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Here, you can find reader-submitted strategies for taking on any of the monsters found in Quake 2. If you have a tip that's not listed here, send it to me and I'll add it here somewhere.

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TankGeneral Tips

If you find a pack (like three or more) of those humans (the GUARDS), its best to lob in a grenade and watch the gibs fly.
contributed by G-NOME

If you see an enforcer and he hasn't seen you, just run up to him with your Super Shotgun. Smile a nasty smile as he tries to pull out his chaingun, and blow his head off. Strafe out of the way though as he can sometimes fire in death.
contributed by FLAVELL-R
When you see one of there guys you run right up to him , and as he is about to swing his gun and club you , you step back out of his range and as he is leaning over trying to straighten himself you blast him . This works pretty well and isn`t to hard to do (works best when they are loading):-0
contributed by Hadley O`sullivan
The Infantry guy is easily killed with one long blast of the machine gun.  It works best if you aim for his knees and let the rounds ride up through his chest.  This is most effective at close range after you back away from his club attack.
contributed by Michael van Huystee

Run up with the Super Shotgun. Blow him away. This tactic will work with most monsters, even the berzerk as a close to point-blank range blast will push him away from you, ensuring that he cannot hit you. However, try and back up a bit anyway.
contributed by FLAVELL-R
Take the super shotgun, go up to him, and just when he's really close, crouch, look up towards his chest and fire! This way he'll take a jump backwards and give you time to reload and repeat the procedure again. Its really cool making these guys jump. You can even push them in the water and watch them drown, heh.
contributed by G-NOME
If you have the Railgun and you fire one of the enemies before they see you, you get twice the damage. For example it takes two Railgun shots to take out the GUNNER after he's seen you and one to take him out before he's seen you, get it?
contributed by G-NOME
Whenever you face one of these guys, try and get to a spot below it, but a spot with a slanted wall. Get him to one side of you. (this works especially well in the demo2 level where one is standing on the walkway near the boss) If you can, back into an opening in the wall. He will begin firing grenades, but they will ricochet off the wall and explode harmlessly some distance in front of you. In the meantime, you have a clear shot with about any weapon (watch the rocket launcher, though).
contributed by Drew Weldon
I've found that the simplest thing to use against the gunner if you can is to run right up to him. If you can do this, he can't hurt you at all, though he does try to shoot at you with his machine gun. Still, if you remain standing, and you don't panic, you can just stand there and blast him to pieces. It's entertaining to watch him TRY to blast you with the machine gun, all the while you get to stand there and blast away at your liesure. He doesn't even try to run away, he just doesn't get it. Try it, you'll like it.
contributed by Justin Page
If you have the super shotgun and 4 shells you can kill the gunner easily.. Run right up as fast as you can, and fire twice at point plank range, you probably won't take any damage if its the only enemy in the room, and the gunner usually doesn't have time to shoot.
contributed by Ian Woo

