The Top Quake II Model Modifiers

Model editors allow users to view and edit the MD2 format in which the Quake players, enemies, and items are stored. Ranging from simple polygon manipulation to complex vertex oriented editing, the following programs offer an affordable solution to 3-D Studio Max and id's modelling tools. For a larger list aimed more at professional and expensive modelers and animators, be sure to stop by's Modeling Studio.

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I.  Quake Model Editor v3.1 P2 lite
Without a doubt QME is the most feature rich, powerful editor available. Supporting over 6 file formats in addition to MDL and MD2, it allows multi-perspective skin, frame, animation, and palette editing. This is the best model editor available...but the lite version limits the size of saved models. Registering information here. Be sure to get both files.   Size: 1.5mb (1.4mb)   FTP: 1 and 2

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II.  Quake 2 Modeller v0.83
Q2M's high powered editing and unlimited usage make it the ideal choice. It supports a full textured/wireframe animation view while editing either by bones (group) or verti. The interface is outstanding and can be used by novice and pro alike. Some nice features include animation frame editing, full 3DS file format support, and a complete skin painting tool.   Size: 391kb   FTP: 1 or 2

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III.  Studio MDx v0.8b
StudioMDX is based upon the source code of Meddle and supports all of Meddle's features, *.mm file format included. The addition of an internal animation player, improved skin support, and real group support give Studio MDx over Meddle. We will keep both model editors listed here until it becomes certain whether Studio MDx will replace Meddle or not.   Size: 232kb   FTP: 1 or 2

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IV.  Meddle v2.0a3
Meddle offers an even better interface to animation editing. It's easy to edit using vertex, triangle, or group editing modes to manipulate models quickly. The frame-by-frame animation is smooth and simplistic. Some impressive features include full screen textured animation and a mesh-based editing view. Unfortunately, many of its features are not yet implimented.   Size: 944kb   FTP: 1 or 2

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V.  Jaw MD2 v1.29
Jaw is not an editor, but rather a animated model viewer. It allows for varying backgrounds, skins, texture mapping, adjustable rendering, and perspectives. It supports only MD2 format and uses Silcon Graphic's open GL to render. Silicon Graphic's open GL is considerably faster, but a good deal larger.   Size: 608kb   FTP: 1 or 2

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VI.  Quake Scene Builder prerelease
QSB allows users to take screenshots of models while manipulate the lighting and shadows to give Quake II like effects. The interface is user-friendly, but not entirely simple to learn. The prerelease has a few bugs, such as poor support for resolution under 1024x768 and limitations on object movement. Overall, it's pretty useful if you don't have Photoshop or CAD.   Size: 426kb   FTP: 1 or 2

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