C.R. Bot review
Contributed by Matthew "Marvel" Ramsay
Printed with permission

The C.R.Bots (CRBs) rarely miss a shot AND when in the possession of the more deadly weapons (particularly the Railgun) you are in trouble. The CRBs dynamically learn the map as they play (removing their reliance on route-tables). However, the current version of the CRB tends to camp. The CRB will rarely move beyond the room it was spawned in or where its last conflict was. This is only a small bug but also a good bug (in a way)... Soon enough we will have bots chasing us around the map like crazy (and the CRB is definitely heading that way development wise) but why not take a breather and play some campers. Not all internet players run wild around the map! There are quite a number of campers out there.. so why not consider this version of the CRB as anti-camper training.

Spawn ten or so CRBs on base2.bsp (Installation). Jump over the divide to the Quad Damage side and ONLY fight on that side (until all of the bots have been re-spawned on the other side of the divide). Then equip yourself with all you can and head over the divide again (the side where you start when playing single player). More than likely, a few of the CRBs will have the Railgun and will sniper you from afar. If not it won't take long before you start dropping the more deadly weapons amongst them (when you die) and sooner or later you will find yourself being slaughtered by multiple campers... Now begins your anti-camper training...

I highly recommend you download the CRB mod and plug away at it!

Good Luck!
Matthew Ramsay (Marvel)