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Posted by stecki on February 02, 1998 at 22:48:48:

In Reply to: Re: Models and guns... posted by Gambit on February 02, 1998 at 22:34:38:

: : The simpelest way to do it is to model it like you normaly would, then delete the player, save it the result as weapon.md2, then re-open the base and delete the gun. Then save this as tris.md2. Confusing at first, but it aint hard.

: Wait.. let me get this right. It's basically shooting a film of a guy with a gun, but in the editing, you take out the image of the guy, only leaving the gun. That is weird. Wouldn't there be an easier way of doing it?

well, this is the way I work (which is basically the way mentioned in the previous post)...

I model both the gun and the character and animate them as one unit. then after the animations are complete, I save it as one file. I delete the gun, export the model and compile to md2. reload the original, delete the character, leaving the gun by itself, and re-export the animation and compile. The gun is animated as if it was held by the character in relation to it's ground zero point. If you use NST, you'll see what I mean. load up a character, position him, and then load in the gun. NST's windows start in the same postition as your last model, so you'll see the gun floating in mid air, where it should be in relation to the character. what's nice about this is you can composite the two images by doing a frame grab of each, and then photoshopping the two together (that's how I made the waste promo shot).

I hope I haven't confused anyone.

Does anyone know if the point release is gonna handle viewable character weapons, er being able to tell what guns other players are holding.


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