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Posted by Elmek on February 28, 1998 at 08:25:57:

In Reply to: Re: YOUR modeller posted by Ghent on February 27, 1998 at 21:09:50:

Some of these might have been mentioned already.

Ability to flip edges.
Ability to build polygons by a connect the dots
Select connected feature found in q2modeller.
View centering on selected faces/vertices/edges.
View centering on entire mesh.
View centering on selected object(s).
Ability to split edges.
Tesselate selected faces (might be good...donno)
Selection ignore back-faces/edges/verts switch
Welding verts: Imagine selecting a vert and then
right drag or whatever to the vert it should be
welded to. The selected vert moves to this new
verts possition.
Ability to specify sertain premodeled objects as
primitives: Lets say you have made a damn good leg
that could be used for lots of models. You could
then insted of exporting and merging this with your
model in the program specify that this is a new
kind of primitive. THe program then stores it in
some special directory for quick access and perhaps
creates a special icon for it in some menu or toolbar.
Modelers could then if they like exchange these
primitives very smoothly.

Well thats all i can think of right now.


: Ditto, AND,

: For bones, both inverse and forward knimatics (I use inverse for walking and things that use a lot of "body physics", forward for simple things like ghestures)
: Extrude and Subtract (The two most important tools if you ask me, in creating certain types of models)
: Deformations (Face resize, etc)
: If you can find a way to do it, face reduction... not likely, though... its been done, it almost always mauls the models in the proccess.
: 2 view modes.

: TrueSpace
: Max/lightwave dragable.

: Truespace would have ONE window, with a button to switch between views (Hey, I LIKE TS sometimes)
: Max/Lightwave would have 4 views, top, front, side, perspective, in the typical windowpayne arangment. Preferable they would be MDI children so you could drag them from plaace to place to suit your needs, as well as enlarge them, streach them and the like

: NT4.0 friendly is a must

: Solidify mesh: This is gona take some explaining. All Q2 models, in qME and other model editors, register as a single piece, even when there are ifact multiple pieces. I almost ALWAYS have multiple pieces, but its VERY hard to import/export without breaking them up. The only way is in qME, one frame at a time... follow me? Need a way to re-solidify them)

: for bones again, a nice touch would be import/export animations

: and last but not least, a 3d renderer that would let me see the model in different light levels and colors. Prolly use 3DFX for that, not everyone is lucky enough to have a true GL card (I DO, but thats not the point)

: :
: : everything he said, plus ability to import/export lwo and dxf. and the ability to import models that have quads, and automatically triple them.

: :
: : : Ummm... let me see....
: : : wish list
: : : Bones, rotation on an axis : : : rotate button and it asks you the pivot point>
: : : ummm...the ability to paint the skin right on
: : : the model, the ability to import _AND_ export
: : : .3ds objects and frames...Object grouping and
: : : selecting, object Heirarchy, bones ,
: : : model animation preview with the skin,
: : : 3d wirefrom point-selection, The ability to
: : : create and delete points and faces, flip
: : : triangles, and VERY VERY important is the
: : : ability to 'normalise all triangles' like surfix
: : : used to do to .raw format files...make all the
: : : triangles face one way, so even if they are
: : : all inside out you can just select the object and
: : : turn 'em all around at once, instead of having to
: : : track down each triangle in turn and flip it.
: : : hmmm....for rotation and movement, axis locking
: : : would be nice, the ability to 'copy' frames to the
: : : next frame, bones ummm....and switchable
: : : viewing so that people can see what the texture
: : : look like normally or with 3d acceleration, so they
: : : can optimise their skins for the weird vagaries
: : : of OpenGL...import/export .Raw format files would be
: : : nice....I have a whole huge long list of options
: : : that would be really neat, but these are the most
: : : important ones and the things I need EVERY day...
: : : and don't have but these are the things that
: : : I would pay 50 bucks for a software package for...

: : : Have I scared you yet?

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