The Top Quake II Bots

In order to assist you better in chosing a bot to your liking, we've pinpointed the highlights and downfalls of the Eraser and CR Bot. Overall, we recommend the Eraser Bot for deathmatch and the CR Bot for CTF gameplay. For a more in-depth analysis of these Quake II bots please refer to Earthquaked or Bot Epidemic.

Patch Screenshot
I.  CR Bot v1.14 (support for vweps implimented)
The CR features a wider range of difficulty and teamplay settings. It has slightly better roaming skills on custom maps, but we liked the Eraser's items priority better. The hands down best feature is the built-in inventory bot menu interface which makes managing bots easy. Like the Quake1 Reaperbot, CR can adapt itself and get harder as you play it. It supports visual weapons and CTF waypoint nodes. CR has faster CTF AI and makes a much better CTF opponent. Nifty features include the ability to sneak up on a player and tracking footsteps. Grapple support isn't implimented yet.   Mapping: Roaming   Size: 190kb   FTP: 1 or 2

Patch Screenshot
II.  Eraser Bot v0.97 (support for vweps implimented)
Both bots have exceptional mastery of jumping, strafing, climbing, and swimming, although the Eraser has more trouble with crawling. The Eraser uses waypoints and/or roaming on levels. Bots can be set to automatically add and remove themselves off servers as needed. Eraser supports the grappling hook but becomes confused when using it in CTF. Map cycling is included, as are visual weapons support and CTF waypoints. Teamplay settings allow bots to roam around together in hords protecting one another. Bots talk very intelligently and show remarkable adaptability.   Mapping: Waypoint + Roaming   Size: 1.3mb   FTP: 1 or 2

Last Updated May 2nd

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