Windows Fonts
★ Designers Motion Source (Stock Footage) CD

ARTBEATS http://www.artbeats.com/store/default.html?cart=3097814704146739
EYEWIRE http://www.eyewire.com/products/motion/eyewire/
DIGITAL JUICE http://www.digitaljuice.com/index.htm
DOSCH http://www.doschdesign.com/e_start/index.html
VCE http://www.vce.com
EXODUS http://www.firecd.com
DIGITAL VISION http://www.digitalvisiononline.co.uk/
PRISMO http://www.prismo.com
THINKSTOCK http://www.dv.thinkstock.com/motionprice.html

▶▶▶ ☞ ■ Full Volume(완본) , □ Full single cd(낱장씨디)◀◀◀

■ [Adobe] Adobe Video Effect (EEF001~EEF029)

■ [Artbeats] Aerial Landscapes CD1
■ [Artbeats] Aerial Landscapes CD2
■ [Artbeats] Aerial Landscapes CD3 (AL114-AL122)
■ [Artbeats] Aerial Landscapes CD4 (AL123-AL128)(Full)
■ [Artbeats] Aerial Special FX CD1 (AS101-AS108)
■ [Artbeats] Aerial Special FX CD2 (AS110-AS118)
■ [Artbeats] Aerial Special FX CD3 (AS118-AS128) (Full)
□ [Artbeats] African Animals CD1
□ [Artbeats] African Animals CD2
■ [Artbeats] Alien Atmospheres CD1
■ [Artbeats] Alien Atmospheres CD2
■ [Artbeats] Alien Atmospheres CD3 (AM121-AM123)(Full)
■ [Artbeats] Changing Season CD1
■ [Artbeats] Changing Season CD2
■ [Artbeats] Changing Season CD3
■ [Artbeats] Changing Season CD4 (Full)
□ [Artbeats] City Rush CD1
□ [Artbeats] City Rush CD3 (CR117-CR123)
□ [Artbeats] Cloud Chamber CD1
□ [Artbeats] Cloud Chamber CD2
□ [Artbeats] Cloud Chamber CD3 (CC112-CC118)
□ [Artbeats] Cloud Chamber CD4
□ [Artbeats] Cloud Chamber CD5 CC122체크문의
■ [Artbeats] Cloud Fly Thrus CD1
■ [Artbeats] Cloud Fly Thrus CD2 (Full)
■ [Artbeats] Daring Men CD1 (DM101-DM112)
■ [Artbeats] Daring Men CD2
■ [Artbeats] Daring Men CD3 (DM128-DM137)(Full)
■ [Artbeats] Digital Film Clutter (Full)
■ [Artbeats] Digital Web CD1 (DW101-DW116)
■ [Artbeats] Digital Web CD2 (Full)
■ [Artbeats] Digital Aire CD1 (DA101-DA113)
■ [Artbeats] Digital Aire CD2 (DA114-DA123) (Full)
■ [Artbeats] Digital Biz CD1
■ [Artbeats] Digital Biz CD2 (Full)
■ [Artbeats] Digital Moods CD1 (DMD101-DMD113)
■ [Artbeats] Digital Moods CD2 (DMD114-DMD126) (Full)
■ [Artbeats] Early Flight CD1
■ [Artbeats] Early Flight CD2
■ [Artbeats] Early Flight CD3
□ [Artbeats] Earth Approach CD1
□ [Artbeats] Earth Approach CD2
■ [Artbeats] Earth View CD1 (EV101A-EV103B)
■ [Artbeats] Earth View CD2 (EV104A-EV107B)(Full)
■ [Artbeats] Earth View CD3
■ [Artbeats] Ground Rush CD1
■ [Artbeats] Ground Rush CD2
■ [Artbeats] Ground Rush CD3 (GR110-GR113)(Full)
■ [Artbeats] Gunstock CD1
■ [Artbeats] Gunstock CD2
■ [Artbeats] Gunstock CD3 (Full)
□ [Artbeats] HealthCare CD1
□ [Artbeats] HealthCare CD2
□ [Artbeats] HealthCare CD3 (Full)
■ [Artbeats] Light Effects CD1
■ [Artbeats] Light Effects CD2 (Full)
□ [Artbeats] Light Illusion CD2
□ [Artbeats] Light Clouds and Fog cd1 (LC101-LC114)
■ [Artbeats] Liquid Ambience CD1
■ [Artbeats] Liquid Ambience CD2
■ [Artbeats] Liquid Ambience CD3
■ [Artbeats] Liquid Ambience CD4 (Full)
■ [Artbeats]-Los Angeles Aerials CD1 (LAA101-LAA108)
■ [Artbeats]-Los Angeles Aerials CD2 (LAA109-LAA118)
■ [Artbeats]-Los Angeles Aerials CD3 (LAA119-LAA122)
■ [Artbeats] Mayhem CD1 (MA101-
■ [Artbeats] Mayhem CD2
■ [Artbeats] Mayhem CD3
■ [Artbeats] Mayhem CD4
■ [Artbeats] Mayhem CD5
■ [Artbeats] Mayhem CD6
■ [Artbeats] Mayhem CD7 -MA144) (Full)
■ [Artbeats] Microbes CD1 (MC101-MC115)
■ [Artbeats] Microbes CD2 (MC116-MC125)(Full)
■ [Artbeats] NASA-The Early Years CD1
■ [Artbeats] NASA-The Early Years CD2
■ [Artbeats] Nature Gallery CD1
■ [Artbeats] Nature Gallery CD2 (Full)
□ [Artbeats] Newyork Scenes CD1
□ [Artbeats] Newyork Scenes CD2
□ [Artbeats] Newyork Scenes CD3 (NY119-NY123)[605M] _ NY124-126 MISSING
□ [Artbeats] Newyork Scenes CD4 (NY127-NY133)[695M]
■ [Artbeats] Particle Effect Vol 1 (Full)
■ [Artbeats] Particle Effect Vol 2 (PE201A-PE226B)(Full)
■ [Artbeats] Reel Explosion Vol 1 1cd(Full)
■ [Artbeats] Reel Explosion Vol 4 CD1
■ [Artbeats] Reel Explosion Vol 4 CD2
■ [Artbeats] Reel Explosion Vol 4 CD3
■ [Artbeats] Reel Explosion Vol 4 CD4(Full)
■ [Artbeats] Reel Fire Vol 1 cd1
■ [Artbeats] Reel Fire Vol 2 cd1
■ [Artbeats] Reel Fire Vol 2 cd2
■ [Artbeats] Reel Fire Vol 2 cd3(Full)
■ [Artbeats] Real Textures Cd 1
■ [Artbeats] Real Textures Cd 2(Full)
■ [Artbeats] Sea Scape CD1
■ [Artbeats] Sea Scape CD2
■ [Artbeats] Sea Scape CD3
■ [Artbeats] Sea Scape CD4 (Full)
■ [Artbeats] Soft Edges CD1
■ [Artbeats] Soft Edges CD2 (Full)
■ [Artbeats] Space And Planets CD1
■ [Artbeats] Space And Planets CD2
■ [Artbeats] Space And Planets CD3(Full)
□ [Artbeats] Storm Clouds CD1 (SC101-SC105,SC110-SC119)
■ [Artbeats] Strom Front (SFR101-SFR125)(Full)
□ [Artbeats] Studio Concepts cd1
■ [Artbeats] Sky Effects CD1
■ [Artbeats] Sky Effects CD2 (Full)
■ [Artbeats] Sky Light CD1
■ [Artbeats] Sky Light CD2
■ [Artbeats] Sky Light CD3 (Full)
□ [Artbeats] Timelapse Construction CD1
■ [Artbeats]-Timelapse City Effects CD1 (CE101-CE110)
■ [Artbeats]-Timelapse City Effects CD2 (CE111-CE119)
■ [Artbeats]-Timelapse Cityscapes CD1 (TC101-TC108)
■ [Artbeats]-Timelapse Cityscapes CD2 (TC109-TC116)
■ [Artbeats] Timelapse Landscapes2 CD1
■ [Artbeats] Timelapse Landscapes2 CD2(Full)
■ [Artbeats] Water EffectS Vol 1 CD1 (WE101-WE104)
■ [Artbeats] Water EffectS Vol 1 CD2 (WE105-WE107)
■ [Artbeats] Water EffectS Vol 1 CD3 (WE108-WE114)
■ [Artbeats] Water EffectS Vol 1 CD4 (WE115-WE120)(Full)
■ [Artbeats] Water EffectS Vol 2 CD1 (WE201-WE204)
■ [Artbeats] Water EffectS Vol 2 CD2 (WE205-WE212)
■ [Artbeats] Water EffectS Vol 2 CD3 (WE213-WE221)(Full)
■ [Artbeats] Water Textures Vol 1 CD1
■ [Artbeats] Water Textures Vol 1 CD2
■ [Artbeats] Water Textures Vol 1 CD3 (Full)
■ [Artbeats] White Puffy Clouds CD1
■ [Artbeats] White Puffy Clouds CD2
■ [Artbeats] White Puffy Clouds CD3 (Full)

