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Posted by NovaStrike on April 20, 1998 at 17:21:13:

In Reply to: Re: q2m question posted by Phillip Martin on April 20, 1998 at 08:37:37:

: : Is there a way to detatch verticies or faces in
: : quake2 modeller? I want to detatch the arms
: : and legs of my model so I can setup the skin easier.

: Nope, there is no way to detach faces in the modeller. Its something that really should have been there, but this has been rectified, and will be in the new version.

: Now, if the detaching of faces is only for skinning, there is no need to detach faces in the 3D part.

: Whenever you get the skin mesh from the 3d editor, it detaches the related faces in the Skin View.

: My method: Just select the biggest bit of the model (in face mode), and push ']' to select connected faces. Now get the front and back of this int he skin editor, and scale then and fair bit smaller than your skin size. Then select you arms, and repeat the front/back getting, and then do the same for the legs. Now turn Sync Skin Selection on in the options, and make face mode be in both the 3d and skin view. Now whenever you select a face in the skin editor, it will be selected in the 3deditor, so that will make your selecting a fair bit easier.

: After everything is segmented the way you like, and in the Skin Editor, its just a matter of selecting and moving and rotating and scaling and so on and so forth.

: I use a slighty faster method now, with all the coolio new options and shit in the new Q2Modeller, which will be out shortly! I hope. :)

: The Q2modeller web page will be moving shortly to, to coincide with the new version coming out. So stay tuned!

: Hopefully helpful,
: Phillip Martin

: :
: : NovaStrike

Thanks for the response. You should put in
a shortcut for select none :).

Also have you thought of writing a plugin or
script for your skin tool in q2m for 3dsmax?
I would pay 40-60$ just for that tool if it
worked in max. If it worked with uvw mapping
in max similar to the unwrap or texporter plugin
your skin tool would rock. The process of
mapping and texturing an orgranic model in max would incrase in speed by 100% for me :)

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