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Posted by Elmek on February 06, 1998 at 06:55:37:

In Reply to: Re: Bones Pro Max: Quake Animation posted by NovaStrike on February 05, 1998 at 21:11:17:

Ok, then i see your prob, even though its not
really a big problem. As I see it you have three

1. Wait untill the recompiled version of
ASCMaker is released. This plugin lets you
choose the mesh objects and export these(only) to
.asc format that can later be imported into
q2modeler to make up the md2 model.

You would then lose the bones without any problem
when exporting because you would not export them at all.

2. Export the bones with the mesh for the entire
model, make the md2 and then delete the bones
inside a model editor. Again q2modeler has a face-
selection function (select connected) that makes
this very easy.

3. Export all the frames and then import them into
max again, delete the bones and then export the mesh
again...this is a bad choice incase you didnt guess ;)

If you dont have to produce the md2 model really
soon then I would go with option 1 because that
plugin makes exporting really easy, both because
you loose the bones directly but also because it
exports a timesegment insted of frame by frame.

ASCMaker is supposed to be released any day now i

If you do have to produce the model right away then
option 2 is not really that bad. If you write a
simple exporting script (you use max2 right?) then
it can be really easy if you dont have any problems
with the 3ds format.

Hope this will get you started.

Benny E.

: The problem is I can't delete the bones like
: biped. If I do the animation is screwed up.
: I also read somewhere that if I hide the bones
: 3dsmax still saves the bone which adds a huge
: amount of polygon count.

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