The Top Quake II CTF Variants

Even after the Point Release several independant Capture The Flag conversions have been drawing large crowds. Each patch has a brief review here and a link to our text review. The text review includes an indepth review, listing of files, index of commands, and up to date server list.

Patch Screenshot
I.  Loki's Minions CTF v3.18   Review 
Loki's Minions CTF provides an even more enjoyable alternative to id's official CTF release. Featuring 10 new CTF levels with new textures, models, and sounds v3.18 has attracted a considerable amount of attention. If you can bear the downloads you'll find it more than worth the wait. Get the v3.0-v3.18 patch here. Get the Gamespy tab here.   Players: 2-32   Size: 17.8mb   FTP: 1 or 2

Patch Screenshot
II.  Recon Wars v1.6b   Review 
One of the most inventive CTF mods, RW allows players to choose out of 10 player classes, each with their own special abilities and weapons. In the tradition of Future vs. Fantasy and Team Fortress, RW puts a dynamic spin on teamplay, forcing players to work together. On the downside, much of the new models and coding isn't implimented yet.   Players: 4-16   Size: 6.6mb   FTP: 1 or 2

Patch Screenshot
III.  id software's CTF v1.2   Review 
The official CTF release encorporates 5 well-balanced CTF levels into the standard of CTF gameplay. Some are recreations of original Threewave levels, others are modified Q2 levels. Powerful new runes and a nifty new grappling hook--new model and all--will add some excitement to the tactics of normal battle. Levels can be played with other CTF mods.   Players: 2-32   Size: 14.5mb   FTP: 1 or 2

Patch Screenshot
IV.  Hot Potato CTF v1.6   Review 
Close on the heels of id's release is Hot Potato CTF. Players can only hold the flag for several seconds before they gib, so passing the flag and using teamplay skills is neccessary. HPCTF is really neat, but it lacks the new models and textures of other CTF mods. Get the Gamespy tab here.   Players: 2-16   Size: 1.6mb   FTP: 1 or 2

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