November 15th, 1998

I managed to watch most of the pgl coverage while running around this weekend. For those of you that haven't heard Thresh managed to come back from the losers bracket, and win it all.  That means Thresh is currently 3-0 for major tournaments he has taken part in.  Those tournament include Red Annihilation, PGL Season 1 (Quake1), and PGL Season 3 (Quake2).

I also watched the Quake 1 clan tournament since Death Row was present was playing.   In case you hadn't visited the ilq2 site Death Row is an active member of the league, and has yet to lose a game.  If you want to learn more about the ilq2 visit the web site or stop by the irc channel; #ilq2 on one of the Gamesnet servers.

Also this site is now located at two urls, and

November 14th, 1998

Starting off with an absolutely clean slate...

Currently I'm a member of the Clan Rasczak's Roughneck, and two weeks ago we joined the Invitational Quake II League, made up of the elite of Quake 2 clans including Death Row, UltraViolence, and Atomic Punks.   I've also started to add demos from the tournament to the site, since they have yet to organize their demos section.  Hopefully I'll get to continue mirroring their files in the future. The url for the tournament is

If you've been keeping up on the Quake II tournament scene you know today is the last day of the PGL: Professional Gamers League Finals for Season 3.  The final game is going to feature Thresh vs. immortal.  Thresh has already lost one game, to immortal as a matter of fact, and fought his way out of the losers bracket to play immortal again.   This means Thresh will have to beat immortal twice in a row to win the tournament.   The url for the PGL is at