■ [Digital Juice] Motion Backgrouds cd1
■ [Digital Juice] Motion Backgrouds cd2
■ [Digital Juice] Power Abstracts

■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.1 _ [Mov Version]
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.1 _ High Impact I cd1
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.1 _ High Impact I cd2
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.1 _ High Impact I cd3 (JB017-JB023)
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.1 _ High Impact I cd4
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.1 _ High Impact I cd5 (Full)

■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.2 - [JPEG- sequence-format version]
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.2 - High Impact II cd1 (JB041-JB047)
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.2 - High Impact II cd2 (JB048-JB056)
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.2 - High Impact II cd3 (JB057-JB065)
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.2 - High Impact II cd4 (JB066-JB072)
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.2 - High Impact II cd5 (JB073-JB080)(Full)

■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.3 [jpg sequence Version]
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.3 - High Impact III cd1(JB78- 90)
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.3 - High Impact III cd2(JB91- 103)
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.3 - High Impact III cd3(JB104-115)
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.3 - High Impact III cd4(JB116-120)
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.3 - High Impact III cd5(JB121-128) (Full)

■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.4 _ [Mov Version]
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.4 - The Wedding Collection Gallery CD1 (Previews)
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.4 - The Wedding Collection Gallery CD2 (JB129-JB137)
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.4 - The Wedding Collection Gallery cd3 (JB138-JB149)
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.4 - The Wedding Collection Gallery cd4 (JB150-JB165)
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.4 - The Wedding Collection Gallery cd5 (JB166-JB176) (Full)

■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.5 _ [Mov Version]
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.5 _ cd1
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.5 _ cd2
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.5 _ cd3
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.5 _ cd4
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.5 _ cd5
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.5 _ cd6 (Full)

■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.6 _ [jpg sequence version]
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.6 _ cd1 (JB226-JB233)
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.6 _ cd2
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.6 _ cd3
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.6 _ cd4
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.6 _ cd5
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.6 _ cd6
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.6 _ cd7 (Full)

■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.7 _ [jpg sequence version]
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.7 _ CD1
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.7 _ CD2
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.7 _ CD3
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.7 _ CD4
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.7 _ CD5
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.7 _ CD6
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.7 _ CD7
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.7 _ CD8 (Full)

■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.8 - [jpg sequence Version]
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.8 - High Impact VI cd1
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.8 - High Impact VI cd2
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.8 - High Impact VI cd3
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.8 - High Impact VI cd4
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.8 - High Impact VI cd5
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.8 - High Impact VI cd6
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.8 - High Impact VI cd7
■ [Digital Juice] Jump Backs Vol.8 - High Impact VI cd8 (Full)

■ [Digital Vision] Ambient Space CD1
■ [Digital Vision] Atmospherics CD2
■ [Digital Vision] Bumper to Bumper cd1
■ [Digital Vision] Bumper to Bumper cd2 (Full)
■ [Digital Vision] Digital Interface cd1(394001f-394018f)
■ [Digital Vision] Digital Interface cd2(394019f-394035f)(Full)
■ [Digital Vision] Drifting Skies Vol.1(완)(386022f-386034f)
■ [Digital Vision] Drifting Skies Vol.2(Full)
■ [Digital Vision] Inferno cd1
■ [Digital Vision] Inferno cd2(Full)
■ [Digital Vision] Mechanica cd1
■ [Digital Vision] Mechanica cd2(Full)
■ [Digital Vision] Numerica CD1
■ [Digital Vision] Numerica CD2(Full)
■ [Digital Vision] Smash_Pal cd1
■ [Digital Vision] Smash_Pal cd2
■ [Digital Vision] Subliminal Data CD1
■ [Digital Vision] Subliminal Data CD2
■ [Digital Vision] Subliminal Data CD3 (Full)
□ [Digital Vision] Typo Riot CD1(397001F-397016F)
□ [Digital Vision] X-posed CD1(306001F-306008F)

■ [Dosch Design] Animated Water Vol 1 cd1
■ [Dosch Design] Animated Water Vol 1 cd2 (Full)
■ [Dosch Design] Pyrotechnics cd1
■ [Dosch Design] Pyrotechnics cd2 (Full)

