The Top Quake II Pack Editors

Pack editors allow users to read, export, and import files to Quake and Quake II *.PAK files. These contain all of the actual game data; models, code, textures, sounds, and maps. At the moment there are only a few pack editors that support Quake II but we hope to see more appearing soon.

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I.  PakExplorer v1.112
PakExplorer uses a similar interface to Windows Explorer to make browsing and editing pack files easier. It registers packs within the shell to support drag and drop in addition to playinging / launching files directly. It even support copy and paste between explorer and a pack, or between two packs. We like its simple user friendly approach to editing Quake II.   Size: 85kb   FTP: 1 or 2

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II.  Qped v2.1
Qped is a little more rugged than Pak Explorer and doesn't support conveniences like registered PAK extensions. Where Pak Explorer uses your default file associations, Qped comes with its own built in sound, model, and PCX viewers. Only major advantage: supports long filenames. Be sure to get opengl drivers if you have the old version of Win95.   Size: 236kb   FTP: 1 or 2

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III.  qWal v1.0 Lite
qWal is a multipurpose utility that features .WAL editing into or out of a PAK file. It supports a wide array of BMP formats which it can convert to .WAL using the Quake II palette. As a pack explorer, its great downfall is only allowing 1 file extracted at a time. Great tool for authors looking to include textures in their releases. More about the full version at 3D Matrix.   Size: 933kb   FTP: 1 or 2

Last Updated April 20th

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