What?: A parital conversion for QuakeII
When?: When itís done. (thanx to id for that one ;-)
How?: With A LOT of help
Why?: Why not?

Ok here is the deal: I donít know what will be in the final movie sequence, but probably the Strogg-planet will blow up or something otherwise cool. Ok, when it does blow up, picture that the camera would slide back behind the planet and film a large ship and many, many small ships leaving the planet. This is the intro!

Story: When you came back from single-handedly destroying the stroggs efforts to destroy earth, you were saluted as a hero, but the USMC wanted more, they decided that they wouldnít be safe unless the strogg was completely annihilated. An amateur radio-operatist picked up the strogg-signal and traced it back to another planet, supposedly this is their home-planet, the planet you destroyed was probably just a temporary planet to set up war material etc, this is their home-planet with civilians. Since you now know more than anyone about the Strogg, you have been chosen to disguise yourself in a bio-mechanic suit, this will be custom-made only for you, so you will get to choose what monster you wish to play as, oh, didnít I mention? Youíre going under cover in the Strogg home-planet.


These may vary, but these are the ones I have thought of so far:

Food supply:
What id lacks in Quake2 is a tiny bit of realism after all, the monster have to get fuel somewhere. Anyway your mission is to blow up the tanks with the fuel used to build and "feed" cyborgs. This will be quite easy, once you get inside there will be mostly civilians, but some guards may walk around.

BigGun: There will be a VERY big gun, destroy it.

Leader: They will have a president-like leader, destroy him, and everyone will get confused, not knowing what to do. This will help your mission a lot.

Prepare for invasion: Destroy all personel working the military base. This will help USMC to invade the planet, and destroy the strogg for good!

The stroggís sense of smell is highly developed, if you stick around them to long they WILL now that you are not a cyborg. That means that you have two options, either you can go in and blast the hell out of everybody, or, you could chose a fast monster and run by everyone so fast that they wont know that youíre a human. If you should somehow destroy your suit by jumping in slime, lava water etc, the stroggs will know that youíre an human. Now, you cant get out of the suit without surgical procedures so even if you do destroy it and they find out that you arenít a cyborg, youíre still stuck inside.

If you choose a higly-armed (and probably slow) monster like the tank, your best bet is to kill everyone before they kill you.

Although civilians may seem harmless, they can, and will, call the guards if they suspect something. So shoot them if you can, if they come in large groups, try killing them all at the same time so that someone doesnít get away to call the guards.

Weapons: You will have all standard weapons in quake, your aiming style will probably look more like that of RoboCop, since, after all, they are cyborgs.

Maps: There will be all new maps, with the same style as in Quake2. However, they will be less military.

This is lika a "manual" for this patch (got a name for it?). By reading the above you can understand quite a bit about what itís all about.