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Weapons from Quake2 Demo # 1
BlasterShotgunSuper shotgun
MachinegunHand GrenadeGrenade Launcher
Rocket Launcher

Coming Soon...
HyperblasterBFGMortar Launcher
Personal NukeMineFlare Gun

What's New

Saturday, November 29th, 1997
Well, after a lot of work, the page is finally up. Here, you can find a seperate page on each weapon in Quake2 demo # 1. When the full game comes out, I'll update this page with the rest of the weapons, but for now I have a short "coming soon" section with a picture of each weapon and a bit of info. Each weapon currently has a few pictures (some animated .gifs of weapons in action) and info on the ammo type, max ammo, damage dealt, and approximate rate of fire (which may vary from system to system). To navigate this area, use the "navibar" in the upper right corner in each page. Click index to return to this page, the back arrow to see the previous weapon in the list, and the forward arrow to see the next arrow in the list. Any questions or comments, please drop me a line.

Important Note:

Much of the information here is compiled from rough estimates. Since the source code for Quake 2 has not yet been released, my only way of gathering the information was to play the game a lot and sort of take notes. It is very likely some of my numbers are a bit off, and posssible that some are outright wrong. I have made a few assumptions here, the major one being that the blaster does 5 damage and the shotgun does 20. It is possible that the blaster does, say, 10 damage, which would mean every weapon would deal twice as much damage. If anything is wrong, I'll correct it once the source code is released. Please, before you mail me about it, remember: rough estimates. If you do want to contact me,
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