Top 1-5 Quake II Deathmatch Levels

FEAR has rated the top deathmatch levels below in order based upon the calibre of design and gameplay. Design points are awarded for complexity, layout, texture manipulation, style, color coordination, and functionality. Gameplay points encompass the level's playability, weapon/health/ammunition placement, and ease of navigation. To aid server operators, we have listed our recommended number of players. Tip: Crawling (crouching as you move forward) prevents other players from hearing your footsteps.

Level Screenshot
I.  'HipDM1' by Blueseed
An outstanding level! HipDM1 is comprised of midair passages from building to building. Teleporters assist tremendously in maneuvering the level and gaining the advantage over opponents. Item / powerup placement is very balanced and conducive to using wit and not might. A dark atmosphere leaves many strategic places places to play hide and seek with big guns.   Players: 2-10   Size: 314kb   FTP: 1 or 2

Level Screenshot
II.  'The Abandoned Conduit' by David Kelvin (Kevlar)
A laborinth of connected tubes give this unique level easy movement. There are many great places to hide and secrets abound where least expected. The weapon placement isn't perfectly balnced, but overall the level is hard for any one person to dominate. The narrow waterways make great places to sneak up on and surprise unsuspecting opponents.   Players: 3-8   Size: 484kb   FTP: 1 or 2

Level Screenshot
III.  'Inferno Compound' by Greg Barr (Manx)
Inferno Compound is a compact level with lots of secrets and some great places to ambush unsuspecting explorers. It is great for one on one gameplay because of its healthy array weapons, armor, powerups, and narrow passageways. Much like DM4, there are many great places to rocket jump.   Players: 2-4   Size: 407kb   FTP: 1 or 2

Level Screenshot
IV.  'Painkiller' by Sten Uusvali
Fast paced action will keep you and your friends skampering about for health and armor in this level. Painkiller's texturing and design is far superior to that of its peers. A healthy supply of teleporters, ramps, and lifts provide access to the various floors, all of which converge into one central room. This small sized deathmatch level is ideal for under 6 players.   Players: 1-4   Size: 162kb   FTP: 1 or 2

Level Screenshot
V.  'DM4: Bad Blue Place' by Smyken
While not creative, this map has smooth gameplay. Of the two remakes of the original Deathmatch 4, this one is much better textured and has better lighting. The new items layout is very good and this level promises some great battles with the new Quake II weaponry. The teleporter locations are unaltered and the level feels very much like how the original DM4 felt.   Players: 2-8   Size: 195kb   FTP: 1 or 2

Last Updated March 16th

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