Last updated: May 18, 1998

This is a list of all video hardware that is capable of OpenGL acceleration with the intent to run GLQuake, HeXeN II, and Quake2. There are other boards/chipsets, but most run well over $1000 and are intended to be used for development purposes only.

Here are some things to consider before upgrading your drivers:

Reference Drivers

Some drivers here are distributed by the chip companies themselves. Reference drivers are intended to give end users the quickest and most effective use of the hardware. In some instances reference drivers can be unstable on some systems/hardware and can cause some features to not work, such as TV-out. On the other hand, reference drivers may provide better support and more features than drivers from Independent Hardware Vendors.

Before you install new drivers

Before installing new drivers for your video hardware, make sure you have an archived copy of a previous version in case the new drivers act inproperly on your system. It is also a good idea to have DirectX 5 installed before upgrading drivers. You can find a full version of DirectX on your Quake2 cd.

READ THE INCLUDED README FILE WITH THE DRIVER DOWNLOAD! Readme files give you a quick list of known bugs, added features, and any other useful information on the drivers you are about to install. Read it!

WindowsNT users: You should have Service Pack 3 installed prior to upgrading any drivers, as some files in SP3 may be required by the drivers you are about to install. You can get Service Pack 3 here.

Here are the most up-to-date drivers:

3Dfx Voodoo

Canopus Pure3d/Pure3dLX
Windows95 drivers - WindowsNT drivers

Deltron Flash3d
Windows95 drivers

Diamond Monster3d
Windows95 drivers

Guillemot Gamer3d
Windows95 drivers

Quantum3d Obsidian
Windows95 drivers - WindowsNT drivers

Techworks Power3d
Windows95 drivers

3Dfx Voodoo Rush

Intergraph Intense3d Voodoo
Windows95 drivers - WindowsNT drivers (WinNT drivers are the original shipping version)

California Graphics 3d Emotion
Windows95 drivers - WindowsNT drivers

Deltron Flash AT3D Rush
Windows95 drivers

Hercules Stingray 128/3D
Windows95 drivers - WindowsNT drivers

Jazz Multimedia Adrenaline Rush 3d
Windows95 drivers

3Dfx Voodoo2

Diamond Monster3d II
Windows95 drivers

Canopus Pure3d II/Pure3d II LX
Windows95 drivers

Creative Labs 3D Blaster Voodoo2
Windows95 drivers - WindowsNT drivers

nVidia Riva 128

nVidia reference drivers
Windows95 Riva 128 OpenGL ICD reference drivers for AGP based systems
Windows95 Riva 128 OpenGL ICD reference drivers for PCI based systems
WindowsNT Riva 128 OpenGL ICD reference drivers for AGP/PCI based systems

Diamond Viper v330
Windows95 drivers for Intel architecture AGP systems
Windows95 drivers for PCI and non-Intel AGP systems (AMD & Cyrix cpu's w/AGP slots)

Canopus Total3d 128V
Windows95 drivers

STB Velocity 128
Windows95 drivers - WindowsNT drivers

Intel i740

this section will be added soon

3dLabs Permedia2

3dLabs reference drivers
Windows95 Permedia2 reference drivers
WindowsNT Permedia2 reference drivers for Intel based systems
WindowsNT Permedia2 reference drivers for DEC Alpha based systems

Note: we are only going to post 3dLabs reference drivers for Permedia2 boards, as they show the best performance rates for Permedia2 hardware.

ATI 3D Rage Pro

Windows95 drivers - you MUST have this version installed for the miniGL driver to work
ATI 3D Rage Pro miniGL driver - you must fill out a beta agreement at ATI's website to obtain these drivers
WindowsNT drivers

Rendition V1000/V2x00

Diamond StealthII
Windows95 drivers

Rendition reference drivers
Windows95 reference drivers for the Rendition V1000 chipset - this driver package supports Speedy3d, RRedLine, Direct3d, and a miniGL port for GLQuake/Quake2.

Rendition V1000/V2x00 MiniGL drivers
Windows95/WindowsNT MiniGL drivers for all Verite generation chipsets

Rendition V2x00 OpenGL ICD for Windows95
Windows95 OpenGL ICD for Rendition V2x00 hardware

RRedLine Quake2 Verite driver
The RRedLine Verite span renderer for Quake2 (VQuake2). This driver is indented to be used with V1000 technology. To use the Verite span renderer, unzip this file to your \quake2 directory.

PowerVR PCX2

Matrox M3d
Windows95 drivers

VideoLogic Apocalypse 3D
Windows95 drivers

VideoLogic Apocalypse 3Dx
Windows95 drivers

VideoLogic Apocalypse 5D
Windows95 drivers

VideoLogic Apocalypse 5D Sonic
Windows95 drivers

PowerVR miniGL drivers
GLQuake/HeXeN II miniGL driver
Quake2 miniGL driver

The PowerVR miniGL drivers work with all PowerVR hardware - they are not board specific.

Note: We do not list every driver for every video board. We ONLY list drivers that are capable of running OpenGL titles, most notably Quake2. As future chipsets and boards are released, we will expand this area as needed. If the chipset your hardware is using isn't listed here, it is more than likely that OpenGL acceleration is unavailable.