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Posted by Chaoslord.CC on May 22, 1998 at 16:34:20:

Ok. I guess i've been vague in what I need, or either stupid in what I"m trying to do. Everyone has been great trying to help, but they haven't really helped with what I need. I get that you can split the skin from the sides, and seperate it from the rest.

My real problem is this: say you have a box. square on the x, y and z axes. As a model, how do you get q2m to see the sides of the box??? I want to be able to apply skin to the sides, and everytime I try to get the position from the model, the sides have no skin, becuase they are flat relative to the front and back. Can I not take a chunk of polys from the side, and make that part flat, full size on the skin? Is the only way it makes skins by looking from the front and the back?

As well, in Q2M, when I have just a few polys selected in face mode, and I got ->view->skins, and choose new skin, I get a front/back view of the polys already on the skin. How do I prevent this, or get rid of those polys


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