I say, from experience, try to get to high ground. Some weapons open doors and by either using the rocket trick then using a rocket to open a door where a berserker is, may give you a good chance at pecking away at this quick bast*rd, while saving yourself from damage, because he can't fly and he can't shoot. The higher the platform the better except when using guns that decrease in power as the distance gets farther, like the shotgun Run up with the Super Shotgun. Blow him away. This tactic will work with most monsters, even the berzerk as a close to point-blank range blast will push him away from you, ensuring that he cannot hit you. However, try and back up a bit anyway.
contributed by CaitWrath
When he stops running, there is a sequence of movements he does as he winds up his attack. You can use this to your advantage.  What I do is load up the super shot gun, run up to him and bump him.  This causes him to stop running and to start his attack sequence.  I back up immediatly and fire the super shot gun.  It usually takes two or three of these bump/backup/fire shots to kill him. Sometimes I can get them in one direct shot from the shot gun.
contributed by Dennis Stover
Take the super shotgun, go up to him, and just when he's really close, crouch, look up towards his chest and fire! This way he'll take a jump backwards and give you time to reload and repeat the procedure again. Its really cool making these guys jump. You can even push them in the water and watch them drown, heh.
contributed by G-NOME
This is, by far, the most annoying enemy, not because of how he looks or how he thinks, but for the damage that spiky-thingie he's got and it's results (it draws you back and miss aims the shot), this is specially frustrating if you're using the Railgun because of it's reload time... The trick is to run right up to him and run back and shoot him... But BEWARE!!! If you don't go enough back and take too much time to draw your gun, he might just use his hammer (not likely, though, use this to your advantage) but, if you go back too much he'll run right up to you and take a swing... One more thing to beware of is if you just forget to get enough bullets and take some time to realise that... If this happens just run back (always facing him) and choose the next best thing you've got... The BEST weapons to take him down are the Railgun, the BFG10K (obviously) and, surprisingly, both shotguns. Only 4 shots (any shotgun) to take him down. Another strategy is to find some stairs, face him, run up (if he's down), then, when he's gaining on you, run up to him and shoot him (this will make him absorve more damage) and repeat the process 'til he's dead (this is the best one).
contributed by Henrique Neves
When you see one, crouch and look up, and let them run near you. When he is swinging just shoot him on the chest with the super shotgun. HeŽll fly a few meters back and usually he also falls on his back (looks pretty funny if you get it right). Repeat this process until heŽs a pile of steaming gibs.
contributed by Juho Ahonen
Use a strategy similar to the shambler when you lack rockets - run up to it, then back off as it is about to hit you. Fire when you are the closest. And if you must get hit, at least land on some ledge or something. They lack the long range weaponry to take you out. If you do have rockets, aim for the legs (like seen in the picture) and knock it back. Fire again as it lands and comes running towards you, and a third time to finish it off. If you are fighting two, alternate between "leg shots" to keep one back at all times.
contributed by Drew Weldon
If you're a mouse player, the Berserk is simple to take out in that it has no long range attacks. Just circle around them and blast away with your super shotgun, or pull out the machine gun and keep your distance. When they come in groups, back off and plant grenades along your path. Just remember, even though they don't have a long range attack, they could kick your ass in a 100 meter dash!
contributed by Jeffrey Clark
The Berzerk has a giveaway sound.  He always makes a metal scraping noise right before his attack.  Simply back up a few feet when you hear it and blast again.  I like the super shotgun here, but who doesn't.
contributed by Micheal G. van Huystee
The best way to kill a berzerk is with the machine gun. Crouch down (keeps bullets on target) right in front of him and the stream of bullets will keep him from getting close enough to attack you. Works every time.
contributed by Donald Franklin

Any weapon is good against the Gladiator as long as you just keep on strafing because of the delay before he fires his rail gun.  My faourite weapon is the chaingun, but that thing eats ammo worse than Quake's super nailgun.
contributed by Mark Hall

The Parasite doesn't get along well with the super shotgun.  Two good or three OK hits is enough.  Aiming a little low will even send him flying backwards giving you enough time to reload the cumbersome weapon for the next blast.  If you have a grenade laucher when you meet him, great, but that is unlikely without cheat codes in the demo.
contributed by Micheal G. van Huystee
These little things are really annoying. The best thing to do is, like with the enforcer, is to run up to them and fire at therm in the face with the Super Shotgun. If your quick they won't have time to get a shot off and when you shoot them they tumble over. The tumbling gives you time to reload and shoot them again. Repeat 'til dead.
contributed by FLAVELL-R
When you first come upon the parasite in the rooms in the third level, throw a grenade down into their holes. If you throw the grenade before you step through the door way (ie let the door open, then aim and throw) you'll knock it down quite a bit before you actually have to fight it.
contributed by Justin Page
Parasites are almost as annoying as the Spawns from Quake I. Try and blow a hole in their forehead with the super shotgun to prevent them from sucking you with that *thing* and finish them off with rockets or grenades. These baddies are more annoying that troublesome, just like the Spawns.
contributed by Jeffrey Clark

Since the BRAIN stops you from taking too much damage with his shield, an easy way to kill him is to lob a grenade with the grenade launcher over his head and make it bounce on a wall behind him so it hits him on the butt (where it hurts, heh). That way you'll avoid his shield and put him to sleep.
contributed by G-NOME

Barracuda Shark
Get in the water, get their attention so they will come after you. Quickly get out of the water. They will continue to swarm at the surface.  Now it is a matter of picking them off one at a time with your shotgun.
contributed by Dennis Stover

