The year is 2029, and the world has almost become completely dependant on the great sea of information -- the Net. You are an elite officer of Section 9; a team of specialists brought together to bring down the data criminals the lesser Police can't handle. Your body is almost completely Cybornetic, and all that remains of you, is some key parts of your brain...and your Ghost.

<storyline incomplete: almost done>


Planned Features:

Weapon Modification:

  1. Reloading frames for each clip and weapon. And the used up clip on the ground.
  2. H.V. Bullets, armor piercing rounds, etc...
  3. Flares
  4. Gas Grenade
  5. Smoke Grenade
  6. Concussion Grenade

Ennemy Modification:

  1. Section 6 type with the briefcase guns (Corporate bodyguards/security, etc.)
  2. The German spider-tank will be making an appearance.
  3. Ditto the Fuchikomas.
  4. Possible helicopter snipers.
  5. Fitting environment related enemies: like a busy street, a crowded bus terminal, a line of
    people waiting for something.

Player Modification:

  1. Cyber enhanced sight.
  2. Motion detectors
  3. Motoko's enhanced jumping ability
  4. Bateau's Enhanced vision

Game Play Modification:

  1. At the beginning of each mission you get to equip the character with different armors, guns and stuffs. You can carry a limited amount of things depending on which character you have chosen.
  2. The possibility to be able to talk to people on the missions
  3. People walking the streets
  4. Misfires and Jams
  5. Recoil: The penetrator should move the character backwards a little.
  6. Blood splatters on the walls
  7. Movement of the character is hindered by the weight that he is carrying
  8. Hacking or net running in the game
  9. If a human is below 50% health, they will begin shoot less accuratly, run slower, etc.. Cyborgs, if they are below 50% health, will suffer similarly with annoying messages across the screen, (i.e.System  shutdown imminant!). And have sparks go around you.(So you can't hide).


        1. With the menu selection, replicating the "Shuffling letters" trick, like in the opening titles
            and the credits in the movie.
        2. Old town/Floods
        3. Bots that are on your side
        5. Cut-scenes or an intro

The above information is subject to change at anytime. We are not responsible for stress caused by anxiety levels, that may be caused by this material. Copyright 1998, Section 0.