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Posted by NAiLs on April 05, 1998 at 03:10:26:

In Reply to: Re: Animation + Texture mapping in Max posted by Elmek on April 04, 1998 at 16:43:00:

Thanks ELMEK! you kick ass.

: To apply a texture is quite easy, but moste times
: you have to do things in a special order.

: Since max uses modifiers like layers then the layer
: giving texture cordinates must be below the layer giving
: the animation. If not then the texture will not deform on
: the model. Mmmm...this is how it worked in max1.2 I have
: using the UVW unwrapper been able to sucessfully ignore
: this fact but i suppose it might be good to be on the
: safe side.

: The prodcedure you should follow is this:

: 1.Model and pose your model.
: 2.If you have used any modifiers in the modeling
: then i think you should collaps the model to a
: editable mesh. No special reason, i just like it that way.
: 3.Add the mapping (read below)
: 4.Make the material, a bitmap in the diffusemap works
: fine. You also wanna make sure you have the 'show in
: viewport' button activated so you can see the texture.
: 5.Apply the material.
: 6.Apply the animation

: If you use max2 then there is a better way of adding
: mapping to a model then the plain modes given in
: the UVW mapping modifier. It actually works pritty
: much like the md2 mapping.

: By using the mesh select modifier in conjunction with
: the UVW mapping and UVW unwrapp modifiers you can make
: just as good model mapping as any md2 model, its just
: a bit harder. The way it works is to use the 'mesh
: select' as a kind of filter for the texturefaces. By selecting
: a bunch of faces and adding a new modifier on top of this
: one only the selected faces are passed on to this new
: modifier. In other words: You can select the head and
: add a cylindrical uvw mapping to these faces only while
: you add a planar mapping to the torso and so on.

: Procedure for this:
: 1.Select the faces you want to mapp.
: 2.Add some type of UVW mapping (not always nessary, sometimes
: you can go directly to step 3).
: 3.Add a UVWUnwrapp modifier, and choose edit. Now you get a small
: editor that works pritty much like the other native md2editors, the
: main differance is that you cant change the size of the active
: mapping area wich is pritty bad, and you can only see the faces you
: selected.
: 4. Do previous steps untill all faces are mapped good.
: 5. Select all faces with a 'Select mesh'.
: 6. Add a final UVWUnwrapper. With this youll be able to see how
: all the faces are now mapped. This is the main step, all the others
: are mainly just to separeate and scale down the parts so that they
: wont overlap to much in this step.

: When you are done with step 6 you can collaps the mesh if
: you like to loose all the modifiers you'v added (it will be
: a lot of them) The only little prob is that you then will get
: a bunch of extra texturevertices if you decide youll need to
: edit the mapping further. I think this is because max passes
: on the texturevertices from all steps but im not sure. Anyway
: its just a 'inside max' problem so you wont have to deal with it
: if you wont need to fix the mapping any more.

: I suppose this can be used to bring a existing, and mapped md2
: model into max again and rendering cutscenes (use a wireframe
: skin as a background in the UVWUnwrapper) and it definatly
: should make it possible for max2 users to make there md2 models
: completly inside max2, provided that some smart guy writes a
: plugin that takes use of the mapping cords ofcours.

: Something that Npherno or Philip Martin might want to try would
: perhaps be to write a plugin that export a separate file with the
: mapping cords from max (both there utilities can export/import
: files with texture cords only if im not misstaken). If anyone
: of them have access to the max2sdk that is...

: Well i hope this helped in some way.
: Elmek

: : Anyone know where I can find out the descriptions for the animations in the md2?
: : ex. frames 0-39 is ideling, there are some frames which I don't understand :)
: : ex. frames 124-134 what is the model doing? Is that another taunt?

: : Also I have my base frame done for my model. In 3dsmax do I simply apply a planer mapping
: : to the base frame after I pose him?

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