Watch out for the flyers as their blasters can sting. The best thing to do is to find a small niche somewhere and wait for them to come in one-by-one. When they do, blast them to bits with your Super Shotgun.
contributed by FLAVELL-R
These stupid things will follow you wherever you go once they have seen you. So do this- walk into a room, let them spot you (there will be a noise) and run back into a room. Stand beside the doorway with a super shotgun. You will hear a sound like wind before they fly into your sights and are happly blown away.
contributed by Paul Wilke
Four words : Close Range Super Shotgun
contributed by Mark Hall
Use either the Super Shotgun or Machinegun to get these little bastards before they can hit you with much. The wide fire of the Super Shotgun at long distances almost guarantee a hit, usually two or three are enough to bring it down. The kickback on the Machinegun can also be a great asset; if you fire right when you see them and they see you, the gun will move up just as the Flyers ascend to drop on you. This usually takes them out pretty well. One other option: if they're near a wall, shoot a rocket at the wall. That will take out about all of them, since they tend to be in groups of threes.
contributed by Drew Weldon
These guys seem to come in a tight group of three and take a second to react (i.e.- break the pattern) once they've spotted you. Dumb. Practice taking them all out by running straight at them and lobbing a single grenade at the center. This works particularily well if, like in the second half of demo2, you can jump, lob the grenade, and already have fallen out of splash damage range before it hits.
contributed by 68monkeysinheat
Found a nice little pattern in demo3 to take out the first set of flyers without any danger to yourself. Run into the courtyard, move around a bit to make them chase you, then run left into the elevator room, up the elevator, and then immediately jump onto the top ledge of hte door you just ran in. Whip out your supershotgun and point it straight down- the flyers will venture in one by one, allowing you to pop them at your leisure.
contributed by 68monkeysinheat

In most places where you find a tank, you'll find some cover to use. This makes it pretty dang easy if you've got a rail gun.  Take cover, then pop out to see the Tank.  Your first shot should make him stumble a bit, then take a second and pop back under cover.  He may fire a weapon;  you'll know within a second after taking cover.  If you don't hear anything, repeat;  if you do, wait for three shots and repeat; and if it's the rockets, you might want to get a little more under cover, just in case.  Repeat until you see arm lack.
contributed by Billings
Chaingun and hyperblaster are the secret here. The Super Shotgun is useful if you can quickly get in front of him and out again. Use a Quad against a tank commander. However always try and save a Quad or two for the end bosses.
contributed by FLAVELL-R
Tank is damn slow. Just strafe w/ the keyboard and turn w/ the joystick or arrow pad around him and fire whatever the hell you got. This works especially well in big outdoor areas. I do this all the time and tank normally doesn't get a shot off before he's blown to bits. The big key is Strafe Strafe Strafe! Just make sure you're not using that wussy alt key strafe, that'll get you no where.
contributed by The Roethle's
I like to get him to where I can move around freely; this gives me a chance to whip out my grenades (hand thrown, not with that super flinger!). I strafe around him, pelting him with every grenade I've got. He usually tries to fire back. You can't afford to get hit, so make sure you keep on moving, and make an effort to aim your best!
contributed by Carolyn &/or Steve
At the end of demo3, when the doors open for the tank, if you get in front of him he will keep trying to walk out of the room he was in, so you can fill him with lead at will, make sure he doesnt get past you or he will return fire. (havent tried this for a while, but I remember it working pretty well)
contributed by Scimitar
The way to beat the guy is to run until he's just inside grenade range, then hide behind a pillar or wall and shoot grenades at him endlessly until he dies.
contributed by Nathan Cline
If you don't have rockets or quad damage when you face the Tank you need a lot of patience.  Find a wall and use step right or left to bob and weave one shot at a time of whatever good weapon you do have.  Take your time and wit for him to reload his rockets or gun, whichever he just trie dto frag you with.
contributed by Micheal G. van Huystee
When you meet this in DEMO2, get him to follow you to the broken bridge, and jump to the other side. He will shoot at you, but he wont be able to get up close to you, so if you get hurt, just pick up a stimpack, and he can't stop you.
contributed by Ron Tigat

General tips

A Super Shotgun in the face will severly damage and push away any monster apart from the tanks. The hyperblaster is a very good gun to use towards the end of the game. If you use a key to go to the next weapon, try and keep on weapon 8 (the hyperblaster). That way you'll have a rapid fire weapon, the railgun and the BFG all within a few button presses. USE THE MOUSE AND THE W-A-S-D CONFIGURATION
contributed by Justin Revan
Here's a general tip for taking out just about any creature tht walks.  Use the Blster at relatively close range, firing 1 shot high, then one low (Shoot, Crouch and shoot, stand and shoot, etc) the blaster is actually quick if you beat them to the draw, so just go all out on them, they don't have enough time to counter act your shots, let alone get in a few of their own.
contributed by Justin Revan