"Everyone break out your cum-buckets, you're gonna need 'em."
--- Barrett 'Bear'Alexander, id Software

11/19/97 Shit ass

  • My new shit-ass-slow-cheapo ISP doesn't allow ftp access to ANY ftp site other than their own .. so i have to upload via netscape, which only works 000000.1% of the time. Lucky i only subscribed for one month.

  • Received a new version of NME, now supports eight different types of 3D views, (Wire, Anti-aliased Wire, Flat Shade, Z-buf Flat Shade, G-Shade, Z-buf G-Shade, Textured Poly, and Z-buffered Textured Poly) ... really neat stuff.

  • Can anyone who is planning on attending the *Melbourne* preview of Quake2 on the 1st December please email me. I was thinking we should throw a little party for Paul, Tim and the rest of .au Activision, with free beers etc :-)

  • 11/16/97 NME preview

  • Our exclusive NME preview is complete, check it out my clicking on INFO, or simply click here.

  • 11/15/97 Misc Files, NME, Malice.

  • NME preview is complete, i'm awaiting NPhernos word of aproval before i upload it.

  • For those that are missing some important files when trying to run either MedDLe or MD2VIEW should download this. If you are having trouble running MD2VIEW, you need to download the latest Glide drivers from 3DFX.

  • I'll have a models run down for Malice tomorrow morning, be sure to come back :).
  • 11/14/97 Anim GIF's updated, P.Steed visting Australia!

  • I'm in a really good mood at the moment, so there's a new anim on the MODELS page. Check it out. (don't ask me why i express my happyness through anims] :-)

  • I received an email from Activision today, imforming me of a Melbourne Quake2 preview, suggesting i reserve my seats as they are limited. Well well well, put the below news update alongside this one, and you have the answer to my question ...

  • Kevin Cloud of id updated his .plan, with the following bit of info
    Tim Willits and Paul Steed will be going to Australia for a Quake 2 release party.

    I emailed Paul to find out whether he'll be visiting Melbourne, and the approximate time he'll be visiting. Hopefully i'll have the opportunity to meet him :-)

  • All of the images in the INFO section have been updated from flat shaded to textured, all thanks to NME. Speaking of which, the promised preview will be uploaded later on in the evening.
  • 11/12/97 3DSMAX2MDL Plugin

  • Deepest apologies for not updating during the past few days, but the lack of news and build up of ReaLife issues was holding me back.

  • For all you 3DSMAX lovers, here's a nice little plugin to save you hours of work. What does it do? Exports MAX scenes to MDL's. Don't try using this if you use MAX along side Character Studio and/or Bones Pro. Download it here.

  • All the anims and the NME preview will be up tonight, first tutorial will be up tomorrow morning.
  • 11/7/97 Happy B'day Paul Steed

  • Not much news today apart from the fact that it's Paul Steed's 33rd Birthday today! Happy B'day Steed!
  • 11/6/97 NME Animator Update, Paul Steed is BACK!!!

  • OK, news for the day, Paul Steed has decided to re-start his .plan updates!!! This is great news for people like me, who find Paul's .plans both entertaining, informative and humorous. Perfect recipe. Damn, this means i have to change the FINGER page again to reflect these changes. Ahhh.....

  • I've been busy as hell today ... i'm proud to say i'm testing out _the_ best Quake/Quake2 mesh editor i've seen to date, goes by the name of NME. It's the first model viewer to view the models fully textured [apart from MD2VIEW], so i'm basically re-doing all the anim gifs on the INFO page, so instead of ugly flat-shaded models, i'll have fully textured models. w00p. I'm also writing a nice preview of NME, reflecting my views and opinions on the program.

  • I've had quite a few people email me now requesting i do some form of tutorial, detailing the steps to undertake to a) create a model, b) animate a model, c) export the model and d) create a MDL from it.
    What i've decided i'll do is create each aspect of the process every three days or so .. therefore all the newbies won't get swamped with information, and fry their brains. Thanks to Hudson for the idea ;-)
    However, first things first ... my main priorety is to re-create all the anim GIF's, and then to write up the NME preview.
  • 11/5/97 Info Updated, No more .plans from P.Steed ;-(

  • Updated the finger page to reflect Paul's decision to discontinue his .plan entries. Added a new anim GIF as well ... check it out.

  • I can't believe this actually happened. Paul Steed has deleted his .plan file. I always thought .plan files were an off-the-record type gatherings of ideas and opinions. I guess some people out there don't have a sense of humour, and it's these people that probably caused all this bullshit in the first place.
    I hope Paul finds another form to keep active in the Quake Community [apart from working on Q2 of course].

    After much consideration and rumination I've decided to discontinue using my plan file and have deleted it. This is simply because I feel it would be in the best interest of id Software if I did so. I regret nothing I've said in the past to anyone or any corporate entity except for the things that have turned people off not only on me but on id as well. I've come to the conclusion that losing even one fan because of something I've said is unacceptable. To me.

