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Posted by GB on March 04, 1998 at 06:02:25:

Iíve been thinking about this all afternoon, iv always wanted to make my own modeling package but I donít have the programming skills.

Iíve used almost every package that fell to earth. I sell 3d systems.Iíve been trying to put my finger what I would consider the three most important to think about in the long term. Or what I would consider the most important thing.1. I'd think about working in the 3d view only. How? By using gizmoes. Have you seen Maya yet. These gizmoes are kind of hard to explain but I recommend you check it out.

In fact next time we have it in the office ill give you a call and you come and have a look. Your in Melbourne arenít you? If your in Sydney your should make it down to Digital Media World next week and check it out.

2. I'd think about getting the modeller working in full screen on the 3d FX. the voodoo 2 is going to rock. If its not too much trouble id ditch the windows interface..

3. and of course a very customable interface. not just keyboard shortcuts. but the buttons and all should be programmable. As I see it, the modeller should be
essentially command live driven. A user would be able to create new buttons and give buttons a command to send. these buttons could be placed on pallets around the place...

actually come to think it.. this is an alias thing as well.. I didnít I was that much of a fan :)

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