OK, before sending me email, keep the following in mind:

  • Don't email me about about Quake models (this is a Quake2 models site). Yes i know, i mention Quake models quite often on this site, reason being Quake2 hasn't been released yet.
  • Don't email me about how great [insert_unreleased_game_here]'s models are going to be compared to Quake2's .. i don't give a rat's shit. ok? (i've had a grand total of 5 emails about this shit before)

  • So you wanna know a bit about me and what i use to create what i create:

    Umm, well, basically, i've been an id software lover ever since Wolf3D hit the BBS's back in the 'ol days. Touched my first 3D modeling/animation software tool a little less than three years ago, a good friend AXE introduced me to it.
    Below is a run down of my current hardware config:

  • Pentium 166Mhz
  • 128mg EDO RAM
  • 17" monitor.
  • 4mg Matrox Millenium + Orchid Righteous 3D .. running a resolution of 1152x864, HighColor.

    ... and the software which i use:

  • Windows NT 4.0
  • 3DSMAX with the following plugins: Character Studio, Bones Pro MAX, Hypermatter, Rubber, Melt.
  • LightWave 5.5
  • HomeSite v1.2 --- yipee!!!