Re: Ummm... Who's Mr. Martin?

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Posted by elmek on May 26, 1998 at 07:03:54:

In Reply to: Ummm... Who's Mr. Martin? posted by sATaN on May 26, 1998 at 02:26:05:

: Well whatever- Who's Mr.Martin?

Philip Martin is the author of q2modeller.

: But shouldn't the 3DS file contain the keyframer info? And if it does, shouldn't there be a way to get it out of there someway?

The difference between the motion in md2 files and 3ds files
is that in md2 you have a new mesh (perhaps just new possitions
for vertices, not sure) for every new motion frame
while a 3ds file holds the information for the mesh as a
constant and the motion is prolly done by writing down the
distance that the object is moved/rotated and then inside
3dstudio only translate this information as the distance
relate to worldspace.

If this is right then it might rather hard to get this
information because the program converting it to a md2
would have to read the 3ds file and then simulate how
3dstudio would enterpret it, then capture a sertain
amount of nonlisted values (the interpolation between
the keyframes), convert this into new mesh information
(new vertices possition insted of new object possition)
and save.

I would say that it is possible but that its a bit of
a hazzle that noone really wants to spend time doing
since it is prolly easyer to write a plugin 3dsr3 that
exports to md2 in the first place.

If i understod your original question right then what
you should look for is a 3dsr3 plugin that does batch
export...that would get you the interpolated frames.


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