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February 10, 1998

ATI Rage OpenGL support in Windows 95/98
ATI will be releasing OpenGL drivers for Windows 95/98 on March 9, and final drivers May 29. There is already OpenGL support in WindowsNT 3.51/4, but like most board vendors, they left OpenGL out of Windows95 until now. This link tells all.

OpenGL information, news, and applications
OpenGL.org, which appears to be a part of Silicon Graphics, is a site detailing exactly what OpenGL is, along with news and specifications about OpenGL. This is THE site to watch once OpenGL 1.2 will be released. For those who don't know, OpenGL 1.2 will be the new standard version of OpenGL that will be distributed in current and future Operating systems.

February 8, 1998

Quake2 for Silicon Graphics machines
I emailed John Carmack and asked him if Quake2 will be ported over to SGI machines. Irix OS users: it's being worked on right now by Silicon Graphics. Once this port is out, I'd like to have some screenshots, and not in too high of a video mode. Keep them at 1600x1200 or lower. :)

Beta Riva 128 OpenGL ICD for Win95
The Riva 128 OpenGL ICD is now mirrored on the LZ, you can get it off the drivers page. This ICD....rules. It's fast, it looks better than the alpha2 drivers, and it makes me want to get a Diamond Viper v330 just so I can run it. Riva 128 chipset boards are spectacular bits of technology. Both Direct3d and OpenGL support is outstanding. If the Voodoo2 wasn't out, I would recommend a Riva for 3d games.

Verite section updated
Hellblast has updated the Verite section for those Rendition board users.

February 5, 1998

nVidia Riva 128 Beta OpenGL ICD for Win95
Here they are, updated Riva 128 OpenGL drivers for Windows95. Supposedly they're much faster and make GLQuake/GLQuake2 look alot better as well. Get them HERE.

February 4, 1998

Diamond Monster3d 2 released!
It's ready for pre-orders, the first versions of the drivers appear to be done, and it will start shipping in early March. That's right, 3Dfx's new technology will now be unleashed to the public - the Voodoo2 chipset. The Monster3d2 will come with 8 megs of ram on the board, and the dual MEGAMonster configuration is available as well, for up to six times the performance of the first Monster3d.
Street price per board will be about $250. The price is high due to the overloaded game bundle that will be coming with it. (Shadows of the Empire, Jedi Knight, Tomb Raider2, and more)

Lack of updates
Back to normal. :)

Quake2 for Linux
Platon of the Primary LZ has got his info on running Quake2 in Linux compiled. Linux users: goto the Linux section on how to setup the greatest game in the best OS. (yes, best OS :)

Riva 128 OpenGL ICD for Win95
I've heard that the nVidia Riva 128 OpenGL ICD for Windows95 is close to release. From a recent .plan update, it appears Brian Hook of Id Software has already gotten to use them. Hopefully everyone else gets to soon. Release is expected sometime this month.

January 28, 1998

New stuff on the way
Sorry for lack of updates the past few days, but LAN Quake2 has been overtaking me again. :) There are new STB Velocity 128 drivers and I'll have them linked asap.

January 25, 1998

Rendition v1000 update
Hellblast has updated his info on enhancing VQuake2's performance, along with overclocking methods for the Rendition v1000 chipset.

New Quake2 Executor
Yes, it's Sunday and there is no new release of the Quake2 Executor yet. Soon....very soon.

January 23, 1998

New version of Quake2 Executor
Jazz of the LZ will be releasing a new version of the Quake2 Executor soon, which will have some bugs fixed and new options implemented. Release is expected by Sunday.

January 22, 1998

Verite enhancements
Hellblast of the Primary LZ has got his news on VQuake2 enhancements up. He'll soon add news on VeriteGL as well. You can access the VQuake2 info under the Verite button to the left.

January 20, 1998

20,000th hit
Would the person who's the 20,000th hit please take a screenshot and send it in? Thanks!

Quake2 Executor mirroring
Some people have been saying that Quake2.com's ftp server has been busy, so you can get the Quake2 Executor here as well. Thanks for 3DfxMania for mirroring for us.

January 19, 1998

Riva 128 site
Riva Extreme is a great site with news about the Riva 128 chipset, along with other OpenGL capable products. Riva owners (or others for that matter), go here.

Heh, I've been bitten once again by the DooM bug. I found two really cool sites with DooM memorabilia and old news about the game we played for hours and hours on end. There's even the original Shareware release versions (0.99 and 1.0) and a couple of alpha's. And if you REALLY feel like going back to the days of registered version 1.1 DooM, there is a utility that will downgrade Ultimate DooM 1.9 back to 1.1.
The first site is here.
This site is a news page/archive/wad site.

Quake2 Executor
Jazz of the Primary LZ, and the author of Quake2 Executor, has an email address on Quake2.com now. He's been working hard on the Executor, and would appreciate any feedback about the program. Future versions will be available in the coming days/weeks.

January 18, 1998

We need a new logo!
The LZ needs a new logo and we're asking anyone out there who knows graphics and would be interested in making one for us. If you feel like making one, go for it, and email it here. Thanks!

installer for VeriteGL drivers for GLQuake/GLQuake2
Here is a program for Verite users which installs the VeriteGL minidrivers correctly for GLQuake/GLQuake2. Thanks to azero for telling me about this. You can visit the website for this program here.

Quake2 Executor Beta2 released
Beta2 of Quake2 Executor, the front end gameplay setup/GLQuake2 tweaking utility has been released. Go here to get it.

January 17, 1998

News archive setup
Depending on how much news there is and such, the Primary LZ's news archive will be done weekly. To access the old news, click on the news archive on the bottom of this page.

Diamond's next generation Monster3d
With the release of Voodoo2 boards coming very soon, Diamond has released some information about their new Monster3d. Some of the things covered were:

- dual board support (MEGAMonster configuration)
- three internal engines, one for triangles, two for texture mapping
- higher video mode support, 800x600 for one board, 1024x768 when running dual boards
- the board will use of the current Glide runtime drivers, 3Dfx GLQuake/GLQuake2 miniports
- simulated bump-mapping (Trinity is expected to do this!)
- less dependancy on the system's processor for calculating triangles, due to the onboard triangle engine
- early March release (start saving your ca$h)

There wasn't any news on full-blown Win95/NT OpenGL drivers for non-Quake applications, but I'm sure with the performance of this new board(s) that they will be available eventually.

New drivers
I was kinda slow updating these new drivers, due to some business I had to take care of - OK, so I was playing LAN games all last week and didn't do my research. :) New drivers for the Herclues Dynamite 3d/GL and Orchid Righteous3d have been put up.

Quake2 Executor
I've been testing Beta1 of Quake2 Executor, and it's a great program. Nearly every gameplay setting is in it, and the GLQuake2 tweaking part is sure to be great. Release of Beta2 (the first public release) will be very soon, possibly today or tomorrow.

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