    It should be apparent by now that I really dig my job and id as a company and the Avalon/Valhalla/Mt. Olympus that it is. Restraint and temerity aren't really in my nature so rather than risk any further dishonor or bad press to this company due to yet another outburst from me, I want to go ahead and call it quits with the plannage. Some of you will probably applaud this action and some of you will probably bitch me out for being weak. I'm not doing this because I'm a baby or for the attention. It just seems the appropriate thing to do (especially in the wake of an entire company having to make a formal statement in regards to a problem they perceive with yours truly.)

    Regardless what you think of me and my personality, my work on Quake2 and the rest of the games I work on while here at id will speak volumes. I'm firmly part of this company now. Go ahead and feel free to write me if you'd like. We can shoot the shit or bust on some lame-ass or just discuss the meaning of life. But please respect my decision.

    I guess I'm not ready for the internet just yet and it probably isn't quite ready for me either.

    Take care and to all you makes and models of humans from age 1 thru 17 please allow me to indulge those socially superior individuals who feel I'm a role model in some way. Please read. Working out and eating better would be nice too, but I want you to read. Everything and anything you can get a hold of: books, magazines, comics, backs of food boxes, doesn't matter. And one day when all that fiction and nutritional facts gets boring and predictable, read non-fiction. Animals, and oceans and outer space are pretty damn cool as is. And lastly if you ever feel that no one cares about you and life is in the toilet, drop me a line. Because as corny as it sounds I really do care about children a great deal. Learn and persevere. Knowledge is the only weapon that will ensure your happiness and success.

    To quote a song from Aerosmith: Life is a journey, not a destination.

    Go for it and have a kickass trip. I'll be somewhere up ahead waiting for you.

  • The INFO section has been updated, and now covers models from the X-Men: The Ravages of Apocalypse demo, which was released a few days ago.
  • 11/4/97 QMA Contest, X-Men Info, New Review

  • We have a new review up, donated by Alex "Stryker" Wright on Truespace. A recommended read, so head over to the TOOLS section.

  • Head over to QMA and vote for your favourite model. Who did i vote for? CrackWhore - by Michael Boon

  • Some people have commented on the 'info' section of this site, and would like me to extend it to cover models for other Quake related projects. So, i'll cover the demo of X-Men: The Ravages of Apocalypse which has some of the finest user-created models thus far.
  • 11/3/97 3D Studio MAX R2

  • Well, what can i say, 3DSMAX R2 is out, and i'm awating my copy. I've been using MAX 1.x for a long long time now, so hopefully the transition to MAX 2 won't be that difficult (KTX says there are over 1000 enchancements). As soon as i have a few days of play with MAX 2, i'll write up a little review.
    Man .. i can't wait to try out NURBS ;-)
  • 11/3/97 New Home ...

  • Quake2: Modeling Studio has found a new home, right here at Quake2.com. I'd like that to thank all the guys at quake2.com for their time and generosity.
    Also, big thanks to 3DX for their initial interest.
    Now that i've found a permanent location for this page, i can get started on updating on a daily basis.
  • 10/30/97 It's Halloween ... i think.

  • Us stupid ass Australians don't celebrate Halloween .. which is a real bummer. So, to all the yanks etc. happy HALLOWEEN! Now, i'm gona watch those Halloween movies .. go Michael Myers go!!
  • 10/29/97 New Look ... New Location

  • Well, it's 4:23am here and i'm not going to sleep until i finish refurnishing the whole page. It just happens that the news page is next on the list, so here we go ...
    For those of you that visited this page during it's short 3 day life before would have noticed that i've undergone a major major major face lift, primarily to add a little more color to the page, and make it easier for me to modify. Please keep in mind that not much will be happening until Quake 2 hits the shelves, so for the time being i'll be creating tutorials and keeping up with Q2 Model/Animation news.
  • 10/28/97 Character Studio Tutorials

  • A Character Studio tutorial will be posted within the next week or two, since people seem to be having trouble with this great plugin, having export problems relating to vfu's [vertice-fuck-up's]. The same problem seems to be encountered when working with Bones Pro, i don't know why people are having difficulty with those plugins, but i'll have it resolved in the tutorial.
  • 10/27/97 Catching up to News ...

    Probably know all this stuff, but hey, i have to catch up to the news.

  • MD2 Viewer has been released by Trey Harrison, the man behind Quest and ED3D. What is it? It's the first MD2 viewer which utilises 3DFX and can view the model skined! Yerhaww. It also alows you to switch interpolation on/off ... so once and for all you can see what the difference is. Leech it from here.

  • NME Animator has been an editor i've been following the progress of for some time now, and it looks like the .md2 file format is being supported by potentially the best mesh-editor out there. Check out this screenshot.

  • MedDLe v2.01b was released a few days ago, it now supports a wide range of formats including .mdl's, .3do's and most importantly, .md2's. Visit the MedDLe HomePage or download medDLe from here.

  • Quake 2 Models have been given a quick review on the information page. I've said it before, i'll say it again, Paul Steed is GOD.