Speed Increases

nVidia Riva 128 tweaking utilities

There are two small programs available for Riva 128 owners to get more frames in their Direct3d and OpenGL games. They are:
Registry Tweak version 2.0
This is a stand-alone program that lets the user go in and modify registry settings with ease. Before any modifying can be done, the OpenGL ICD drivers must be installed, and GLQuake and GLQuake2 MUST be run once each in their respective OpenGL rendering modes so the registry can be updated with the needed variables.

NV3Tweak, version 2.1
This program is also a tweaking utility, but it also allows an option to install some tweaking tabs in your Windows95 display properties section. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, its when you right-click your mouse and select properties) I haven't tested these utilities yet, but I will shortly.

Point Release Particle fixes

These settings here fix the particle size problems for Riva 128 boards that are running the Point Release version or later:

gl_particle_size 40
gl_particle_min_size 2
gl_particle_max_size 40
gl_particle_att_a 0.01
gl_particle_att_b 0.0
gl_particle_att_c 0.01

Place these in your autoexec.cfg or config.cfg.