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Posted by Elmek on February 25, 1998 at 04:20:08:

In Reply to: Enemy skin problems.. posted by Kevin Van Heusen on February 24, 1998 at 17:48:27:

This sounds like a skin linkage problem. I've not
fully exlpored the this subject, but from what i
have encounterd when doing playermodels i think that all models other then the player must
have there skins linked to the model. In NST this
is very easy, the option is listed in the skin menu.

For example a playerweapon models skin must be
linked like this to show up. Your models are turning
red because you have a 3d-card. Had you run
software rendering then you would prolly have
gotten a null-skin error.


: I have some new models that I've replaced for
: some of the built-in monsters. (Infantry, etc.)
: Quake 2 recognizes and loads in the MD2's fine..
: except the models are red. (It's missing the skins)

: I've tried all sorts of skin tools, with no success.
: It seems that depending on what tool I use, it
: looks for the skin in a different spot.

: My question is, where does Quake 2 know to look
: for a skin for a model? (I named the skin "skin.pcx"
: and put it in the pak, and in:
: baseq2\models\whatever\skin.pcx)

: It seems like one of the 3rd party tools are putting
: in the right path for the skin. Can I do it myself
: manually somehow? Or.. what tools do you guys
: use for putting skins on monster models, etc.?

: Thanks!
: -Kevin Van Heusen

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