□ [Eyewire] Backstage CD1
□ [Eyewire] BioTech CD2
■ [Eyewire] Buildings And Monuments CD1 (FS05001-FS05015) ===> FS05002__MISSING
■ [Eyewire] Caught In The Act:NEW YORK CD1 (EV00646N-EV00654N)
■ [Eyewire] Caught In The Act:NEW YORK CD2 (EV00655N-EV00662N) ===> EV00663N-00666N__MISSING
■ [Eyewire] City Express CD1
■ [Eyewire] City Express CD2 (Full)
■ [Eyewire] Crime and Justice CD1
■ [Eyewire] Crime and Justice CD2 (Full)
■ [Eyewire] Cyber Technology CD1
■ [Eyewire] Cyber Technology CD2 (Full)
■ [Eyewire] Digital Joy cd1
■ [Eyewire] Digital Joy cd2 (Full)
■ [Eyewire] Edit Effects Vol 1 CD1(EEF001~EEF008)
■ [Eyewire] Edit Effects Vol 1 CD2(EEF009-EEF029)(Full)
■ [Eyewire] Edit Effects Vol 2 CD1
■ [Eyewire] Edit Effects Vol 2 CD2(Full)
■ [Eyewire] Fabric Effects CD1 (FEF001-FEF007)
■ [Eyewire] Fabric Effects CD2 (FULL)
■ [Eyewire] Fast crowds CD1
■ [Eyewire] Fast crowds CD2 (Full)
■ [Eyewire] Fluid Motion CD1
■ [Eyewire] Fluid Motion CD2 (Full)
□ [Eyewire] Gritty City cd1
■ [Eyewire] Health and Fitness CD1
■ [Eyewire] Health and Fitness CD2 (Full)
■ [Eyewire] Hip Buisness cd1
■ [Eyewire] Hip Buisness cd2 (Full)
■ [Eyewire] Hypervision
■ [Eyewire] LightSpeed CD1
■ [Eyewire] LightSpeed CD2(Full)
■ [Eyewire] Liquid FX cd1
■ [Eyewire] Liquid FX cd2 (LIQ11-LIQ20)(Full)
■ [Eyewire] Metaform CD1 (EV00772-EV00780)
■ [Eyewire] Metaform CD2
□ [Eyewire] Paint FX CD1
■ [Eyewire] Primal Lights (EV00394-EV00416)
■ [Eyewire] Reel People Upbeat(Full)
■ [Eyewire]-Senses CD1 (EV00028N-EV00038N)
■ [Eyewire]-Senses CD2 (EV00039N-EV00048N)
■ [Eyewire] Synchronicity CD1
■ [Eyewire] Synchronicity CD2 (Full)™
■ [Eyewire] Urban Aerial CD1
■ [Eyewire] Urban Aerials CD2 (EV00301N-EV00310N)
■ [Eyewire]-Water Elements CD1 (WEL001-WEL008)
■ [Eyewire]-Water Elements CD2 (WEL009-WEL017)

■ [ThinkStock] Communication_NTSC
■ [ThinkStock] Clouds (V0014906-V0014919)
■ [Thinkstock] Urban Business CD1 (V0014621-V0014648)

□ [Ulead] 3D Digital Age CD1 (PAV14_1-PAV14_16)
■ [Ulead] 3D Universe cd1
■ [Ulead] 3D Universe cd2(Full)
■ [Ulead] 3D Liquid cd1
■ [Ulead] 3D Liquid cd2(Full)

■ [VCE] Pyromania - Playing wirh Fire(Full)
■ [VCE] Pyromania2 CD1(EV01301N-EV1320N)
■ [VCE] Pyromania2 CD2(EV01321N-EV1361N)(Full)

■ [Corbis] cobis motion collection cd1
■ [Corbis] cobis motion collection cd2
■ [Corbis] Winter Sports 3

■ [Prismo] Timewarps(Full)
■ [Exodus MM] Fire cd(Full) (= Marlin FIRE CD)
■ Main Concept Texture Loops

★ Designers 3D Model Libraries

DOSCH 도쉬디자인 http://www.doschdesign.com/e_start/index.html
VIEWPOINT http://www.viewpoint.com/vp/catalog.jsp?style=premier
MESHFACTORY http://www.meshfactory.com
DE ESPONA http://www.deespona.com/index.html
SILICON MEDIA http://www.siliconmedia.co.kr/
AUTODESK http://www.autodesk.com
ANIMAL KINGDOM http://www.3dcafestore.com/animalkingdom.html
MAXON http://www.maxoncomputer.com/product/instantspace.asp

■ [De Espona] 는 9 cd가 진본입니다. 이 이상은 정품에는 없습니다.
현재 국내에서 11cd 12cd 13, 14 cd짜리 압축을 풀은 가짜가 돌고있으니 주의하시길..
데스포나 사이트에도 없는 가짜가.. (zip을 풀은 똑같은 화일로 추정됨)

▶▶▶☞ ■ 표시는 Full CD □ 는 프리모델 ▣는 상용모델모음집◀◀◀

■ [Mesh Factory] - Mesh factory vol 2.0 CD
■ [Autodesk] The World Creating Toolkit CD
■ [Autodesk] Viz Models
■ [Viewpoint Datalabs] 97 Premier multi volume set CD1
■ [Viewpoint Datalabs] 97 Premier multi volume set CD2
■ [Viewpoint Datalabs] 97 Premier multi volume set CD3
■ [Viewpoint Datalabs] 97 Premier multi volume set CD4
■ [Viewpoint Datalabs] Viewpoint Datalabs 5.21 Gold[394m]
□ [Viewpoint Datalabs] Free Models (10m)

□ [De Espona] 3D Free Models(48m)
■ [De Espona] 3D Encyclopedia CD1
■ [De Espona] 3D Encyclopedia CD2
■ [De Espona] 3D Encyclopedia CD3
■ [De Espona] 3D Encyclopedia CD4
■ [De Espona] 3D Encyclopedia CD5
■ [De Espona] 3D Encyclopedia CD6
■ [De Espona] 3D Encyclopedia CD7
■ [De Espona] 3D Encyclopedia CD8
■ [De Espona] 3D Encyclopedia CD9(Catalogue cd) FULL

▣ [Zygote] 3D Models for Poser 4
■ [Daz 3D] Victoria 1.0 (3D Models for Poser4_584M Full)
▣ Poser Models & poses

■ [Dosch Design] Design 3D Packaging Design
■ [Dosch Design] 3D Surrounding Skies [500M]
■ [Dosch Design] Plants + Nature
■ [Dosch Design] 3D.Architectural Details
■ [Dosch Design] 3D Industrial Design
■ [Dosch Design] 3D_Comic_Vol 1
■ [Dosch Design] 3D_Comics_Character Vol 2
■ [Dosch Design] Dosch Design Natural Objects CD1
■ [Dosch Design] Dosch Design Natural Objects CD2
■ [Dosch Design] Contruction Materials

■ [ArchVision] Archvision RPC V3 for 3DSmax R3,4,Viz
■ [ArchVision] REALPEOPLE.Traveling People Vol 1
■ [ArchVision] Business People Vol 1
■ [ArchVision] Business People Vol 2
■ [ArchVision] Casual People Vol 1
■ [ArchVision] Casual People Vol 2
■ [ArchVision] Casual People Vol 3
■ [ArchVision] Nedtsai Medical People Vol.1
■ [ArchVision] Moving Buisness people VOL.1
■ [ArchVision] FOUNTAINS.VOL.1-ISO
■ [ArchVision] Real People.INDUSTRIAL.PEOPLE.VOL.1-ISO
■ [ArchVision] School.Children.vol.1-roriso
■ [ArchVision] Shrubs and Ornametel Grasses CD1
■ [ArchVision] Shrubs and Ornametel Grasses CD2
■ [ArchVision] Trees(decidvous) VOL1 1CD
■ [ArchVision] Trees(decidvous) VOL1 & Sitting People Vol1
■ [ArchVision] Trees(decidvous) VOL5 CD1
■ [ArchVision] Trees(decidvous) VOL5 CD2
■ [ArchVision] Trees VOL6 CD1
■ [ArchVision] Trees VOL6 CD2
■ [ArchVision] Trees VOL7
■ [ArchVision] Rpc Flower Lib Vol1
■ [ArchVision] Real People 2_incl_rpc_files
■ [ArchVision] Walking Casual People Vol2

