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Posted by Elmek on March 03, 1998 at 06:20:21:

In Reply to: Re: Your Modeller : Part ][ posted by Phillip Martin on March 02, 1998 at 19:37:14:


I never thought you would take that so damn personal. Its my oppinion that it doesnt serve the purpose of a skin painter...

Anyway just to make every thing clear as crystal.

I LOVE Quake2 Modeller! Its a great program and I use it ALL THE TIME.

Perhaps you should not get so upset about little things like this...i dont know if anyone else who read that message thought that i completly hated the entire program or not...i really hope not because that was not my intention. Ppl who have read my earlyer messages here and also on q2modeling (pq mailing list) will prolly notice that if I recommend a program for md2 models then i recommend q2modeller.

But i do not like the meshpainter (or should i say the meshtester?) does not fill a function in _my oppinion_. Yes i know i could have used a more friendly tone in the message (and in this one as well) just to make sure that you did not get upset but you could also take comments about your program (again a good program!) less personal.

I really do hope you understand that i do not nor have i ever and neither will i ever try to slander or in any other way give a wrongfull impression of a pice of freeware software.

I do however have the right to have a oppinion.

Benny E.

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