Re: How do you reverse normals? Why wont anyone help??

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Posted by EPD on February 16, 1998 at 18:23:05:

In Reply to: Re: How do you reverse normals? Qdata hates my model. posted by GriSen on February 16, 1998 at 05:42:23:

Im not sure about the new qdata but the qdata that i have is the one from this site. If you mean the lightwave qdata its not goinhg to work because i use 3dstudio(didn't u read my post?)

I would have used the q modeler except that if i use it or any other q modeler prog is that they just give me the front and back for mapping coordinates. my model is a boxy robot so i wouldnt be able to texture the sides is a segmented robot. To be animated using dummy objects. Not char studio or bones. I cant just pull the mapping vertices because the model is very complex with intersecting polys etc. It has about 20 seperate objects.

As for importing to q modeler, exporting to 3ds, then compiling using qdata(to get mapping correctly), the model becomes a mess. I WANT to know how to fix the normals in 3dsmax for qdata. The mirroring of objects seems to be the problem. Why hasn't anyone been able to answer this? Im sure every modeler(that uses 3dsmax) has used the mirror option for the arms/legs/etc. Did u get the same problem? Ive been working at this model for 5 days now. Im all ready to start animating once i get this normals fixed. I have been losing sleep trying everything. There is not a single tutorial that deals with this kind of problem.

As you can read, im VERY POed right now. Im getting the impression that people who have successfully created models and got them to work are only helping by giving bits and pieces, not telling everything as if theres some big secret about creating quake2 models. This is just a _desperate_ feeling i have. Im not trying to target anyone because all of you have been helpful. Its just that frustrated, desperate feeling when your so close yet so far from completing the model. This is basically the last hurdle that i forsee before the model gets done.

: All you have to do is download the new Qdata, it fixes the normals problem. If that doesn't work download Quake modeller and select all faces and flip the normals.

: : Thanks to the ppl who replied to my post. Now i have a new problem.

: : Some normals are flipped/facing the wrong way when i compile it in qdata. It seems to have taken effect only on the objects that i mirrored. So basically half of my robot has reversed normals. Im thinking it has to do with how 3dsmax mirrors things. 3DSM mirrors everything including the axis, not just the object. But if i try to cjhange the local axis, it moves the whole object with it, normals still unflipped(hierchy panel, pivot button, affect axis only). I tried the normal modifier and flipped it but when it gets compiled it turns into a bloody mess. I even tried it with collapsing the stack afterwards. still no go. Please help.

: : Also what does the base mesh do beside make mapping coordinates for the skin?

: : Thanks in advance

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