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Posted by Mr.Ouija on March 13, 1998 at 19:17:53:

In Reply to: Re: *.RAW to 3DS or LWO converter posted by Phillip Martin on March 08, 1998 at 21:43:35:

The best thing you could do is fix the 3ds export. The current export scales up the model alot. To see this yourself, export a frame from a model in the 3ds format, them compile it with qdata. You should see the model is now huge.

Also, exporting the model to 3ds files (as oppposed to exporting a single frame) should export each frame with its proper name a #, not just one name for all the frames in the model.

Thanks for the reply.

: Is it sufficient to fix up the .mdl importing in Q2 Modeller? If so, I'll do it tonight or tomorrow, and swing out a fix for it.

: Phillip Martin
: Q2 Modeller Author

: : NOTE: for those who just want me to get to the point, that main thing is that a need a *.raw to *.3ds converter, prefrably one that can do batch conversions, or a dos commandline based program so I can automate the procces with a batch file. The below info is just stuff you should read if you think I missed something.

: : I am using a cheapo way to model, by modeling in seperate *.mdl files in qMe (so to stay in its 20 frame saving maximum), then I decompose the model files with meddle into seperate *.raw or *.asc files.
: : This method used to work with Quake1, since I could use an old modelgen that accepted *.raw files.
: : For Quake2 however, this doesn't work since their is no qdata that accepts RAW or ASC files. I used a qdata that accepted DXF files, but it would doubnle my triangle count since meddle outputs 3 sided polygons, and it expects 4.
: : I tried using meddle, and that old modelgen to make a q2 model, but that didsnt work since the q1 to q2 model conversion screwes up the origin. So doesn converting a q1 model to q2 with Q2 modeller. I also tried using Q2 modeller to import asc, but again the asc file import wouldn't let me specify then origin, and when handeling scenes over 9 frames, it gets the wrong order in mass imports. I also tried exporting the indavidual q1 models in 3ds files with q2 modeller, but q2 modeller doesn't give the proper frame names when outputting the entire model, and the 3ds files are real big (they actuall models in the file apear huge when I compile them with qdata).

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