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These are all the items that are present in the Quake 2 demo. There will be more when the full game is released. Some items, like health and armor, will be used as soon as you pick them up. Others, like Quad Damage and Rebreather, will be placed into your inventory. To use items in your inventory, press Enter. To scroll between items in your inventory, use [ and ]. To view all items in your inventory, press tab. Any questions or comments, don't hesitate to mail me at


adrenalin This boosts your health to full plus adds 1 to your maximum health limit. Used as soon as it is picked up.


Armor decreases the amount of damage you take after being hit or falling from a large distance. Being hit will reduce both your health total and your armor total, but as long as you have some armor you won't take as much damage. Armor is always used as soon as it is picked up.
jacket armour Jacket Armor - adds 25 to your armor total.
armor shard Armor shard - adds 2 to your armor total.

bandolier This item increases the total amount of ammo each weapon can use. Used immediately.

Environmental suit
environmental suit This is similar to the biosuit in Quake; while wearing it, the player is impervious to the effects of slime and water. This is placed into the inventory.

health Picking up a small one restores 10 hit points, picking up a big one restores 25. This is used immediately.
Quad Damage
quad Using this item quadruples the damage done by any weapon. Two hits with a quadded-super shotgun can gib a tank. This is placed into the inventory.
rebreather While this item is being used, the player can stay under water without drowning. This is placed in the inventory.

stimpack Picking up this item restores 2 hit points. The hit points can go over the maximum level. This is used immediately.