■ [Recon] Art recon 3D Vol1
■ [Recon] Art recon 3D Vol2

■ [Maxon] Instant Space [452m](for CINEMA 4D GO/SE/XL)
■ [Rowell] 3D Models
■ [Dedicated Digital] Animal Kingdom 1 cd [427m]
■ Dinosaur Rom 1cd [650m]
■ [NSIGHT] 3D Surrounding Skies cd2[250m]
■ [Silicon Media] SFX Modeling [594M]
■ [Silicon Media] Modeling 500 1CD
■ [3D Plus I ] - (Interior 3D model & material) [450M]
■ [3D Plus II] - (Interior 3D model & material) [500m]
■ [Cycad] Zita 3d vol I.0 (Interior 3D model & material)
■ Interior 3D (Interior Furniture 3D models)[13메가-인테리어가구]
▣ Interior Library (Interior Furniture 3D models)
■ [Autodesk] 3D PROPS (Interior Furniture & office furniture 3D model)
■ [Autodesk] Geometry Toolkit 1CD
■ [Db-Line ] 3DS Max Dinasour Rom cd1
■ Lamp Model (Lighting Modelings) 1CD
■ Ombelco Model 1CD
■ 100 ZygoteModels [55m]
■ 18 Perfect People
■ Acuris Model Library CD-2[62m]
■ Lightscape Model Library [325m]
■ 3D Kitchen

★ Designers 3D TEXTURE CD

최고급 3D 재질 및 텍스춰 씨디 모읍니다.

DOSCH 도쉬디자인 http://www.doschdesign.com/e_start/index.html
MARLIN STUDIO http://www.cavad.com/CAVAD/images/marlinstudios/a.htm
IMAGECELS http://www.imagecels.com
ARTBEATS http://www.artbeats.com/
OKEN3D http://www.oken3d.com/
Auto F/X http://www.autofx.com

▶▶▶☞ ■ 표시는 Full CD □ 는 일반맵모음 ▣는 상용맵모음집◀◀◀

■ [MarlinStudio] Panoramica - cd1
■ [MarlinStudio] Panoramica - cd2 [Full]
■ [MarlinStudio] Seamless Texture CD - Amazing Sci Fi Texture [601m Full]
■ [MarlinStudio] Seamless Texture CD1 - You Can Really Use (aka Seamless)
■ [MarlinStudio] Seamless Texture CD2 - Rustic Exterior Suface
■ [MarlinStudio] Seamless Texture CD3 - Ultimate Interior Surfaces
■ [MarlinStudio] Seamless Texture CD4 - Stonework [647m Full]
■ [MarlinStudio] Seamless Texture CD5 - Downtown Surfaces & Signs
■ [MarlinStudio] Seamless Texture CD6 - Architectural Ornament
■ [MarlinStudio] Virtual Trees & Foliage Clip Map Textures CD1
■ [MarlinStudio] Virtual Trees & Foliage Clip Map Textures CD2
■ [MarlinStudio] Great Textures Of Europe CD1
■ [MarlinStudio] Great Textures Of Europe CD2
■ [MarlinStudio] Absoulte Metals
■ [MarlinStudio] Fire CD ( = [Exodus MM] Fire cd )

■ [Dosch Textures] - Floor Pro [2cds]
■ [Dosch Textures] - Broadcast Design v2.0-CD 1_[526m]
■ [Dosch Textures] - Broadcast Design v2.0-CD 2_[567m_bin]
■ [Dosch Textures] - Character Designer
■ [Dosch Textures] - 3d Light scenes
■ [Dosch Textures] - 3D.Logo.Animation
■ [Dosch Textures] - Medical_Visualization_v2_0
■ [Dosch Textures] - Reflection.maps
■ [Dosch Textures] - Texture Aging Kit
■ [Dosch Textures] - Skin Vol 2.0
■ [Dosch Textures] - Human eyes
■ [Dosch Textures] - Animal+Creature_Eyes
■ [Dosch Textures] - Rust & Metal
■ [Dosch Textures] - Tropics
■ [Dosch Textures] - 3D Surrounding Skies
■ [Dosch Textures] - Stone & Concrete

■ [ImageCELs] Trees - Volume 1
■ [ImageCELs] Professional Designer
■ [ImageCELs] Tropicals & more[345m]
■ [ImageCELs] People
■ [ImageCELs] Cars & Trucks

■ [Mountain High Maps] Vol1. Africa - America http://www.digitalmaps.com/dwi_mhm.htm
■ [Mountain High Maps] Vol2. Asia - Austrailia
■ [Mountain High Maps] Vol3.
■ [Mountain High Maps] Vol4. World

■ [Pixar] Classic.Textures.Vol.1-TFL
■ [Pixar] Classic.Textures.Vol.2-TFL

■ [Auto F/X] Ultimate Texture Collection V1.0 cd1[580m]
■ [Artbeats] Textures.for.Professionals-SoSISO
■ [Ranson] Texture Collection [76M]
■ [Rendark] Textures[260m]
■ [Auto Vision] Material and Texture Collection
■ [Autodesk] - Texture Universe
■ [Oken 3D] Texture Classic Ornament by Eni Oken
■ [Silicon Media] Material 2700_[501m]
■ Art Surface Map City CD1
■ Periodic Caustic Textures

□ [Artbeats] Artbeats Leather & Fabric [11m]
□ 3D Face Mapping Source
□ Various Mapping Source[458m]

☆ Designers 3D Motion Data CD
신설(New) - 3d 모션캡춰 데이타있는분 연락주세요
contact me whoever has 3d motion data librarys

■ Muybridge Variations motion library (Max-Characterstudio_Biped)

☆ Designer's Samples CD & Sound Effect CD LIST
사운드 데이타 있는분 연락주세요

[미디랜드] http://midiland.co.kr 미디에 대한 정보가 있는곳
[Silicon Media] http://www.siliconmedia.co.kr/
[Lucas Film] http://www.sound-ideas.com/lf.html
[soundcube] http://samplecity.free.fr/descriptif/soundsfx/soundcube.htm
[WarnerBros] http://www.soundfx.com/warnerbros.htm
[freshmusic] http://www.freshmusic.com
[Hanna Barbra] http://www.sound-ideas.com/hb.html
[Warner Bros] http://www.sound-ideas.com/wb.html
[MAGIX Creativity] http://www.pcconnection.com/scripts/productdetail.asp?product_id=139667
[MasterBits] http://www.masterbits.com/wav3_e.htm#SS4
[sound ideas -
[Symponic advneture]http://www.sound-ideas.com/symphonic.html


