Re: HELP! How to do base model for proper skinning?

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Posted by stecki on February 15, 1998 at 05:03:03:

In Reply to: HELP! How to do base model for proper skinning? posted by EPD on February 15, 1998 at 03:06:47:

: Ok here goes, this is for quake2, never did Quake1

: I have a Robot(segmented char). I want to be able to skin it properly so i seperate it into pieces(base) and rotate it a little to show both front/side and arrange them. I then attach all of it together so that texmake will come out properly. Bring it(base) into texmake and get my lbm. Now for the frame model its just my robot standing up, segmented, not attached, not binded, local axises not moved. I bring my frame, base and lbm to qdata and compile. I view it and its all fucked up! What gives??

: I just want to skin it properly. The situation is like this. Pretend your going to skin a box. You bring it into a quake modeler and it generates you a outline skin.pcx Problem is that you can only properly skin the front and back while the sides will just be straight lines.

: Somebody help! I spent the whole day trying to fix this! If the author of waste or anybody that has made a Q2 model, please help!


what program are you using for the model and animation? If it's like Alias, here's the problem. The files all have to have the same node structure (if you use Alias, the ASBD window). I have just finished Fuel, which is also a robot, and ended up being a very complicated ordeal like you mention. I did a bunch of tests and figured it out. In Poweranimator, I have to make my baseframe while attached to the skeleton, so that the object hierchy is maintain to the animated file. If I ungroup even one polygon from the skeleton (thus changing the object hierchy, according to the SBD), qdata wreaks havoc on the file, and I get the polygon hell model. Once I export to the Alias .tri format, I can load that file and tweak it around for a compact baseframe, since the only necessary node info is stored in it.

basically, what I'm saying is that the model structure (SBD, object hierchy, node, whatever you call it) has to be identical across all your animation files. Even if the geometry is the same, and their names are the same, it will still mess up (at least with Alias PowerAnimator). I make my baseframe within the modelling animation package, it's its own frame. I have no clue if this make sense or not. I hope it does or someone else can make a better go of it... email if you want, I'll try to help...

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