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Posted by sTuPiD fOoL on May 23, 1998 at 22:58:29:

In Reply to: Re: Q2M bug posted by Phillip Martin on May 20, 1998 at 19:42:58:

I i put it so it deletes any isolated vertices, just as it does in the 3d editor when you delete a face, would that be sufficient?

it should : )

: In the Skin editor, you can delete verices, but you cannot delete faces. This is becuase the number of faces must be the same in both the Skin Editor and the 3D Editor, and I preferred to keep delting Faces a part of the 3D sectino only.

I know, but it would be nice, so you one could "start all over" with the mapping, you nahmean?

: Now this is MUCH more serious. Does move frame crash _every_ time? If not can you describe exactly whats happening. If moved frames all over the place and no errors popped up, but a couple of people have reported internmittent errors, which has got me really worried.

It crashed every time - what hapened was i moved a frame or a group of frames, then when i go to do something else (like save) it would give me an error, and i'd have to close the program. I cant tell you exactly what happens, becuase it doesnt do it anymore....

: And the floting point over flows - this is just as serious. If you could track down sort of what you did to cause the error, I'd be eternally greateful.

this would happen when i tried to load a companion file - or reference model, that is. Again, it doesnt do that anymore...have you made a self-repairing program you genius you?

: And Holding down alt deselects verts, Crtl adds verts (when not in select mode) and Shift Pans the view.

Thanks, thats really great to hear

: Phillip Martin

: : This has probably already been reported, but here are some bugs ive found:

: : When you merge a model with another, then delete the merged model, the vertices from the deleted model still show up in the Skins screen.

: : In the skins screen, you cannot delte vertices or polies. (I realize to delete polies you just get a different position from the model, but itd be easier if you could delete them).

: : Also, this is very minor, but in the skins screen, if you scroll past where the skin is supposed to be, it like still tries to put the skin there, repeting parts of itself..hard to explain.

: : Moving frames crashes the program.

: : i get floating point errors and floating point overflows often (this probably has has something to do with the merged-model vertex bug)

: : I hope you can get these fixed...otherwise your program is very cool!

: : One suggestion though, could you make it so one drag will select some vertices or points, the next drag will DEselect them. (pressing SHIFT will aloow you to add more to your selection) This would be so much easier; its kind of a pain to find out you've selected ONE EXTRA point, and having to "select none" and re-select all of the points you want again...

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