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Posted by Phillip Martin on March 04, 1998 at 01:18:05:

In Reply to: Re: Hey Phillip Martin ! posted by GB on March 03, 1998 at 23:19:01:

: Hi Again,

: I have more sugestions... :)

: Thing i find most dificult is setting up the texture mapping coords. Let me describe how i do it, and tell me if this is the best way.

: .5. first i set up a dummy frame that i will delete later. this is so when i rotate objects to face front/back i won wreck a good frame

: 1. set up my skins window to stay on top and basically select groups of faces in the 3d view, rotate them to face front/back.. and import them to the skins window.

: 2. I then need to tidy up the vertex placement so that its nice and neat and so that arms and legs wrap around neatly etc....

: This is what i find so slow and painfull because selection is so dificult. ie Push the select button, select vertex, push move button, move vertex, push select button ... etc..

: In theroy your eye (and the mouse) should never leave the vertex your working with. And will therefore be much quicker.

: There are a couple of ways you could implement this.

: In alias, you can push your select shortcut key( ctrl or alt) and draging left over objects adds to the selection group and draging right object from the selection group. When you let go of your shortcut key you go back to whatever tool your were using before (M R S etc..). This is the coolest ive seen so far.

: by the way.. like the old hag im working on at the moment?

Okay, at the moment for the skin editor: the select and move, rotate, scale keys are on f5, f6, f7, f8 keys respectively. Switch between the tools to do that. These keys show up on the tool tips for the buttons.
Also, when there is nothing selected, and a move, rotate etc is applied, the mode is temporarily changed to select mode.

But I will chuck -shift- or -ctrl- for a temp select key. Whichever one i don't use will most likely be used for pan. But customizable keys would solve these probs.

Very nice model by the way. The stomach region sticking out is a nice effect, and the face is particularily well defined .

Phillip Martin

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