■[사운드변환]CDXtract필수유틸-AKAI, ROLAND 화일을 WAV로 전환시 유용한 프로그램.
■[사운드편집]Sonic Foundry.Acid pro v3
■[사운드편집]Samplitude Producer 2496 v6.0
■[사운드편집]DigiDesign Pro Tools V5.01
■[사운드편집]Sound Forge 6_1_Full

■[MAGIX] Samplitude Studio v6.04 _2002.5release
■Swarshala.v2.0.iSO-DELiRiUM 인도음악제작유틸 http://www.swarsystems.com/SwarShala
■Native.Instruments.Absynth.v1.0.iSO-DELiRiUM http://www.nativeinstruments.de/index.php?absynth_us
■BiGGA GiGGAS POST FORTE PiANO http://www.biggagiggas.com/About%20Post%20Forte%20Piano.htm

■■■■■■■ SOUND-SOURCE & SAMPLE CDs ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

■3d keys [AKAI] http://www.vrsound.com/ProductList.html#3d_keys
■40 OZ of Phat Slamming Hip Hop [AKAI] http://www.xelenio.com/basica/sample_cd/
■99 Drum Machines [AKAI]
■Virtual.Groove.Box.AKAI-DELiRiUM [AKAI]06-02-2002
■Heavenly.Pads.and.Sweeps-DELiRiUM[AKAI]_650M s
■Prosamples.Vol.27.Dancefloor.Bass.From.XXLarge.Bass- CD2. DELiRiUM.05-20-2002
■[ACID] Intellegent Dance Music Twine Components
■[ACID] Kit Watkins Ambient Realms
■[ACID] Endless Flow - Ugly remnants cd2
■[Sonic.Foundry]----------(ACID)-----Total.Spanish.Guitar.CD1 ACID-RORiSO
■[Sonic.Foundry]----------(ACID)-----Total.Spanish.Guitar.CD2 ACID-RORiSO
■[Sonic.Foundry]----------(ACID)-----Mark.Pistel.Electronic.Point.Blanc.ACiD-DELiRiUM http://www.sonicfoundry.com/loop_libraries/ShowLoop.asp?PID=658
■[Big Fish]---------------(Audio)----Xtortion http://www.bigfishaudio.com/cgi/SoftCart.exe/scstore/xt1.html?L+scstore+wvqr0064+1020105156
■[Big Fish]---------------(Audio)----XTc Files Of Techno http://www.bigfishaudio.com/cgi/SoftCart.exe/scstore/xf2.html?L+scstore+wvqr0064+1020102224
■[Big Fish]---------------(Audio)----Loopzilla 2-1 http://www.bigfishaudio.com/cgi/SoftCart.exe/scstore/dl8.html?L+scstore+wgoz6739+1020114467
■[Big Fish]---------------(Audio)----Loopzilla 2-2 http://www.bigfishaudio.com/cgi/SoftCart.exe/scstore/dl8.html?L+scstore+wgoz6739+1020114467
■[Big Fish]---------------(Audio)----Loopzilla 3-1 http://www.bigfishaudio.com/cgi/SoftCart.exe/scstore/d12.html?L+scstore+wgoz6739+1020114467
■[Big Fish]---------------(Audio)----Loopzilla 3-2 http://www.bigfishaudio.com/cgi/SoftCart.exe/scstore/d12.html?L+scstore+wgoz6739+1020114467
■[Big Fish]---------------(Audio)----Siggi Baldursson - Sugarloops
■[Big Fish]---------------(Audio)----Big.Fish.Audio.Brotherhood.CDDA-EtHnO
■[Big Fish]---------------(ACID)-----Big.Fish.Audio.Xperts.Of.Techno.ACID.WAV-EtHnO
■[MasterBits]--------------(wav)-----Tekkno Tharapy_Full
■[Hollywood Edge]----------(wav)-----Jurassic Park SFX
■[Hollywood Edge]----------(Audio)---Jurrasic.Park.Sfx.Cdda-TZ7iSO
■[Hollywood Edge]---------(Akai)-----The.Super.Single.1
■[SampleHeads].Peter.Erskine.Living.Drums http://www.nemesysmusic.com/sounds/index.html#sh_erskine
■[Spectrasonics]----------[ROLAND]---Symphony Of Voices CD1
■[Spectrasonics]----------[ROLAND]---Symphony Of Voices CD2.classical.Soloist
■[Spectrasonics]----------[ROLAND]---Vocal.Planet CD1.Sxx-TZ7iSO.06.01.2002
■[Spectrasonics]----------[ROLAND]---Vocal Planet CD2.Sxx-TZ7iSO.06.01.2002
■[Spectrasonics]----------[ROLAND]---Vocal Planet CD3.Sxx-TZ7iSO.06.01.2002
■[Spectrasonics]----------[ROLAND]---Vocal Planet CD4.Sxx-TZ7iSO.06.01.2002
■[SpectraSonics]----------(Audio)----Distorted Reality http://www.timespace.com/index1.asp
■[SpectraSonics]----------(Audio)----Liquid Grooves http://www.timespace.com/index1.asp
■[Syntec] - Wall.Of.Sounds.Vol.3.E-mu-TZ7iSO
■[Ueberschall]------------(Akai)-----1st Contact htttp://www.ueberschall.com/1contact.htm
■[Ueberschall]------------(Audio)----Big Beat http://www.ueberschall.com/bigbeat.htm
■[Ueberschall]------------(Akai)-----F.a.s.t Animation http://www.ueberschall.com/fastani.htm
■[Ueberschall]------------(Audio)----Jam Box http://www.ueberschall.com/jam.htm
■[Ueberschall]------------(AUDIO)----Brazil.Electro.Cdda.Wav cd1
■[Ueberschall]------------(AUDIO)----Brazil.Electro.Cdda.Wav cd2
■[Zero-G]-----------------(Audio)----Chemical Beats http://www.soundsonline.com/sophtml/details.phtml?sku=TASCD-87
■[Zero-G]-----------------(Wave)-----Freak Beats http://www.soundsonline.com/sophtml/details.phtml?sku=TASCD-101
■[Zero-G]-----------------(Audio)----Twisted City http://www.soundsonline.com/sophtml/details.phtml?sku=TASCD-88
■[Virago]-----------------(Audio)----Lost In Loops Disc-1 http://www.timespace.com/index1.asp
■[Virago]-----------------(Audio)----Lost In Loops Disc-2 http://www.timespace.com/index1.asp
■[Virago]-----------------(Audio)----Lost In Loops Disc-3 http://www.timespace.com/index1.asp
■[East West]--------------(Audio)----Steve Stevens Guitar http://www.soundsonline.com/sophtml/details.phtml?sku=EW-054
■[East West]--------------(Audio)----Dance Industrial 1
■[Sample Heads]-----------(Audio)----Peter Erskine - Living Drums!
■[Santiago Productions]---(Audio)----Neftali's Street
■[Total Control™]--------(Wave)-----Action Cutz[750m]
■[Worldwide Distribution]-(Audio)----Steve White (On The Beaten Track)
■[Dosch Sound]------------(Audio)----Audio Trailer Music & sounds[WAV]
■[Dosch Sound]------------(Wave)-----Audio .Voices
■[Dosch Sound]------------(Wave)-----Audio .sounds
■[Lucasfilm] efx Disc 1 [WAV]-----Animal Sounds(must use winrar3.0) http://www.sound-ideas.com/lf.html
■[Lucasfilm] efx Disc 2 [WAV]-----Elements (Wind, Rain, Fire)
■[Lucasfilm] efx Disc 3 [WAV]-----Industry Sounds
■[Lucasfilm] efx Disc 4 [WAV]-----Aircraft Carrier
■[Lucasfilm] efx Disc 5 [WAV]-----Helicopter & Private Jet
■[Lucasfilm] efx Disc 6 [WAV]-----Porsche 911 & Corvette [Full]
■[Lucasfilm] (MP3)-----Lucas Film Sound Effect Library 6cds in 1CD [MP3]
■[Sound Wiz]--------------(Wave)-----Mix collection CD1 Music
■[Sound Wiz]--------------(Wave)-----Mix collection CD2 Effect Sound
■[Sound Wiz]--------------(Wave)-----Mix collection CD3 Voice Box
■[Sound Cube] Disc 1 Dance Instruments http://samplecity.free.fr/descriptif/soundsfx/soundcube.htm
■[Sound Cube] Disc 2
■[Sound Cube] Disc 3
■[Sound Cube] Disc 4
■[Sound Cube] Disc 5
■[Sound Cube] Disc 6
■[Sound Cube] Disc 7
■[Warner Brothers] Sound Effect Vol1 - Vol5 _[Full]
■[Freshmusic] Fresh Music Library (Vol1-5) [1cd]
■[MAGIX Creativity] Soundpool collection 4_BigBeat/Drum'n'Bass 1cd_[500m]
■[Sound Ideas] Symphonic Adventure [555M]
■[Silicon Media] Sound data
■[Hollywood] Sound Effects
■Ambient Experimental
■Horror for Audio
■Sound Effects data cd(500m)
■ Ambient Realmz (wav)
□[Hanna Barbra] Hanna-Barbera SoundFX Library cd1 [70M]-mp3

