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Posted by kray-zee on January 23, 1998 at 18:43:31:

In Reply to: Weird Problem posted by SK-realistik (Gene Jones) on January 23, 1998 at 15:26:09:

well...the bad skin error suggests the skin is either not saved correctly or it's not in the right place...just becasue the pcx image displays properly in all your paint programs doesn't mean it's saved right..q2 is very touchy about these things. save it again as a pcx version 5 in paint shop pro, or save it in deluxe paint 2. if that's not it, try recompiling it with qdata. make the skin with texmake, and use that for the lbm (it should be called skin.lbm). for the $skin line put $skin skin models/objects/flashlt/skin

you'll get a skin.pcx and tris.md2 from qdata; put those in models/objects/flashlt and you should be in business. just to be safe, don't edit the pcx yet, just see if the game loads it with the wireframe skin.

: Hey all, maybe somebody out there can help me out with this little problem I've got. I've put a model into Q2 but the skin will never show up.

: I originally just put the .MD2 and .PCX in a directory called /models/objects/flashlt/ but when it wasn't loading the skin, I started taking a better look. I ended up hex editing the .MD2's "skin pointer" to point to models/objects/flashlt/skin.pcx, but when I do that, instead of the skin just not showing up, it doesn't show up PLUS I get two messages saying "Bad PCX file: models/objects/flashlt/skin.pcx".

: Does ANYONE know what the problem could be? The PCX file itself is fine, anything I have that'll read a PCX will display it. I've also linked the model with NST (0.65), q2Modeller (0.83), and qME (3.1 pre-release). Nothing will do the job. I've also tried putting the whole game's structure (sans gamex86.dll) into a .PAK file, and it reads fine, but still I get the error.

: This has been driving me nuts for two weeks now, and I'm about to scrap the project over it. Anyway, if you know what my problem is (or might be) reply here or email me at Thanks for your time, have a nice day!

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