■■ Video Tutorial (강좌) / Movie Making.Computer graphics related ■■

■■ Ani Music - Post-TX[650m]
■■ McGraw.Hill.Osborne.Abode.Illustrator.10.Virtual.Classroom-EatiSO
■■ [Gnomon Online] Maya Tutorials [200m]
■■ [Gnomon] GNOMON Skinning[1cd]
■■ [Gnomon] GNOMON Workshop.Polygon Modeling.I
■■ [Gnomon] GNOMON Maya.Training.Video.Dynamics.I
■■ [Gnomon] GNOMON Maya.Training.Video.Dynamics.II
■■ [Gnomon] GNOMON Maya.Training.Video.Dynamics.III
■■ [Gnomon] GNOMON Maya.Training.Video.Dynamics.IV-W3D
■■ [Gnomon] GNOMON Maya.Training.Video.Dynamics.V -W3D
■■ [Gnomon] GNOMON Maya Training Video Dynamics VII - Video VII.AVI[700m]
■■ [Gnomon] GNOMON Maya Training Video-KINEMATICS.III
■■ [Alias/Wavefront] Maya.v4.Modeling.Techniques-Working.with.Subdivision.S
■■ [Alias/Wavefront] Paint FX Techniques in Maya 4 [712m]
■■ [Alias/Wavefront] Ringging A Characters Face [249m]
■■ [Alias/Wavefront] Particle Effects for VE(Maya) [700m]
■■ Advanced Rendreing Tips & Tricks [400m]
■■ The Art of Maya [448m] (Doc+html+source files)
■■ [Glaskar] Dino 3d - 3d ani & photo [682m]
■■ Advanced-Maya-Shader-Networks.avi [416m]
■■ Texturing SubD'S in Maya3 SDS_P2 [655m]
■■ The Matrix Revisited 2cd (The Making of Matrix-divx)[2cd ]
■■ The Making of Shrek [1cd ]
■■ The Making of Monsters Inc [300m]
■■ Final Fantasy 2cds[FF8&9_video clips] [2cd]
■■ Final Fantasy 8_Visual [45mins_1cd]
■■ Cebas Final Rendering video training [230m]
■■ 3dsMax4 Character studio training [2cd ]
■■ Mastering Materials in Softimage XSI_Tape1 [622M]
■■ Mastering Materials in Softimage XSI_Tape2 [646M]
■■ Mastering Materials in Softimage XSI_Tape3 [ 56M](bin)
■■ Cumbria XSI2.0 Training Cd1.iso.part01[637m]
■■ Softimage Character Kit Tape1.avi [680m]
■■ Linda.com Tutorial Video for After Effects V5 [500M]
■■ 3DSMaxr4 - Nurbs Frank Delise [516m]
■■ Combustion Video Tutorial [170m] (Mov+Pdf)
■■ [DigitalX]3D Studio MAX R3 Update Training CD1_DigXR3 cd1 [400m]
■■ [DigitalX]3D Studio MAX R3 Update Training CD2_DigXR3 cd2 [400m]
■■ Total Training Photoshop7,Basics.Special Edition.w3d
■■ [VTC]_After Effects Video Tutorials
■■ Macromedia.Fundamentals.of.ActionScript.in.Flash.MX.Seminar-EATiSO
□□ SubD'S in Maya [35m]
□□ M-K-Tiger [27m]
□□ subdivizonmodeling_best_tip.avi - subd's in Mirai [35m]


▒ 포토시디★HI RESOLUTION★ 교환합니다. 최소[Hi]는 기본이죠?
(I only trade CDs that has at least all ★[Hi] RESOLUTION - images★)

포토씨디카다로그 http://www.imagecd.com/index.html?var=photocd
회사별 카다로그 http://www.imagecd.com/photocd/co_01.html

■■■■■■■■■■■■■▒ PHOTO DISCS (포토디스크) ▒■■■■■■■■■■■■

▒ the images are all at least [hi image]. some are in full product cds.


★ Velocity Series

VL04 - Cyber Safari
VL05 - Shopping Spree
VL06 - Competitive Edge

★ Special Series

PDSC005 - Wired World (full product cd) 정보통신의 세계

★ Fine Art Series

Fine Art SERIES 01- European Paintings(full product cd)
Fine Art SERIES 02- European Posters
Fine Art SERIES 03- Antique Maps & Heraldic Images(full product cd)
Fine Art SERIES 04- American Fine Art & Illustrati(full product cd)
Fine Art SERIES 05- Myths and Legends(full product cd)
Fine Art SERIES 06- Religious Illustration(full product cd)
Fine Art SERIES 07- Storybook Children(full product cd)
Fine Art SERIES 08- Business and Industry Illustra(full product cd)

★ Object Series (1 ~ 53)

OBJECT SERIES 01 - Fruit and Vegetables
OBJECT SERIES 02 - Faces and Hands
OBJECT SERIES 03 - Architect Elements
OBJECT SERIES 04 Retro Relics
OBJECT SERIES 05 - Visual Symbols
OBJECT SERIES 06 - Object Series
OBJECT SERIES 07 - Everyday Objects
OBJECT SERIES 09 Metaphorically Speaking
OBJECT SERIES 12 Just Documents
OBJECT SERIES 13 Just Flowers
OBJECT SERIES 14 World Games
OBJECT SERIES 15 Informedia
OBJECT SERIES 17 Doors and Windows
OBJECT SERIES 18 Everyday Animals
OBJECT SERIES 19 Festivals
OBJECT SERIES 20 In Character
OBJECT SERIES 21 [full product cd]
OBJECT SERIES 22 Metaphors and Symbols
OBJECT SERIES 23 [full product cd]
OBJECT SERIES 24 [full product cd]
OBJECT SERIES 26 Informedia 2[Low,med]
OBJECT SERIES 27 [full product cd]
OBJECT SERIES 28 [full product cd]
OBJECT SERIES 29 Supporting Cast Women
OBJECT SERIES 30 Supporting Cast Men(full product cd)
OBJECT SERIES 31 [full product cd]
OBJECT SERIES 32 [full product cd]
OBJECT SERIES 33 [full product cd]
OBJECT SERIES 34 Nusical Instruments(full product cd)
OBJECT SERIES 35 [full product cd]
OBJECT SERIES 36 Moments of life
OBJECT SERIES 37 [full product cd]
OBJECT SERIES 38 [full product cd]
OBJECT SERIES 39 Supporting Casting Teens
OBJECT SERIES 40 Objects of Buisness
OBJECT SERIES 41 [full product cd]
OBJECT SERIES 43 Medicine and Technology
OBJECT SERIES 44 European Object
OBJECT SERIES 45 Just flower
OBJECT SERIES 46 Wired Communications[Hi]
OBJECT SERIES 47 Childs Play
51 missing <---
52 missing <---
53 missing <---

★ Volume Series : (1 ~ 103) 현재 103번까지 출시

Volume Series 01 Buisness and Industry
Volume Series 02 People and lifestyles
Volume Series 03 Backgrounds and Textures
Volume Series 04 Science, Technology and Medicine
Volume Series 05 World Commerce & Travel[Full]
Volume Series 06 Wildlife and the Environment
Volume Series 07 Buisness and Occupations
Volume Series 09 Holidays & Celebrations[Full]
Volume Series 10 Sports and Recreation
Volume Series 11
Volume Series 12 Food and Dining
Volume Series 13
Volume Series 14 Business and Transportation
Volume Series 15
Volume Series 16 US Landmarks & Travel (미완1-8,110-336 missing)
Volume Series 17 European People, Business & ifestyles
Volume Series 18
Volume Series 19 Agriculture (from philips)
Volume Series 20 Food Essentials
Volume Series 21 CD1[full product cd]
Volume Series 21 CD2[full product cd]
Volume Series 22 CD1[full product cd]
Volume Series 22 CD2[full product cd]
Volume Series 22 CD1[full product cd]
Volume Series 23
Volume Series 24 Education -미완
Volume Series 25 2cd
Volume Series 26 Homes and Gardens
Volume Series 27
Volume Series 28
Volume Series 29 Modern Technologies미완(29334~29336등 몇장 빠짐)
Volume Series 30
Volume Series 31
Volume Series 32
Volume Series 34
Volume Series 35
Volume Series 36
37 missing <---
Volume Series 38
Volume Series 39
Volume Series 40 Health and Medicine 2
Volume Series 41
Volume Series 42
Volume Series 43
Volume Series 44 Wildlife and the Environment 2
Volume Series 45
Volume Series 46
Volume Series 47 Retro American 2
Volume Series 48
Volume Series 49 [Med]
Volume Series 50 Going on Holiday
Volume Series 51 cd1[Full Product]
Volume Series 51 cd2[Full Product]
Volume Series 52
Volume Series 53 [Med]
Volume Series 54 Science, Technology and Medicine 2
55 missing <---
56 missing <---
57 missing <---
58 missing <---
59 missing <---
Volume Series 60 [Med]
Volume Series 61
Volume Series 62
Volume Series 63
Volume Series 64 Global Communications
Volume Series 65
Volume Series 66 [Full Product]
Volume Series 67
Volume Series 68
Volume Series 69
Volume Series 70
Volume Series 72 Proffesional Science
Volume Series 73 Work Day
Volume Series 74
75 missing <---
Volume Series 76
Volume Series 77 Home and gardens cd1
Volume Series 77 Home and gardens cd2
78 missing <---
79 missing <---
Volume Series 80 Computers and learning
Volume Series 81 Digital Revolution
Volume Series 82 Recreation Sports
Volume Series 83 Contemporary Health
84 missing <---
85 missing <---
Volume Series 86
87 missing <---
88 missing <---
89 missing <---
90 missing <---
Volume Series 91
92 missing <---
Volume Series 93 Good Tastes
94 missing <---
Volume Series 95 Youth Culture[hi100]
96 missing <---
97 missing <---
98 missing <---
99 missing <---
Volume Series100 Friends[hi100]
Volume Series101 [Full] CD1
Volume Series101 [Full] CD2

★ Signature Series : (1 ~ 49) 현재 49번까지 출시

Signature Series_01 The colors
Signature Series_02 Urban Perspectives[full product cd]
Signature Series_03 Children of the world
Signature Series_04 The Painted Table
05 missing <---
Signature Series_06 Floral Impressions
Signature Series_07 Action Sports
Signature Series_08 Study of Form & Color 미완
Signature Series_09 VintageE Vigenettes
Signature Series_10 Color Contrasts
Signature Series_11 Details of Nature
Signature Series_12 Evocative Landscapes
Signature Series_13- Panoramic Landscapes
Signature Series_14 Cultural Arts
Signature Series_15 Buisness Metaphors and Details
Signature Series_16 Everyday People
Signature Series_17 Everyday Twosomes
Signature Series_18 Technology Perspectives
Signature Series_19 International eye
Signature Series_20 Form and Figure
Signature Series_21 Time And Technology
Signature Series_22 Still life Today
Signature Series_23 Business Metaphors and Details
Signature Series_24 Business Perspective
Signature Series_25 Life's Frustrations
Signature Series 26 Emotions and Expressions
Signature Series_27 Business : The Surreal Deal
Signature Series_28 Panoramic Views
Signature Series_29 Elictric Color
Signature Series_30 X-Ray Vision
Signature Series_31 The Competitive Spirit
Signature Series_32 Character Studies [Full cd]
Signature Series_33 Everyday People 2 [Full cd]
Signature Series_34 Space Metaphors
Signature Series_35 Industrial Power and Light [Full cd]
Signature Series_36 Anatomy of Medicine[Full cd]
Signature Series_37 Colorful Contrasts 2
Signature Series_38 Work in Focus [Full cd]
Signature Series_39 Evocative Hands
Signature Series_40 Buisness In Action
Signature Series_41
Signature Series_42 An Evenning Out
Signature Series_43 Home Comforts
Signature Series_44 Buisness Impressions
Signature Series_45 Emotions And Expressions
Signature Series 46 Business Old and New
Signature Series 47 Time and Technology 2
48 missing <---
49 missing <---

★ Background Series (1 ~ 35)현재 35번까지 출시

Background series 01 Studio Geometry(90~)
Background series 02 Industrial Sidestreets
Background series 03 Wallscapes
Background series 04 Skan/9 Abstractions
Background series 05 Wackground
Background series 06 Ethereal Shadows
Background series 07 Mod Twisters
Background series 08 Brush Works cd1[Full product]
Background series 08 Brush Works cd1[Full product]
Background series 09 Electric Skews
Background series 10 [Full product]
Background series 11 Studio Backdrops
Background series 12 cd1[Full product]
Background series 12 cd2[Full product]
Background series 13 cd1[Full product]
Background series 13 cd2[Full product]
Background series 14 Earth in focus
Background series 15 Elements
Background series 16 Wow and Flutter
Background series 17 Global Perspectives
Background series 18 Metal Works
19 missing <---
Background series 20 Electron Microscapes
Background series 21 The Painted Canvas
Background series 22 Global Surfaces
Background series 23 [Full product]
Background series 24 Animal Patterns
Background series 25 Seasonal Backgrounds
Background series 26 Studio Geometry 2
Background series 27 Global Surfaces 2[Full product]
Background series 28 Business Graphics
Background series 29 Elements 2
Background series 30 Techno Backdrops
31 missing <---
Background series 32 Technical Palette
33 missing <---
Background series 34 Second Luminosity[Full]
Background series 35 [Full product]

★ Designer Tools - 현재 11번까지 출시

01-DTS-Gears Metaphors of Interaction
02-DTS-Clock lnstruments of Time
03-DTS-Maps & Navigation
04-DTS-World Currencies
05-DTS-Designer Tool Series5-Keyboards and Computer
06-DTS Circuits and Eletronics (HI)
07-DTS-Transport and Travel
08-DTS-Roads and Highways
09-DTS-Floral Portraits
10-DTS-internet icons
11-DTS Texture and Light




Digital Vision™ Business Metaphors
Digital Vision™ Computer Graphics Images
Digital Vision™ Business Connections
Digital Vision™ Critical Mass
Digital Vision™ Sun,Sea and Sand
Digital Vision™ Velocity
Digital Vision™ Icons
Digital Vision™ Global Interface
Digital Vision™ Inner Gaze
Digital Vision™ Millenium
Digital Vision™ Infinite Space
Digital Vision™ Alphabet Symbols
Digital Vision™ Organix



Q vision_01 [New York]
Q-Vision 02 [Australia, New Zealand]
Q vision_03 [France]
Q-Vision 04 [Canada, Alaska]
Q-Vision 05 [Germany, Swiss, Austria, East Europe]
Q-Vision 06 [Hawaii, Guam]
Q-Vision 07 [America]
Q-Vision 08 [England]
Q-Vision 09 [South Asia]
Q-Vision 10 [Greece Turkey, Egypt]
Q-Vision 11 [Spain]
Q-Vision 12
Q-Vision 13
Q-Vision 14 [Korea]
Q-Vision 15

■ Artville SERIES

Artville.Eating out
Artville.Young Techies


KPG.Korean Image[조선]

KPG.Gold Series Vol.01-Green&Sky _[Hi only] http://www.imagecd.com/photocd/search/large_list.html?group=photocd&productNo=K-KPG018&count=&sort=&key=KPG&oldkey=&bpage=2
KPG.Gold Series Vol.02-Life Styles
KPG.Gold Series Vol.03
KPG.Gold Series Vol.04
KPG.Gold Series Vol.05
KPG.Gold Series Vol.06 Various Water Image
KPG.Gold Series Vol.07 Flower&Leaves
KPG.Gold Series Vol.08 Computer Graphics
KPG.Gold Series Vol.09_Four Season
KPG.Gold Series Vol.10_Sky&River


[CD백업] DID Series Vol.003 Stone Grain
[CD백업] DID Series Vol.031 Special Background
[CD백업] DID Series Vol.050 High Tech World
[CD백업] DID Series Vol.037 Glass
[CD백업] DID Series Vol.024 Rust Pattern

■Eye Wire

Sports Elements (full product cd)

■Digital Stock Series

Digital Stock Series 89 CD1
Digital Stock Series 89 CD2

■ Corbis

Storm Chaser cd1
Storm Chaser cd2

■ Comstock

Comstock.Babies - SoSISO (AB_WATEREFECT_CD3에)
Comstock.Web.Photo.Icons-SoSISO (AB_WATEREFECT_CD4에)

■ Corel series

Corel Professional Photostock
Corel Futuristic Illustrations
Corel Hawks and Falcons
Corel 187 -
Corel 188 - Classic Antarctica
Corel 195 - Hunting
Corel 213 - Mountains of Eurasias

■ Photo 20000

Photo 20000정품

■ Hilit Publishing 힐리트 http://www.hilit.com.tw/


★ Designers 2D CLIP ART
BEE-LINE http://www.beeline-clipart.com/clipart_color.htm
Corel http://www.corel.com
Tongro http://www.tongro.com/products/c_island/island.html
Nova Development http://www.novadevelopment.com/mainus/company/index.htm

■ [BEE-LINE] ArtProFile Color Collection Version 1
■ [BEE-LINE] ArtProFile Clip art Vol2.0 iso

■ [Corel] Corel Draw V7 Clipart 1cd

■ [Corel] Corel Magic 20,000 Clipart 8CD ■ registration code:MG2XR-37525966
[Corel] Corel Magic 20,000 Clipart cd0
[Corel] Corel Magic 20,000 Clipart cd1
[Corel] Corel Magic 20,000 Clipart cd2
[Corel] Corel Magic 20,000 Clipart cd3
[Corel] Corel Magic 20,000 Clipart cd4
[Corel] Corel Magic 20,000 Clipart cd5
[Corel] Corel Magic 20,000 Clipart cd6
[Corel] Corel Magic 20,000 Clipart cd7
[Corel] Corel Magic 20,000 Clipart cd8 (Full)

■ [Tongro] Clip Island I 22000 9 CD ■ http://www.imagekorea.co.kr/cd_default.asp?cd_code=c-toci01&cd_package_code=c-toci01
[Tongro] Clip Island I 22000 CD1
[Tongro] Clip Island I 22000 CD3
[Tongro] Clip Island I 22000 CD6

■ [Tongro] Clip Island II 22000 13 CD■ http://www.imagekorea.co.kr/cd_default.asp?cd_code=c-toci02&cd_package_code=c-toci02
[Tongro] Clip Island II 22000 CD1
[Tongro] Clip Island II 22000 CD2
[Tongro] Clip Island II 22000 CD3
[Tongro] Clip Island II 22000 CD5
[Tongro] Clip Island II 22000 CD6
[Tongro] Clip Island II 22000 CD7
[Tongro] Clip Island II 22000 CD8
[Tongro] Clip Island II 22000 CD9
[Tongro] Clip Island II 22000 CD10
[Tongro] Clip Island II 22000 CD11
[Tongro] Clip Island II 22000 CD12
[Tongro] Clip Island II 22000 CD13 (13Cdfull)

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